No Doubt (2024 Reunion + Coachella)

The zany Morning Zoo sound effects are killing me.

Also never been happier to be wrong, because I truly did not expect it to ever happen, but this is great news! Even if just one show comes out of it, I'm glad to see them all together as a unit again.
On the one hand, wig! On the other hand I feel like this might derail this album campaign (if you can call it that) even further ff

There is a single ready which is very good so I sure hope not. This seems like some sort of one-off to maybe see if there's any demand for more? I could almost see a Gwen Stefani featuring No Doubt tour announcement to support her album and the band's anniversary if they don't kill each other.
OH MY GOD. The last time I saw them live was for The Return of Saturn tour and the energy throughout the venue was INSANE.

Lemme relive! International tour please!
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