No Doubt (2024 Reunion + Coachella)


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It really felt like they picked up right where the Rock Steady tour ended.
One of the first times Don't Speak left me rather cold though?
I was so hyped up throughout the whole set… No Doubt is such a high-energy live band! They still got what has always made them so magical on stage. The set list was amazing (missed Excuse Me Mr, but have to say I was NOT expecting to hear Total Hate live in 2024!). The boys killed it, and Gwen had the whole crowd wrapped around her finger! What a rock star!

Rock Steady Intro / Hella Good
Push & Shove Interlude
Sunday Morning
It’s My Life
Different People
Hey Baby
Total Hate
Bathwater (with Olivia Rodrigo)
One Step Beyond
Simple Kind of Life
Underneath It All
Happy Now
Just a Girl
Don’t Speak
Not me fully breaking down in tears as soon as they did Sunday Morning. The nostalgia is real and I'm weeping like a fucking baby, maybe it's the hormones!

The director for this live stream and cameramen should be fired! I know the band is not all about Gwen but they're missing key fun moments of her singing when they keep on focusing on everyone else but her and the chaotic zooming in on the background, crowd, the back up singers' behind - all these random shots are so distracting. You get to see Gwen singing for a split 3/4 seconds and then it's back to everyone else. What drugs are you on SIR?

I never get this choatic directing mess in the Lana stream. And when people notice it - it's a problem!
Currently watching it and I'm already blown away! They all seem to be having so much fun playing together again, and Gwen's energy in particular is simply unmatched. I guess deep down she's always been more of a rockstar than a popstar, that's what makes her so special. Overall this has been an absolute treat so far. On to It's My Life now...