♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (#15 - Just a gag) ♚

What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  • No Doubt (1992)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    Votes: 16 22.9%
  • Return of Saturn (2000)

    Votes: 21 30.0%
  • Rock Steady (2001)

    Votes: 26 37.1%
  • Push and Shove (2012)

    Votes: 7 10.0%

  • Total voters
I was tempted to use ChatGPT because I always fail to write something eloquent for a song I love, but I'll try to keep it shorter here.

So, our last song to leave before the top 30 is...

There’s just something about you
That gets me in a twist
And sometimes I think that Cupid

Is just taking the piss...



In My Head

Average score: 8.000

Highest score:
10 x 4 (@Maki, @Music City Queen, @tylerc, @AshleyKerwin)
Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
My score: 10

High peak: #16 (5 voters)
Low peak: #41 (7,8 voters)

Part 2 of 'You all are so wrong for this'. "In My Head" becomes the next song from "Rock Steady" to leave, just before the top 30. Interestingly, it got a perfectly round number as its average score and that's the only time it happens in this rate. Its scores were relatively scattered, as I see some lower scores (including that vile 4, without which it would've been at #26) and a lot of 9+ ones, it can be considered a divisive song to some extent. Apart from those high/low peaks, the song was mostly inside the top 30 during the voting period, but of course a 6 from the final voter knocked it out...
And gosh that artwork is so ugly though I made it in like 3 minutes.

"In My Head" was written by Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont, produced by the band and Nellee Hooper, and released as the 10th track on "Rock Steady" album. The song stemmed from the rock outro of a wonderful and equally underrated gem "New Friend", which remained an outtake but should be cherished, especially among the fanbase. The song was among the final few to be finalized for this album, and among the few ones inspired by the long-distance relationship between Gwen and Gavin (again, "New Friend" is among these). It was performed live during the Rock Steady tour and supposedly once at the 2009 Summer tour but I don't have audio/video evidence to back that up.

First of all, a confession: I gave only one perfect score to "Rock Steady" album and "In My Head" is that song (though its rejected cousin "New Friend" also got a 10 from me). It's always been my fave from the album, something about it captivated me. And really, the song presents a sonic standout, as it blends reggae with synth pop, and manages to be bare-bones yet packs a lot in it. The minimalistic approach totally does it justice and I adore how the melodic synths are incorporated with the more 'organic' instrumentation (especially during the middle-8). The melodies are extremely catchy throughout (the verses bring one of most memorable No Doubt moments in my opinion) and the pre-chorus makes for a very quotable hook. The chorus may be simple, but it's so effective as the backing vocals do the trick and also randomly remind me of Gwen's solo track "Don't Get It Twisted", which is also on the very interesting side. The lyrics are so much fun despite coming from a personal place and even providing a glimpse of the "Return of Saturn" songwriting thought-process, where there's a repeating narrative of self-reflection. The culmination comes in that spoken middle-8, as Gwen really sounds like she's losing her mind, overthinking and questioning everything. Relatable queen. And when I said the lyrics of "In My Head" are fun, they are fun. I mean, the outro alone:

...don’t talk about
The past, let's talk about
The future, let's talk about
Our wedding, let's talk about
Gwen Stefani, let's talk about
How much you like me, and all that

How iconic is that? It also sounds like she's foreshadowing her solo career but we won't elaborate on that. Anyway, this just missing out on top 30 placement is making me bitter but we're really left with an extremely strong set of songs.

Onto the commentary. Let me just chuck this out first. @Sprockrooster (4) loses his lowest score in the rate and says: "This is not even good enough to be a b-side, so how this did not end up on Everything in Time, but this almost all killer album is a mess." I'm... just going to pretend I didn't see that score nor read that comment.
@berserkboi (8) is making me confused here because he adores "New Friend" yet says this: "Weaker than the other album tracks so far but not bad by any means!" Hope you hear the magic upon another listen. @bonnieetclyde (8) joins me in appreciating the lyrical charms of this track: "Love the 'don't talk about ex-girlfriends' line, referencing their last album. All the lyrics on this track are quite tongue in cheek/fun." Yes, the lyrical playfulness really jumped out here.

