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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Holy shit the games are expensive - even the old ones?! Microsoft and Sony’s constant sales have spoiled me.
  2. Yeah, first party titles never really have huge discounts, even if they've been out for years. The best you can hope for in the eShop is like 33% off in rare occasions, but you can occasionally find better deals if you buy physical copies. In terms of third party games it's about the same as with the other two consoles though I think.
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  3. Nice to get a better idea of what the game's actually about, we'd practically only been shown gameplay so far. It looks so good.
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  4. Looks fantastic!
  5. Looks like it's way less solitary than Nocturne. Wasn't really expecting that from the gameplay trailers.

    I'm so excited for this game!
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  6. Since I'm a clown, I have my OLED preordered!

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  7. Did anyone play Little Town Hero? I remember it being one of the first Switch games that caught my attention, and it's been on my wishlist forever, but since it never seems to go on sale I never actually picked it up. It didn't get the best reception on release (though I'm pretty sure that was in big part due to being a GameFreak game released during peak Dexit backlash), but it looks pretty unique/fun.
  8. It’s…pretty bad I’m not gonna lie. It’s insultingly simple with a lot of its mechanics but also stupidly hard and based on luck
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  9. I've played Pokemon Unite a few games. I think it's fun. Games are only 10min and it's pretty easy if you know a bit about MOBA. Graphics are good and I quite like that you can change attacks over time.
  10. I really regret
    a) choosing to buy a regular New 3DS instead of an XL one, when the price difference wasn't even that much
    b) not getting a New 3DS/2DS XL when they were still available in stores
    I still have a bunch of 3DS games I never got around to beating, but it's not that appealing going back to that tiny screen after being so used to the Switch, at least an XL model would be a bit better. Not to mention my 3DS's battery is totally busted, which is another good reason why I really should have replaced it when I still could.
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  11. I upgraded to a new XL in 2019 and I'm so glad I did. I kind of wish I had also bought a refurbished unit direct from Nintendo when they were available to have as a back-up unit in the future, but oh well.

    As for the battery on your existing unit, try checking the online Nintendo store. The American store sells some replacement parts and I know they had 3DS batteries in stock at some point.
  12. Being a Nintendo shill during the 3DS era is one of my best decisions. Got an original 3DS, 3DS XL that I gave my brother & my New 3DS XL. My childhood of only getting the original NDS and my parents refusing to buy me the DSi XL prepared me for this moment.

  13. [​IMG] This is hilarious!
    (From resetera)
  14. I've actually been considering getting a refurbished New 3DS/2DS XL somewhere, but I'm not sure about it, never got any refurbished consoles before and I'm a bit unsure about buying something that might not be working at 100%. Might just get the battery replacement instead I guess.
  15. I've only read good things about the refurbished units direct from Nintendo (which are probably out of stock now) but yeah, I would be a lot more concerned about refurbished units from third parties. It's a tough call because there doesn't seem to be many goods options now. The pandemic really seemed to speed up the process in terms of the market price fluctuating.
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  16. I finally started Monster Hunter Stories 2 a few days ago and I'm totally hooked. It's such a fun game, the party/character building are combat systems are top notch, and the monsters are really fantastic, both visually and gameplay-wise. I love how each species feels unique both in combat and when exploring, the game really makes you want to give all of them a try. Everyone who likes monster collecting games and/or JPRGs should really give it a shot.
  17. XXX


    Just saw the Nintendo Switch updated best-sellers list. I have 11 Switch games and 9 of them are in the top 10 games. A mainstream queen!

    (Poor DK and Yoshi)
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  18. That reminds me, something about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being one of the best selling Switch games rubs me completely the wrong way. The way its just a slightly enhanced port that they didn't even continue to support with the tons of DLC they could've cashed out on to make it worth playing over the original Wii U version which, in my opinion, feels a lot better to play in the first place. Very depressing.

    Not to mention there is still no crumb of Mario Kart 9 because they're too busy porting Odyssey alternate skins for Mario and Peach in Tour and making $200 million off it.
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  19. The farther away we get from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's release, the less hopeful I am that Switch will get it's own Mario Kart... sigh.

    Mario Kart Wii still having a thriving online community makes me wanna dust my Wii off to get it set up so I can play too, but then I remember how rage inducing it was with the items and how one Blue Shell could send you from 1st to 10th and... nope. I'll stick to just watching people play it on Youtube.
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