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♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (#46 - Approved by the president) ♚

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Mar 14, 2021.


What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  1. No Doubt (1992)

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    15 vote(s)
  4. Return of Saturn (2000)

    15 vote(s)
  5. Rock Steady (2001)

    18 vote(s)
  6. Push and Shove (2012)

    4 vote(s)
  1. Tragic as in "Tragic Kingdom"?

    Nah, not yet.

    Has it?

    Let's find out.

    The last song to miss out on the top 50 (i.e. the upper half of the leaderboard) is...

    I save 'em up, I put 'em in my pocket...




    Average score: 7.465

    Highest score: 10 x 2 (@Maria, @tylerc904)
    Lowest score: 5 x 1 (@Disco Tears)
    My score: 7.5

    High peak: #46 (22 voters)
    Low peak: #79 (6 voters)

    So... @DJHazey could be right. Emphasis on 'could', because two songs isn't a cull. "Return of Saturn" takes another hit with "Leftovers" just missing out on the top 50 (by literally 0.05 points!). I expected it would get one perfect score, given the praise from that voter, but it's a nice surprise it managed to get another one. Speaking of scores, it did receive a few 6's and 9's, but the vast majority of its scores were in the 7-8 range, which is reflected by its average. When it comes to leaderboard trajectory, thing weren't looking that good at the very start, but ever since we got to 10th voter, it was oscillating slightly above and slightly under top 50, settling just one spot below it.
    Also, this is an extremely rare instance of @Disco Tears appearing as the lowest scorer, given they have lost eleven 10's so far.

    Written by Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal, "Leftovers" is notable for being the very first song composed after "Tragic Kingdom" was released, and therefore can be considered the earliest song to come out of what would become "Return of Saturn" sessions. They mention that it was written during soundcheck jams on tour and live performance from 1996 is enough of a proof for that and the song's lyrics and melodies are pretty much exactly the same. It was actually nearly scrapped altogether, before Tony investigated last-minute and changed its original double time tempo to half time beat, ultimately saving the song. Obviously, it was recorded for this album's purpose and has a slightly different style compared to the aforementioned live version. The song was one of six older tracks which were being considered for the album (the other five are not exactly known), but ended up as a B-side of "Ex-Girlfriend", where it appeared on UK (and other European countries) enhanced and Australian CD singles. The track was also released free with purchase of "Return of Saturn" at Target record store. Obviously, it was later released "Everything in Time" as track number 2, along with other... leftovers.
    This track was performed live only a handful of times during the Tragic Kingdom Tour, but there's one shoddy audio footage available from a show in Hollywood, California that took place on May 15, 1996. Still a feat for a rarity to be performed live, even if it was barely featured on the setlist.

    I really like "Leftovers" and its prominent reggae influences (a genre I have a soft spot for). It's very slick, from the bassline and drums setting the tone of the song, with added brass to complete the experience. The switch-up in the middle-8 also brings guitar and piano in the mix, and that little interlude of 'do, do, do...' is darn charming. Somehow, it doesn't do anything vaguely spectacular and takes its time yet just flows really well and doesn't seem like it overstays its welcome, living up to the reggae trademark. It's quite a vibe. And while I enjoy it a lot while it lasts, it just doesn't reach the heights of genius found of their other songs. I guess it's one of those songs where I don't have any remarks, but it's just never been among my faves, even when it comes to these B-sides. It's interesting to see their mindset right after the explosion of their popularity was, given they most likely wrote this track in 1996. The lyrical content might be less nuanced than pretty much everything on "Return of Saturn", but it still has some really nice metaphors and hints of darkness present on that record, which I find rather impressive. To back this up, according to Tom, "Leftovers" is about kisses (presumably 'leftovers' are kisses saved for after the breakup) and when you look at them, especially that line about backstage wristband, it makes the song a tad more adorable. I wonder if it is about Tony or Gavin, given that both were tumultuous relationships. But really, Gwen singing "I sure am greedy, hand 'em over to me" in that borderline sensual tone present throughout the track is sweet. Just a really cute song.
    I think its placement here is pretty much perfect, even though I have some lower scores lingering on.

    The commentary lives up to song's title, but what's also interesting is that both voters who provided a comment gave it the same score as me, which is roughly the same as its average score! @Sprockrooster (7.5) has a good idea: "Though it is not as good as Everything in Time, this would have been the perfect title track for the rarities collection." Would've been a much more apt title indeed. And I wouldn't call either of the two "Everything in Time" songs better than this one - we collectively agreed with that, actually. As per usual, @berserkboi (7.5) keeps thing short and concise: "Enjoyed the vibes throughout!" Issa jam, issa vibe.

    "Time is up, what's left is over..."

    Next up: Someone's 11-contender is out. And yet another 4+ minute song.