And we have the 'relatable corner' here, as @Angeleyes (8) calls it: "One of my favorites when I went through a big No Doubt phase in high school. I'm naturally a "too in my own head" person so I found the lyrics very relatable, though not in a context of a relationship as I hadn't been in one yet." We're absolutely twinning here dd. And to close us off, @AshleyKerwin (10) makes the three of us, reminiscing: "I remember being a teen and hearing about how neurotic she was in her lyrics and thinking "wow, someone else is like that too!" and the rest has been history." Erratic/confused Gwen produces the most amazing songs it seems.

"'Cause everybody wants everybody else
Everybody wants everybody else
Everybody wants everybody else
Everybody wants everybody eeeeeeeeeelse..."

(the amazing moment when "New Friend" morphs into a "In My Head" prototype)

Next up: My third 10 in a row and yet another excellent album track.

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TOP 30

No Doubt


The Beacon Street Collection

[0/10], [0/12]


Tragic Kingdom

Excuse Me Mr.
Just a Girl
Happy Now?

Different People
Hey You!
The Climb

Sunday Morning
Don't Speak

You Can Do It
World Go 'Round
End It on This

Tragic Kingdom


Return of Saturn
[8/14], [9/24]

Simple Kind of Life

Six Feet Under
Magic's in the Makeup
Artificial Sweetener
Marry Me
Too Late
Comforting Lie

Suspension Without Suspense
Staring Problem
Home Now

Dark Blue

Big Distraction

Under Construction
Beauty Contest

Full Circle
Cellophane Boy
Everything in Time (Los Angeles)

You're So Foxy
Everything in Time (London)


Rock Steady
[8/12], [8/13]

Hella Good
Hey Baby
Making Out
Underneath It All
Don't Let Me Down

Start the Fire
In My Head
Platinum Blonde Life
Waiting Room
Rock Steady

New Friend


Push and Shove
[5/11], [5/12]

Settle Down
Looking Hot
One More Summer
Push and Shove


Dreaming the Same Dream

Stand and Deliver



Showin Off (demo)
Everything’s Wrong
Dear John (demo)
Where’s Your Lovin’? (demo)
Up Yours
Sailin' On
Oi to the World
I Throw My Toys Around (feat. Elvis Costello)
Love to Love You Baby

It’s My Life
Monkey Man (with Toots and the Maytals)

"Push and Shove" album took a beating here, now only left with 5 songs. On the other hand, "Tragic Kingdom" remained safe since we hit top 40. I can reveal that all of the remaining albums will be losing at least one song until the top 20, but that is to be expected. After all, it's really getting down to the wire, as we're left with either iconic singles or long-term fan faves and "Happy Now?" and "You're So Foxy".
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I know it's obvious considering it's the highest ranked gone so far, but this is the best song to leave us thus far and considering how many mid to low scores I have left, it should've been in the Top 20.
Love how Tragic Kingdom is holding on. I fear it might gets a cull, but it better not. No album deserves a cull and it should be spread. Also I love how It's My Life is that sole extra for ages and it should be for quitr a while too
Apologies for the radio silence. Some things got lost in transfer when I was uploading rate data to my laptop (I should've simply used Google Disc instead...), so I couldn't access the necessary files while in the apartment, but now I'm back home and should do it properly.
Anyway, we'll return to the regular schedule tomorrow.
Some of you will like this next elimination, but most won't...

They pay homage to a king
Whose dreams are buried in their minds
His tears are frozen stiff

Icicles drip from his eyes...



Tragic Kingdom

Average score: 8.026

Highest score:
10 x 5 (@Maki, @Sprockrooster, @Music City Queen, @No hay banda, @Ana Raquel)
Lowest score: 5 x 1 (@Damita Jo)
My score: 10

High peak: #19 (11 voters)
Low peak: #35 (19,20 voters)

My third 10 in a row to fall (@Music City Queen suffers the same fate) and it's "Tragic Kingdom", the title track and final standing non-single from its album. Funnily, just when I mentioned that album remained unscathed for a while. I could definitely complain a lot here, but at least it made it to the top 30, which previous two songs didn't. In comparison to most of the songs in the top 30, this one was definitely a bit more divisive. Besides five perfect scores, I see a lot of 9+ ones, but it also got a decent amount of 6s. So yeah, not everyone was a fan of tis song but us fans are very much present. Despite said divisiveness, the song didn't have a dramatic leaderboard trajectory, even though it was outside of the top 30 for nearly the entire last third of voters until the very last score pushed it back. I guess this triple cut of fantastic tracks could've been even worse.

