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No Angels - "Daylight" + 20 (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

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  2. Do we think they wanted their singles to be without Vany but didn’t had the rights to the instrumentals so this was the only way to get the songs out quick? And cheap?
  3. the tracklist seems to be:

    Daylight in your eyes
    Still in love with you
    Something about us
    When the Angels sing
    Rivers of Joy
    There must be an Angel
    We keep the Spirit Alive
    All cried out
    Mad Wild
    Washes over me
    Feel good lies
    A new Day
    Faith can move a mountain
    Cold as ice
    Love you for Eternity
    Cry for you
    No Angel (its all in your mind)
    Thats the reason
    Still in love with you (acoustic)
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I appreciate them doing Still In Love With You the justice it deserves.
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  5. Cold As Ice, please!
  6. Washes Over Me and Cold As Ice are great choices but I find That's the Reason so corny.
  7. Yeah, just somewhat apprehensive that they don't ruin it. Surprised they've included 'Cry for you', I've never really liked that one.
  8. Acoustic also doesn't sound as threatening as Celebration Version. Although some of the recent vocal takes very quite rubbish so I am not sold. In general listening to this seems more scary than promising. Hope one of the new tracks isn't complete shite.

    Cold As Ice is one of my favourite album tracks so I can't wait to see what horrendous things they'll do to that one.
  9. I love Cry For You, but I thought this album would be more focused on the singles and not album tracks...

    We'll see how they destroy these songs. It's going to be interesting. Hahaha.
  10. Just realized they skipped Let's Go To Bed which is a shame. But the Radio Edit of that slaps so hard they may have known those tinny new mixes will not stand a chance.

    Guess this is more or less also the setlist we get for eventual concerts.
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  11. Maybe they didn't know how to ruin it.
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  12. The original version is from Christian Geller, that's probably the reason why they chose it.
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  13. Plus, they already re-did it for their Swing concert/album and then released another slightly different version as their comeback single. That's more than enough.
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  14. I didn't know it was a Modern Talking song, but No Angels released it first, right?

  15. I've never heard the swing version but always felt the re-doing of it for the Greatest Hits was annoying because there are so many great songs that they could have given a second lease of life on.
  16. It's not a Modern Talking song, but Thomas wrote and produced it and I guess that's his demo.
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  17. Well this version is extremely dated... and so is the No Angels original version. So surely this is one they could improve? Fingers crossed no early 90s sax.
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  18. Their best / most timeless single if you ask me

    ... am a fan of All Cried Out cover as well though

    PS I bought the Teardrops/Amaze Me physical maxi CD as well ;) some of their covers were spot on.

    PSS tracklist looks good and could make up for the lack of sound (well if that is even possible)
  19. Added the titles of the new tracks
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  20. Which songs by No Angels are covers? Every song? Hahaha.
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