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No Angels - "Daylight" + 20 (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

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  2. Mess @ the strong and good songs of 'Destiny' being Agnes songs.

    And wasn't there a beef with the original writers of Daylight, forcing them to admit it was a cover or something
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  3. I think the beef was between Paul Mahos, the vocalist of the band New Life Crisis, and Tony Bruno + Tommy Byrne, writers of the song. Mahos seems to have contributed to "Daylight" somehow or, at least, he fought for his credit as songwriter of the song and he got it.

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  4. Ok now this one sounds promising, seems to sound a lot better without Vany's squeaky style (not a diss)

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    I do live for the 'every song that wanted to sound like Baby One More Time in 2000'-production
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  6. By the way, this will be like their third or fourth Greatest Hits, right? Kind of...
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    Is this counting their acoustic and swing albums?
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  8. I was thinking about:
    The Best Of No Angels
    The Very Best
    Colour Collection
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    Oh I missed those last 2 and will look into them!
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    Does anyone have the Very Best Of artwork without.. that thing in the bottom?
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  11. My God the memories * teary eye *
    That song was everywhere on radio back then when it was released around Christmas.

    They had so many "quick little singles" before Beyonce could even hint @Rihanna post 2008, totally forgot about this 'classic'
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  12. What is this miming monstrocity... they have no business miming these days, surely?
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  13. I can’t stop staring at Sandy during this anniversary era. She’s just killing it.
  14. They will do an accoustic set this weekend with the album release on

    And they will actually do a show next june in Berlin! Sadly it‘s open air. Tickets go on sale in 2 days.
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  15. Quite a venue holding up to 17.000 people. Front Of Stage is 150 Euro, general standing 70 and seating (it's like a bowl) 60.

    Could be a bit less to be honest.
  16. I was hoping they‘d do a proper arena tour instead of one big concert but I guess that would be harder to sell.

    I‘ll still try to get tickets.
  17. I mean if this is going really well I am sure they can add some mid sized venues later that year in at least a couple big cities. The nostalgia is strong and they will do quite a few TV shows til then.
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