"Tragic Kingdom" was written solely by Eric Stefani, around 1993 and possibly even earlier, and released as the title and closing track of its parent album. What's already a pretty well-known fact, the title is play on words for Disneyland's nickname 'The Magic Kingdom' - the comparison was first made by Tom Dumont's 7th grade teacher. The band literally wrote this entire album a few streets away from Disneyland. The song begins with the voice of Jack Wagner (a.k.a. The Voice of Disneyland) telling people to remain seated (which also inspired the intro for the opening post!), while the outro of the recorded version of this song includes an interpolation of the Star Wars main theme. The song was a set opener during the Tragic Kingdom tour, but it's also interesting that it was played live in concerts as early as 1993 - possibly the first one of them is linked down below. It also got a one-off performance during their 2009 Summer tour, which also has a video to back it up (Gwen still delivers amazing vocals there).

Where does one even start with "Tragic Kingdom"? It's a brilliant 5+ minute extravaganza, full of twists and turns, making the spoken word intro with theme park sound effects a perfect lead-in to what truly sounds like a rollercoaster ride. Definitely one of their most ambitious, musically rich and complex compositions which showcases the fantastic team work, as all members are at their best. You have brass instruments in full force, guitars, castanets, drums and other percussions, piano, organ... the list goes on. The melodies are so well-crafted with all sections have their own distinctive tune (the part after the middle-8 and before the outro melodically reminds me of their other masterpiece "By the Way"). Gwen's vocals are in top-notch form, she really devours this song vocally. The instrumentation is obviously very important for this song's identity - the main guitar riff is amazing and brass instruments are all over it. And the guitar lick Tom does after the middle-8 followed by the solo part while the main riff still plays in the background... wig. The relentless drama of the song in general is probably its main quality. And the culmination point with those key and tempo changes is just insane, the most delicious cacophony I've ever heard. Apocalyptic stuff. That all is wrapped up by the wonky trumpets playing the sound of Star Wars theme song. What a way to close this album, really the best possible option out of the songs they had. You simply cannot forget the virtuous nature of the track. And they had the balls to play this incredibly challenging song live so many times. Talent only.
As for the subject matter, "Tragic Kingdom" depicts a twisted view of commercialism (in this case, Disneyland) and the lyrics are excellently written, having all sorts of connections that I'll need a separate post to highlight all of them. Eric totally snapped here, it's pretty wild to think this song was written by the same person who did songs like "Paulina" and "A Little Something Refreshing". Their best album closer in my opinion and should've definitely been in the top 20.

Among the commentary, @Angeleyes (6) confesses: "I feel so stupid for not realizing the title was a play on Magic Kingdom, i.e. Disneyland, until a couple years ago." Well yes, the references are sprinkled throughout the song actually. That score is not it though. @berserkboi (8) simply calls it a: "Nice closer!" but @bonnieetclyde (8.5) has other ideas: "Always thought this made more sense as an opening track. It's quite dramatic and that chorus hits hard. Would have been a great album opener." Hm... I disagree - it's a perfect closer just because of its earth-shattering nature. And @Sprockrooster (10) says it all: "This opus is building and building into a blissfull climax I still anticipate. I do feel like this gets cut soon – cause it is a late albumtrack with a significant length, but I really hope this can make top half of the rate at least. In my world it sits rock steady in the top 20." Yes, I do agree that it deserved a top 20 placement, and it made the top half of the ranking, so let's celebrate that at least.

"Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom
Cornfields of popcorn have yet to spring open"

Next up: Switching the section with the last song of its kind.
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It's better than the 5.75 I scored, I will give it that, but compared to the rest of the album that remains, it needed to go.

Count me as someone who didn't even know they were close to Disneyland when they wrote it, as in streets away and that's where the name came from. It was also one of the first CDs I owned at age 12.
And the elimination of "Tragic Kingdom" leaves us with only singles from that album - I'd say its title track is definitely the worthy winner in that category. Also, "Dark Blue" and "Dreaming the Same Dream" are now the last two standing No Doubt album closers. Which one will reign supreme?

(sorry, these past three days literally felt like one but I'll post the next elimination tonight)
While gathering stats here, I noticed that this is the song with the highest low score so far.

Mental earthquakes, conversation mistakes
My army of words...



