No Angels - Celebration Tour + General Discussion


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Yeah I meant that black box with universal.. or is that.. actual part of the artwork??
Rediscovered the immense song 'Someday' through this tbh, been stuck in my head the past few days.
Wishing them all the success possible, because they seem to be enjoying it, hanging out and seem to get along better than ever, post all the drama years. The time for this release was sort of right, people might be here for them again


'Still in love with you' new version music video primiere tonight in a German Schlager music TV show
Lemme perch just to see how it looks on TV

Wonder how they got this deal
Not that bad of promo tbh
And right to release it now too
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Girls we still have the original versions, I think the celebrations versions are nice enough.

The new songs I actually like. Let‘s be honest: They hardly had a huge budget plus Sandy‘s husband did at least one song. If this album and the tour do good they could record a whole new album with better producers.

They seem to be really buzzing end enjoying it all.


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Yeah, I can hear how thin the production is but I kinda enjoy this as an excuse to put the songs on my 'current albums/songs' playlist and give them their time to shine whereas the originals never really did when I discovered them long after they came out
It´s so nice to hear their voices on these new songs (A New Day and Mad Wild are really cute).
As much as I hate the celebration versions of their older songs I want them to succeed and build true momentum with this. It´s just so beautiful to see them back together, full of energy and love for this project.


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The new video is stunning. I was watching the original earlier today and loved the breezy vibe but visually the new video - who'd have known - is actually miles better

Did anyone catch up on what Jess explained about the quality of the video?
"it has been filmed with a rare camera of which only exist 90 to 100 copies worldwide - Hollywood blockbuster are usually filmed with it" - must have cost a little

And I think Lucy said they are being rebranded right now

Looks like a new beginning for them, maybe here to stay?
They have been #1 iTunes album since Friday, only shortly it swaped positions with now #2 but they climbed back

Looking more than good for them, thought it would plummet down after a day because they had been uncool for like a decade (flops, Eurovision disaster, Nadja gate... very bad press) and now people are longing for nostalgia - they couldn't have picked a better time.

Today they were on another TV show and everyone was here for them in audience