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No Angels - "Daylight" + 20 (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. The German National Final participants will be announced in the next few days, and rumours are flying around that one of the competitiors will be none other than No Angels!

    Following on from Monrose's failed attempt last year, would they be able to go one better?
  2. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    Since their comeback singles are all flopping, I wouldn't really say they're gonna have a big chance but it's better than nothing really. And they have the advantage of being actually famous in more than one european country.
  3. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    The 5 acts have been announced:

    No Angels
    Marquess (of 'Vayamos Companeros')
    Cinema Bizarre
    Tommy Reeve
    Carolin Fortenbacher (She was in the German 'Mamma Mia')
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Have they really flopped? Positions?
  5. Goodbye To Yesterday got to number 4, but the follow up singles only reached 36 and 25. Their album did make number 4 though, but it fell out the charts quite quickly. Shame as it’s actually their strongest album yet. Their song “Disappear†was apparently written for the new The Little Polar Bear film.

    Marquess are a band who sing in Spanish and they made number 2 with one of their singles last year, though the follow up only made 66. Their second album made number 2.

    Tommy Reeve hasn’t really had much success, his single made 24 and his album 42.

    Cinema Bizarre’s song is already out (see You Tube) – and they are sort of Glam Rock in style. Their first single and album both made number 9, but their second single only made 36.

    So I think No Angels still have a chance as they are still relatively well known, and have had hits in other parts of Europe. Some of the other acts have also had success, but they’ve also had flops and none of them have anywhere near the same level of fame or success that No Angels have had.

    Mind you, Monrose didn’t manage to win last year so I think it’s quite an open competition!
  6. The Cinema Bizarre entry is really good! I hope No Angels (what does "Disap" mean??) win though.
  7. No Angels just arent No Angels without Vanessa...they need some more stompers like Something About Us
  8. 'Amaze Me' is amazing!
  9. A few websites in Germany are already running polls to see which artist should represent Germany.

    T-Mobile have No Angels in the lead with 71%, Marquess with 14%, Carolin with 7%, and Tommy and Cinema Bizarre both have 4%, after 970 votes. also have No Angels in the lead, although only with 44%, Cinema Bizarre have 23%, Marquess 22%, Tommy 9% and Carolin 2%.

    I wonder if this means we shouldn't write off No Angels as everyone seems to be doing on the other Eurovision messageboards...
  10. I like the Cinema Bizarre track, it's very tATu.

    They look like The Honeytraps, who themselves must be thinking of reforming for Making Your Mind Up.
  11. Out


    Hope Cinema Bizarre will win, love their song, they can make interesting show.
  12. Sephi101

    Sephi101 Guest

    the no angels song isnt terrible... its quite listenable actually

    they need a feel good lies-esqe song!
  13. No, that's "Life Is A Miracle". And it's for the movie "Kleiner Dodo", which was done by the people behind The Little Polar Bear.

    If a failed attempt has the same results for No Angels, then that's the best thing they could have done.
  14. The Cinema Bizzare song is by far my favourite, even though I love No Angels. It's just got such an amazing chorus and would sound great live at Eurovision.

    Carolin Fortenbacher is probably my second favourite, with one of the best ballads so far this Eurovision season.

    'Dissapear' by No Angels is alright but nothing special. I wouldn't be dissapointed if they won though as I'd love to see them live at Belgrade.
  15. Sephi101

    Sephi101 Guest

    haha ok
    cinema bizarre HAVE to win the german pre-selection
    its exactly what i wanted the UK to produce this year
    and if the UK sont have a great song this year...
    im supporting the germans
    id live these guys to be tangled up in ropes and flashing lightbulbs on stage, like in the video that would be immense

    *edit* if this doent come top 5 or at least top 10, eurovision is TRULY political...
  16. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    Can somebody please make an exclamation mark out of that question mark. They just announced who won the German finals. I'm so glad the Girls are representing us, their performance/outfits/voices were ace and the song is a nice little electropop gem.
    I'm a fan all over again.

    Hope it'll get us a Top 10 position this time around (but I doubt it).
  17. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Well they got some Greek votes already - hint, hint. Wanna trade with Kalomoira votes?
  18. Wow, this is a great song. Its like a Sugababes ballad except that it's actually memorable.

    Every year I'm convinced Germany will do well because they keep putting in good songs. Hopefully this will land them top 5.
  19. YES! I love this song but I was convinced that they wouldn't win, as some of the German Eurovision fans on another MB said they'd come last!

    I liked Carolin's song too but it was a bit too outdated, and I'm just glad Cinema Bizarre didn't win, they were awful live, and Marquess faux-Spanish song wasn't much better!
  20. THis song is really good just not sure it's the kinda thing that can win Eurovision! Glad they are going to Belgrade though and they will surely pick up some votes just for being No Angels.
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