You're So Foxy

Average score: 8.048

Highest score:
10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Ana Raquel)
Lowest score: 6 x 1 (@clowezra)
My score: 9
High peak: #21 (8 voters)
Low peak: #30 (25, 26 voters)

Would you look at that? Pretty much an unreleased song manages to end up in the top 30, "You're So Foxy" also being the winning "Everything in Time" track. Impressive considering it surpassed all of the actual B-sides, bonus tracks and compilation songs even. To make things even more impressive, it never left the top 30 throughout the voting period. Though that shouldn't be too surprising given that it received only three scores below 7 - the consistency is real here. I know this one was widely liked among the 'old school' fans (I think it even won a poll for fave No Doubt rarity on one of the now-defunct fansites) but I definitely didn't expect it to translate here.

"You're So Foxy" was written by Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont and Tony Kanal, with production done by Glen Ballard. Originally titled "Agony and Ecstasy", the song was recorded during the "Return of Saturn" sessions and was first thought to be a potential single(!) but somehow ended up in the vaults and never released during that era. The fans have been aware of its title for years (this is making me scream) and, luckily, it saw an official release as part of the "Everything in Time" compilation album in 2003/4, where it appeared among the 'rarities' section as track number 8. How did it even fail to even get a B-side treatment or something? Well, Gwen stated she felt that the recording tempo of "You're So Foxy" may have been too fast for the accompanying melody. That explanation doesn't entirely make sense to me since it's not like they had to perform the song live or something. Speaking of which, they actually did perform it. Once. The super lucky fans who attended the Jimmy Kimmel Aftershow performance in December 2003 got to experience this song's exclusive, one and only, live outing. Gwen messed up some of the lyrics during the verses but brings her signature energy so it surely doesn't matter. And we have the video link too!

In the sea of persistent serves during "Return of Saturn" era, "You're So Foxy" is yet another one of them. They gave us a lot of lovely moody moments there but this time, it's more on the new wave side, uptempo, Blondie-inspired bop. I can easily make a parallel between this song and "Full Circle", in terms that the chorus is a literal slap in the face, even though the verses remain strong (I gave them the same score though oop). Instrumental-wise, the song may not be as rich as most of its peers (especially that nearly undefined hectic and stuttery guitar riff) but it does bring it during the final chorus, with those trumpets, heavier guitar notes and percussions. Oh and Tony has a lovely display of bass during the middle-8, while Gwen coos along. But yeah, the energetic and melodic chorus remains the highlight here. The topic of "You're So Foxy" is pretty obvious - Gwen is falling in love and can't seem to resist no matter what, basically crazy_in_love.mp3. I'm almost certain this whole song is just Gwen crushing on Gavin. Yet the magic of "Return of Saturn" era is that the lyrics are so deliciously chosen, packed and presented that it makes the content look much more complex and intriguing, as well as perfectly fitting the recurring theme of this album. Truly a wonder that even the outtakes are so consistent thematically. As a side note, opening the song with "You caught my fall, making out on alcohol / an innocent mistake" is quite an adorable moment of honesty on display.
Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised that "You're So Foxy" found a really good placement. Such a shame the song never got a proper release in any form during the era and songs like "Staring Problem" and "Six Feet Under" got to feature on the actual album. But seeing how they did in this rate, we love seeing justice in action.

The commentary section doesn't have much to it but we have some comparisons. Starting with @bonnieetclyde (7.5), who says: "Reminds me of 'Don't Let Me Down' from Rock Steady." and I can now hear the resemblances except "You're So Foxy" is better to me. But @Sprockrooster (10) has another suggestion: "This would have been perfect on Push & Shove lyrically and with a sonical update as I can see this being a gay club anthem." There is some disco spirit here now that you mention it. "Push and Shove" though... not entirely sure about that.
And @berserkboi (8) wraps it up by saying: "A bit of a bop - I must admit!" That reads a bit reluctant dd but yes, a bop is a bop.

"It's painful but it's worth it
'Cause you're so foxy
I think you must be good for me..."

Next up: We're staying in the same decade and 5 perfect scores leave.

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A few days late, but this was just uploaded to the official No Doubt channel:

Still glad it's gone, this song had no business outlasting some of the other recent eliminations.

Ooh thanks - that's a great performance and it would've been a really cool coincidence if it was uploaded on that day of its elimination. I'll add it to the post anyway.

And I didn't mention that "Tragic Kingdom" leaving means that we're down to only one No Doubt title track - "Push and Shove".