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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. I really think it's time for a new 2D Mario...
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  2. tea


    I am neurodivergent gay who is emotionally invested in ACNH & Super Mario Party and I will not be silenced!!!!!
  3. Imagine stanning Nintendo in 2021...
  4. This. Like there was a lot in the direct that I’m very excited for but like if you cut out the ports and stuff like Mario Golf etc that comes out in just a matter of weeks, it kind of leaves the entire presentation feeling a little..slight for it’s runtime.

    That said, them even acknowledging Breath of the Wild 2 makes it all worth it, and I’ll be happily buying Metroid, SMTV, Mario + Rabbids and Monster Hunter Stories when they drop.
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  5. Honestly Nintendo should just cut the deal and put Game Pass on Switch via the Cloud nn
  6. [​IMG]

    I suffered through Nintendo in the late Wii and Wii U eras, this is nothing.
  7. Imagine still making posts like these in 2021...
  8. -jacking off hand motion-
  9. Imagine caring about console wars in 2021 when all 3 major companies are serving wholly different experiences and all delivering great games as best they can even if the pandemic has scuppered things
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  10. Just reposting so the google algorithm picks it up when they order the poor community manager to do research.
  11. Is that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle? It’s on sale on the eShop here and it’s pretty much dirt cheap so I might be tempted.
  12. I thought it was one of the better Nintendo directs; I wasn't expecting them to show BotW 2 footage and Metroid Dread has me excited.

    Nintendo is known for not showing everything they are working on, and not overhyping titles that may in early stages. They also usually surprise us with additional announcements in the treehouse segments, so fingers crossed there might be more interesting things there (e.g. Splatoon 3).

    Maybe I've just come to expect Nintendo's lackluster promotion and release strategy but I don't think the pandemic has delayed them that much; maybe they would have released a few more titles with the assured certainty, but not a ridiculous amount more.

    Things were definitely worse during the final Wii days, Wii U and 3DS lifecycles when there really was a painful trickle of games. They did a smart move of combining their home console and handheld platforms with the Switch (consistent software support). Plus the Switch has the best third party and indie support since the SNES, so it's hardly like there are no games to play. Lack of exclusives yes, but it's my only console so they are new to me.

    I'm still waiting for the Switch Pro announcement, and a proper virtual console which extends all the way up to Wii; a Wii U virtual console would be hilariously misjudged if they did that...
  13. I was delighted to see Wario Ware back, it's the kind of quirky, smaller game that I almost felt like Nintendo had given up on making these days. Now Rhythm Paradise please!

    I'll also be picking up the Super Monkey Ball collection (finally the only 2 great games in the series get remastered), Mario and Rabbids (first game was surprisingly excellent) and Metroid Dread so it's a pretty solid line-up for me. Shame the Advance Wars remakes look like some shovelware mobile games though, that art style is a misfire.

    I was also a bit disappointed in the BOTW2 footage. Felt like cobbled together scraps that didn't present a cohesive vision of the game. BOTW had some incredible trailers but this wasn't on the same level. Also it's clearly coming out in 2023 so it's hard to get hyped yet.
  14. Metroid Dread actually has me even more excited for Metroid Prime 4? If they lean further into Dead Space / isolation horror then it's gonna be a doozy.
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  15. A 2D survival horror Metroid that expands on those chase sequences from Metroid Fusion is even better than I could have imagined. I can't believe we're finally getting a continuation of the main storyline.
  16. XXX


    I just watched the Superstars YT video and it has (only) 5 boards. They couldn't dust off some more from the old games?

    This would've been a perfect (paid) DLC for SMP but I guess I can't blame Nintendo for wanting to cash grab. I just hope I won't let Nintendo scam me into buying this one because I haven't played any of the Nintendo 64 games before so for me it would all be brand new..
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  17. I was just coming here to say the same! After all the backlash of the limited number of boards in the last game, they give us….1 more.
  18. THIS!

    Plus I also suffered through the N64 era where you would get about four games a year.
  19. Guys, it's true we are absolute clowns for being Nintendo stans as it's been scammery since the Nintendo 64. However, the absolute "highs" remain well worth it. We'll always have the Zelda series. That's talent and beauty!
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