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No Angels - 20 (Greatest Hits) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. They already tried doing great music in "Welcome To The Dance" and nobody cared, I guess they tried to play it safe this time.

    I'm not saying these new versions are amazing, but I think they work as a whole and I'm really enjoying them for what they are.[/QUOTE]
  2. "Welcome to the Dance" while being ambitious just did not suit them. The whole era felt like a trend-chasing cosplay. (sound and styling-wise!) I don´t think their voices really suited most compositions.

    "Destiny" was a much better direction sound-wise. Polished pop that felt like a natural progression.

    For "20" they did everything correct except for the producer. The new songs are okay - but all celebration versions sound so much worse in comparison. I would have them rather repackage the old songs, slap Jessica on the old pure-instrumentals and invest in a better producer for a small EP of new tracks.
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  3. I'm happy with the album, I just think it needed two or three less re-recordings and two or three more originals to balance it out.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I appreciate the album in theory. It's less of a greatest hits and really a celebration of their work, and I enjoy that they brushed through their previous releases to reflect the current line-up. I wish that they'd been able to do a better job of it since they sound like the equivalent of an airbrushed selfie, but them doing it period is commendable. I'm super proud to see them return to the charts after how trend-chasing their last album was and for them to be a refined and comfortable version of themselves. I also don't think offering critiques is necessarily "being hard on them"? Conceptually, it was terrific. The execution just didn't uphold its end of the promise.
  5. The autotune of Lucy’s intro on There Must Be An Angels Celebration version is horrendous. Why? And in the recent live performances, she is not able to hit the high note anymore.
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  6. I'm still shocked at how much better the new version of 'washes over me' is. It's vastly better than the original and piano is lovely.
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  7. Will we get a new video from the album?

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  8. Cry for you is also much better on 20.

    Sandy is currently on Masked Singer, I recognized her voice within seconds.
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  9. Post the videos here if you can, please. I would love to hear her voice... Even if it's with a mask on.

  10. I hope you can watch them. It‘s only been 2 shows so far (there are 6 max).

    I just hope she doesn‘t sing another Tina song and switches it up next time. Maybe a ballad.
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  11. They just announced that their first album will be out on Vinyl!
  12. And they were well prepared – it is out in than four weeks.
  13. I just want the flip flops!
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Up on Amazon DE
  15. Here is Sandy‘s performance from last week

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  16. Sorry, another performance:

    She is now in the Semi Final
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  17. They said according to a recent survey, 55 % already guess it's her.

    PS I streamed Unnatural Blonde today... Haven't done so in 15 plus years... A bawp delivered on point.
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  18. The vinyl looks... Interesting!
  19. I could find the first recording of Someday in French.

  20. The show has ended and Sandy came second which is fantastic!

    Some clips:

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