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Nite Jewel-She's Always Watching You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by filmnoirish, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. I don't think this thread will last for too long but I had to share this incredible new song I stumbled across today. I don't know if everyone knows about Nite Jewel, aka Ramona Gonzalez, she's a Los Angeles singer and musician who released a totaly beautiful and hypnotic album called ''Good Evening'' back in 2009 which a lot of people will probably put in the whole 80s lo-fi/chillwave movement of the past two years but for me was just a collection of very simple, strange, otherworldly-sounding electronic pop. Anyway, she's releasing a new album in early 2012, on Secretly Canadian, and judging by this new single, it seems to be on a quite different league from her typical hazy recordings. Everything from the vocals (before drowned in reverb and now very beautiful and clear) to the timeless melody that's seems both familiar and strange to the 80s R'n'B reminiscences make it absolutely brilliant, gorgeous and difficult to pin down. It would be a crime not to share something that sounds so good. Please listen and judge:
  2. There is a few new tracks doing the rounds in prep for the new album.

    In The Dark has a flawless Tracey Thorn vibe, and Sister is just lovely.
  3. Double posting I know but the album is gorgeous.

    No I Don't is an ultimate self-love sleaze anthem. Erotic.
  4. I love the album too. Sounds like early 80s RnB in places - sounds like Chromatics/Glass Candy in others.
  5. Definitely an album of the year. Was listening again today and realised how similar some of it is tot he Jessie Ware album.
  6. A&E


    She's releasing a 'greatest hits' in Japan (entitled Gems) and it will feature a previously unreleased song called "Stay a Little Longer":

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  8. Loving 'Boo Hoo'. Between this and Jessy Lanza I am so excited for this kind of sound. Nite Jewel's previous album was one of my favourites in the year it was released.
  9. Boo Hoo is is the album cover.
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  10. Video for 'Kiss The Screen' - still hearing Goldfrapp in this.
  11. Please show some love for the Nite-Funk track I posted. I have been bopping to it all day - so good.
  12. New collab with Omar S. Super late nite slow jam.
  13. The Nite Jewel album was one of my faves of last year! Loving these extras, the Nite-Funk and Omar S tracks. Such a smooth sound.
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  14. New tune '2 Good 2 Be True" from new album 'Real High' coming in May. Inspired by Janet apparently.
    Album includes Julia Holter.
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  15. This is great.
  16. I'm not crazy about the single but I have a feeling this is going to be her best album.
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