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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Show a comparison with SW/SH towns though. They are so stunning.
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  2. I love me some Wyndon
  3. Limited edition Metroid set is up on Shopto for £76 if anyone is looking.

    edit: sorry wrong price!
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  4. I will say I haven’t turned my switch on in months but I have today (in preparation for a replay of BOTW dd) and it’s still on 63% battery! she’s got stamina!
  5. I've dropped £100 on the Metroid Dread special edition and the two amiibo. It better be as good as it looks.
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  6. I'm glad I went through my second play through of BOTW at the end of last year. At first I was disappointed because my plan was to play it again and complete it 100% at the end of 2020, in hopes of playing the sequel soon after in 2021...

    But after seeing the trailer, and the fact that a lot of ground level Hyrule looks the same and I'm slowly lowering my expectations of just how much change there will be there, maybe giving it more time to breathe is better.
  7. Except that Sword and Shield towns are barely accessible. They're nice to look at but they're a shallow experience.
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  8. Breath of the Wild 2 doesn't look very interesting.
  9. Sword and Shield just...aren't good games nn.
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  10. We literally know nothing about it, it’s all just guesswork at this stage.
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  11. That's nothing to do with what was said though.
  12. Theres literally 30 seconds of gameplay in the trailer from a 50+ hour game (going by BOTW1 length).
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  13. Yeah I'm a bit concerned about BOTW2. Mainly because we got such a small amount of footage and what we did get just wasn't that exciting.

    I get that they didn't want to reveal too much, I suspect the pandemic has delayed development and it'll be out at the end of next year. But they could have drummed up a bit more hype by revealing one more thing about the game? Something along the lines of confirming Ganondorf's return, confirming 'standard' dungeons are back, one of these rumoured things. At the moment all we have to go on is that it's Breath Of The Wild with more areas, which is nice but not especially noteworthy.
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  14. Just because they’re not ready to reveal all that information doesn’t mean the games going to be rubbish. They’ll show it when they’re ready.
  15. Bill Trinen has said that Bayonetta 3 is ‘progressing well’. It lives at least!
  16. Y'all the game is out next year, Nintendo isn't going to release a big gameplay trailer for the most anticipated game they've been developing in years. There are too many expectations around Breath of the Wild 2 for Nintendo to potentially fumble by teasing content prematurely.
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  17. I get what y'all are saying about Breath of the Wild 2 but it literally looks like the same game.

    And even though they have only showed a tiny bit, a trailer is supposed to build excitment and this just doesn't do that for me.
  18. It was very much a teaser but I’m looking forward to it more than ever, I’m certainly intrigued.
  19. Trailer may not be the most revolutionary hype-builder ever, but Nintendo's aware we're all going to buy BOTW 2 regardless.
  20. They’ll be saving the big reveals until next years trailer. The 2017 E3 trailer will probably never be topped though. The score alone deserves all the awards.
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