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No Angels - "Daylight" + 20 (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. I think it sounds good?
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  2. Even my Mom (60+) knows this is being released.
    Just saying, I was surprised too; guess this is actually being talked about, so yeah maybe more is coming the more people find out
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  3. So they already sold 3‘700 tickets within minutes so thsi will be a sell out.

    Got my standing tickets but missed out on golden circle. I hope they add another show and I get more lucky ddd.
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  4. How do you know the number?

    I saw GA Standing being sold out this morning but it is not anymore. Still undecided. I think I'll get press tickets anyway and don't feel like I need top be super close.
  5. I just received my copy of the album!

    Bzw I ordered two personalised copys (or me and a friend) and both were signed by Jess.
    The quality of the cover is not too great (maybe due to it being a digi pack- I never had one before I think)
    But actually the inside looks a bit better!
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  6. They posted a video in a car where they said this.
  7. Cool. Quite a bite more to sell but it’s a lot of time. It will sell out in the end I am sure.
  8. One minute teaser on their Insta story of the Still in Love video. Looking and sounding quite pleasently.
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  9. I wished they sang songs from other albums...

    And I want the whole Welcome To The Dance tracklist live!
  10. Most of Something About Us is dreadful. Oh no!
  11. Not "We keep the Spirit Alive" being them singing over Duas "Physical"
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  12. "Mad Wild" (which also sounds suspiciously similar to Kylies "Real Groove") is cute - my favorite from the new tracks on first listen. The celebration versions of their older songs are mostly choices...
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  13. Oh my God, no!
  14. Officially decided to ignore the existence of this complete car crash. Happy I cancelled my vinyl order too. It’s all just terrible.
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  15. I wonder if they didn't have the money to produce a full brand new song instead of using the entire Physical instrumental...
  16. That Physical clone is tragic in every way. The verses are terrible. The idea to take a current – and massive – song and do a heartless, empty new version of it is laughable. Everything here is bad. They really should have done karaoke on the existing songs to get rid of Vany and leave it at that. I feel ashamed for them.

    I know this is a quick cash in to go along with the concert where the real money is. But couldn't they at least try to find something remotely good as a new song? I want to love them and this but I'll go for the nostalgia and just pray they don't touch any of this live.
    Wouldn't it be quite costly to get the instrumental of the a smash hit?
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  17. Probably. I should have said the creativity instead of the money. Hahaha.

    I'll be buying this album but I do prefer the old versions too. I agree that it would have been much better to re-record the vocals and simply use the original instrumentals, but I can take these versions as "dull remixes". Hahaha.
  18. Still waiting for my package to arrive from Germany, but listening to the album on Spotify I'm not too bothered about how long it takes. I'm currently shaking my head at the choices on these celebration versions. Surely ONE of them might be an improvement? Maybe?
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  19. Short answer? No.

    I really, really don't like the new version. They all sound so limp, boring, samey. It's like they sucked the fun and joy or basically any emotion out of all the old songs. I mean sure, I'm much more used to the old versions and I am generally not a fan of "refixes" or whatever they are called, but this is all so cheap. Ugh. I tolerate "Physical 2.0", though, especially that shoutout to some of their old songs before the last chorus . "Mad Wild" is alright, too.

    I was so excited when the songs were put on spotify last year and there was real hype and excitement around a potential comeback and then they announced it and I couldn't believe it at first because it seemed absolutely out of the question for so long. But everything after the announcement has been a disappointment, to put it mildly. However, I appreciate their enthusiasm and they genuinely seem to enjoy being together and perform again.

    During 2001-2003 they were my ultimate number one favourite music act (next to Britney, but I still felt a deeper connection because I saw them on TV) and I will always love them in that form (plus Welcome To the Dance era), but I think I have to unstan now.

    Vanessa said it best in this unreleased song:
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  20. It's disappointing that they haven't put in the impressive harmony bits they do when singing songs live, like: "Joy joy joy joy joy...ahh" in Rivers of Joy, and "round & round & round..." in All Cried Out

    Washes Over Me is lovely!! Really benefits from being stripped back and dreamy. Nadja's voice especially is like water. Feelgood Lies sort of works as it's SO different production-wise.

    We Keep the Spirit Alive = I appreciate it for what it is; a fun song to squish all the song titles into a song. I would say 7/10
    Mad Wild = It does sounds like a Kylie album track. Not being a fan of Kylie this doesn't work for me 5/10
    A New Day = Nothing amazing but fine 6/10
    Love You for Eternity = Sounds a bit like a christmas song. It reminds me of something else and I can't put my finger on it. 6.5/10
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