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No Angels - "Daylight" + 20 (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. I wish these new versions would have more oomph.
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  2. Yeah - as expected - this sounds flat as hell.
  3. I'm listening to Welcome To The Dance and I must say it's an AMAZING album!
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  4. I know... I'm almost hoping that someone clever can take the new vocals and put them on the old backing...
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  5. That’s what they should have done in the first place.
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  6. Yes or taken the old backing and beefed it up with even more bells and whistles.... not water it down and have a lift music version backing. I mean I've bought the 'fanbox' already but I'm mainly just holding out for the new songs at this point.
  7. I have the vinyl on preorder just because I love the idea of having a No Angels vinyl in my collection but I doubt it will be played often if things keep going down like this. A little upgrade here and there really would have made so much sense. So far everything sounds more dated than the early 2000s originals which is quite an achievement. I also don't expect much from the new songs.

    I just really hope the tour won't be just the new versions. That would be a proper letdown, who cares about the new version if you can just stream the old ones anyway.
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  8. I think i'd prefer an acoustic set rather than this... it seems like such a waste of time.
  9. I mean I can understand why they made those decisions - but basically watering down all of their amazing songs into hollow Helene Fischer productions (that somehow even manage to make their vocals sound less powerful) and renting out Helene Fischers styling.... is just disappointing. The whole rebranding is so anonymous, predictable and tacky.

    Most of the fans who pushed for their comeback were/are into the 2000s pop sound - so I dont get why they didn´t simply beef up those old productions and delivered some new pop-sounding songs. (Goodbye to yesterday for example was such a great return to form with their last comeback...) I am already dreading what the new stuff is gonna sound like...
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  10. WTF is a Helene Fischer

    (I know who she is just messing dd)
  11. I really don't care about Helene Fischer and more or less actively despise her and the whole genre BUT I'd say her productions have more oomph and depth than what we are being served here.

    But as I said in the end no one will care or remember this all if only they stick to the originals during the concerts. Or maybe start with Daylight New Version just to finish with the classic.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    These A-cup versions are a NO.
  13. Did she release more bops?
  14. I just listened to the new version of rivers of joy in full.

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  15. Sorry but this is trash.

    Even vocally the old versions were better.
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  16. Yeah... I feel like my own soul has been drained by this version. The worst parts for me are when they don't hold the note at the end of phrases and slide off it. When they say this is their favourite of the new versions, this does not fill me with much hope.
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  17. I don't think this is so bad... I mean, the original versions were already perfect, so that they couldn't improve it. Hehehe.

    I'm excited though!
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  18. I think this would have benefitted from involving several producers but it had to be produced and put out fast and cheap and Geller is someone who mass-produces for his clients and you can hear that in the end results. Nonetheless I'm excited about the idea of hearing these songs anew. Can't wait for Feelgood Lies and Something About Us in this sound, that'll be... interesting.
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  19. What on earth was that "no matter what they SaAAaAaAeEeEeYy"?!
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  20. Christian Geller deserves jail for this.
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