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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tea, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Announce Xenoblade 3 @Nintendo
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  2. Gameplay looks FANTASTIC!! Time to dust off my Switch!
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  3. That's SO Nintendo.

  4. Apparently the Bluetooth connection can be iffy..
  5. Yeah, I gave the Bluetooth headphones a shot but found the audio delay too noticeable, just went back to wired ones after a couple minutes.
  6. I just borrowed Just Dance 2021 from a friend, it's a fun game but only like 20 songs or so? Mess. No wonder I'll never buy it and you need another separate subscription for more songs. Ugh.
  7. Isn't it one of those things where, as you play more, you unlock additional songs etc?
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  8. Just Dance is one of those games that should be “games-as-a-service” without a physical edition. As a stand-alone product it just falls short without the subscription. There’s a reason my niece stopped asking for the next iteration and just plays along to the new ones on YouTube dddd.
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  9. Hmm yeah. Thanks guys. So you can unlock alternative versions if you score high enough on a few tracks.

    I just figured it out, basically the way to go is to get the most recent version and then get a subscription which includes all the old songs. Hmm, too bad. 2022 version is just around the corner of course so when I'm done with this one, I'll just return it to my friend.
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  10. It's very awkward when you're playing a multiplatform game and complete some difficult task/quest/etc only for there not to be any sort of reward/payoff at all, and realise the only point to it was unlocking a trophy/achievement, which obviously aren't a thing on the Switch. I've had it happen on both Cris Tales and Spiritfarer recently. Devs should really either have some sort of in-game trophy system or just avoid that kind of thing if the game is being released on the Switch, because it makes for a pretty lame gameplay experience.
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  11. I don't know why Nintendo has never bothered with their own trophy system.
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  12. Yeah, that too, but if it hasn't happened yet, I kind of doubt it ever will. They could put a fun Nintendo spin on it too, like instead of trophies or achievements, you could earn badges which could be used to decorate your home screen, sort of an evolution of the 3DS's Nintendo Badge Arcade.
  13. My favourite thing has always been in the older games when the game would applaud you in Mario. But Odyssey had sort of an achievement system so I enjoyed that as well.
  14. I hate and love achievements. The problem is I get obsessed by completing them and can start to actively not enjoy the game I’m playing if they’re too hard. I have avoided games in the past based on the trophies. So when I play games on a Nintendo platform and I don’t have to care about all that crap, I can just enjoy the core experience, it’s quite freeing.

    Having said that a few games do include them as an extra. All the Resident Evil games on Nintendo systems have them tucked away on then main menu.
  15. I've been playing Alba the last few days. It's incredibly cute and endearing. It's got a eco-warrior stance without forcing it in your face. The main gameplay is you go around taking photos of wildlife and doing tasks to progress the storyline. Highly recommend it. (I believe its available on some other platforms)

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  16. Achievements are pointless for me but when they’re not there I miss them oddly enough. Like, I enjoy them earned passively while I play a game but if I need to do something asinine like “defeat an enemy withinin 30 seconds and then crouch 69 times on their face after your final move was a death drop” then I’m out.
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