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No Angels - "Daylight" + 20 (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Danniiboy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What... even was this? Did they just throw some random audio on there and hoped someone could play Xenomania with them?
  2. It was just a CD:Rom with lots of clips none of the producers wanted. I think I did well to be fair, considering it was in German hahaha (I think... it was 20 years ago)
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  3. I love your answer to one comment about how bad these songs were in your YouTube account. Hahahaha.

    Were they real songs or just snippets? Could you get the clips as mp3s out of the CD-rom or what?

    I didn't buy the CD-rom, but I would if it was interesting to complete my No Angels' discography.
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  4. It was a magix music maker style cd-rom where you could mess around with stems, samples and loops and recorded audio clips and create songs (which were probably songs that were scrapped album tracks) so you could essentially ‘play’ producer. It was bad. And you could make the videos as well. All horrible quality.
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  5. you can still find them on amazon actually. They also did one for bro’sis, I wish I could hear those songs as well.

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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That last line is SENDING me.
  7. By the way, is there any interesting song by No Angels as solo artists, besides Sandy?
  8. I always liked Ten Steps Back by Jess but I actually only bought the single because my queen Kandi Burruss wrote it.
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  9. Looking camp right in the eye.
  10. Have the girls commented about Vanessa recently in interviews or do we have a recent interview of V?
  11. She is completely avoiding the public. If they said something about her I don’t know. Pretty sure it’s an off topic for most interviewers.
  12. They talked about her in a few interviews. Mainly that for this comeback they did not reach out to Vanessa at all since she has made pretty clear after the split that she doesn´t want to return to the public. They don´t seem to have talked in years. (Vanessa is a Phd graduate and is working at an University in California)
    However all mentions of Vanessa have been very respectful and warm - they made clear that they respect her decision (wishing her the best for her future, etc.) and that she will be forever part of No Angels.
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  13. Really? Wow.

    I wonder why she hasn't come back... It looked like she was happy being a popstar.
  14. They talked a lot about her in a podcast that they currently release once a week as part of the anniversary. In one episode they talked about Something About Us and Nadia gushed about Vanessas talent as a musician and songwriter. And Lucy thanked her in the booklet of the new album.

    I guess she wants to focus on practicing what she studied for the last decade. Good for her. I'm pretty sure she would hate the Schlager-sound they have nowadays.
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  15. Where was this song included?

  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The Soundtrack of Kleiner Dodo it seems
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  17. Been so addicted to 'Let's Go To Bed (single version)' lately, such a balls-out jam. Talking about the original version. Lucy sounds so different in it. Back then I thought the song was sort of off-sounding in their discography and was way more mature than their other material at the time, now I think it was almost ahead of time (I know Mousse T. was an it-producer though at the time but in mainstream pop of 2002 or when it was it was even a little risky for their target group).
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  18. There were even House remixes released on vinyl without their name attached to it at that time. Think it was „NA“ as artist or something. So yes it was a more mature release.
  19. Interesting, didn't know this.
    This single release really went for giving them more credibility and a 'cool' factor I think. It sort of continues with the 'Pure' album release and first single including 'Venus' (gosh, my second addiction these days).
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