No Angels - Celebration Tour + General Discussion

Have to say, the new version with Nadja on 1st verse is far superior. Yes, I'm shocked too.
Literally most of their catalogue is duds to be honest. Besides the singles and couple good album tracks at least 50-60 percent of their output is terrible and has aged worse than milk in the Sahara.

This is as 2000s as it can get and usually everyone loves that, it's actually a example very reminiscent of Pinks first album tbh and the international quality was there at the time

Been having a full No Angels nostalgia day, put their early work on streaming, it made my day better as the energy from their material took over

- was positively surprised / reminded
Couldn't disagree more. I love almost all of their stuff, they all have a certain magic to them.
I even made 2 tracks using their CD:ROM thing, which was extremely limited and had very dodgy samples and video clips - They're not amazing, but they kinda work. Basically you had 4 'songs' with maybe 20 audio clips and rubbish samples and clips of bass, drums, chords etc. The other 2 songs were too trashy to even try to make anything.

You know, Lucy has always bugged me vocally but I was watching their videos last night and she really does serve in a majority of them.