No Angels - Celebration Tour + General Discussion

More miming

I wouldn’t say miming as much as; there’s a pretty ‘full sounding’ backing track playing along with the chorus, which ya kinda have to have when this amount of dancing and movement is involved. It’s either that or them standing still for the whole song.
I don´t really see them releasing anything new in the future sadly. And if - I pray that they switch the producer. The production on "20" is way too flat and uninspired...the way they butchered some of their classics is truly criminal.

From the new recordings "New Day" definetly has the most classic "No Angels-sound" and would be a lovely direction for them to follow...
Currently jamming right now

"Love Story" is one of those songs that got passed around artists in Europe for the respective local markets. I miss those times when this was still a thing and people just got away with it.

I was ecstatic when they performed it on the Four Seasons Tour as that was my favourite "Now...Us!" deepcut. Speaking of which, I will forever be angry that we never got a DVD recording of that tour.
I rewatched some of the castings from their popstars-season and its so interesting to see how in the end everything fell into place. The way they pushed "Go ahead and take it" as the lead single...but luckily decided to go with "daylight" in the end. Also, they casted the correct members for this band - they harmonized so well.
Wow, this makes me miss Vanessa so much! She was/is so talented, incredible voice!
As much as I'd love to believe this was live - I think maybe it's a pre-recorded live vocal. Watch Sandy's lips at 1:50, she mouths the wrong word (colour of your/my lips). Maybe they did it twice and the editor needs a massive kick.
There are SO many No Angels songs and there are very few that I don't like (Stop, What If) even their B-sides were glorious!

I made a spotify playlist of all the songs minus those 2 and most of re-hash 20 versions, if anyone wants to listen:

Those album covers are horrible lol! Destiny's cover is the one that I like the most. It's like they said "we don't need concept art" after Now, Us... XD

Feeling nostalgic. They obviously picked the right singles from this album but these two songs still go hard.
They are a regular fixture on the schlager TV circuit now - the Saturday night shows with Florian Silberreisen on ARD. And they are highly coveted spots.
So, they would be foolish not to continue.
But they do not have that much to do ouside of it. The tour wasn't as big as everybody would have thought and they do not shift any physicals or have healthy streaming for anything but the hits. The TV slots alone won't make this work forever. I can imagine them going more into the nostalgia festial circuit.