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  2. [​IMG]

    TOP 50

    No Doubt

    Let's Get Back
    Get on the Ball
    Move On
    Sad for Me
    Big City Train
    Trapped in a Box
    A Little Something Refreshing
    Brand New Day


    The Beacon Street Collection
    [0/10], [0/12]

    Open the Gate
    Blue in the Face
    Total Hate '95
    Greener Pastures
    By the Way
    That's Just Me

    My Room Is Still Clean
    You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks


    Tragic Kingdom

    Excuse Me Mr.
    Just a Girl
    Happy Now?
    Different People

    Hey You!
    The Climb
    Sunday Morning
    Don't Speak
    You Can Do It

    World Go 'Round
    End It on This
    Tragic Kingdom


    Return of Saturn
    [12/14], [16/24]

    Simple Kind of Life
    Six Feet Under
    Magic's in the Makeup
    Artificial Sweetener
    Marry Me
    Too Late
    Comforting Lie
    Suspension Without Suspense
    Staring Problem

    Home Now
    Dark Blue

    Big Distraction
    Under Construction
    Beauty Contest

    Full Circle
    Cellophane Boy
    Everything in Time (Los Angeles)

    You're So Foxy

    Everything in Time (London)


    Rock Steady
    [10/12], [11/13]

    Hella Good
    Hey Baby
    Making Out
    Underneath It All
    Don't Let Me Down

    Start the Fire
    In My Head
    Platinum Blonde Life

    Waiting Room
    Rock Steady

    New Friend


    Push and Shove
    [9/11], [9/12]

    Settle Down
    Looking Hot
    One More Summer
    Push and Shove

    Dreaming the Same Dream

    Stand and Deliver



    Showin Off (demo)
    Everything’s Wrong
    Dear John (demo)
    Where’s Your Lovin’? (demo)
    Up Yours
    Sailin' On

    Oi to the World
    I Throw My Toys Around (feat. Elvis Costello)

    Love to Love You Baby
    It’s My Life

    Monkey Man (with Toots and the Maytals)

    We're officially at the half-point of the countdown. It's been a while, huh? The debut album and "The Beacon Street Collection" are done, leaving the 'big four' albums and a few extras in the running. It's becoming obvious that "Tragic Kingdom", "Rock Steady" and extras were the only sections that haven't lost a song since top 60, but I can confirm that there will be losses from at least two of them by the time we hit top 40. In fact, only one of the five remaining sections will survive the next 10 eliminations.
    Guesses? Predictions? Speculations? Anything is welcome.

  3. I would have liked it to reach the top 30. Love To Love You Baby, Easy, Six Feet Under and Oi To The World all should have fucked off before it.
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  4. Coincidentally, these are all my lowest scores (and another track from "Push and Shove"), so I agree! We'll see how many (if any) of them will survive the next 10 eliminations.

    Except these two have already been eliminated a while ago (at #79 and #61 respectively).
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  5. Oops. I was looking at the wrong info.

    *Buries self alive in shame*
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  6. Leftovers being out before the other Saturn b-sides is criminal. An underrated highlight in their discography.
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  7. I did refer to that as I thought your hint meant a very long track in comparison. So Leftovers going is quite the great surprise now.
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  8. Fuck. ‘Suspension Without Suspense’ is possibly in my top 10. It’s gorgeous.
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  9. Good to see Gwen's fashion line is still going strong.
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  10. Now that we approached the "better half" of the leaderboard, I'll say that I lost six 10's before the halfway point and my average score for the 50 songs we lost so far is 7.46, which is coincidentally nearly the exact same average score of the songs at #52, #51 and #50.
    More importantly, next elimination coming tomorrow!
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  11. If it's not too much trouble for you - what is the average for every voter for the remaining songs? It would be nice to see who was most successful in getting rid of their least favourite! Dddd
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  12. Sure thing! Just have in mind that this isn't really an accurate representation of what you mentioned, because pretty much everyone gave a different amount of high/low scores.

    Here are the averages scores for the remaining 50 songs. The numbers in brackets are the remaining amount of perfect scores (10's and 11's) of voters.
    Maki - 8.81 (11)
    Disco Tears - 9.04 (26)
    bonnieetclyde - 8 (5)
    saviodxl - 8.086 (6)
    DJHazey - 7.785 (7)
    Sprockrooster - 8.59 (20)
    Untouchable Ace - 8.194 (11)
    soratami - 8.58 (13)
    Maria - 8.74 (14)
    No hay banda - 7.82 (10)
    yeRleDanaL - 8.72 (16)
    berserkboi - 8.75 (12)
    tylerc904 - 8.48 (19)
    Ana Raquel - 8.07 (8)
    Damita Jo - 8.454 (13)
    GimmeWork - 8.32 (18)
    WowWowWowWow - 7.93 (8)
    DominoDancing - 7.51 (3)
    Angeleyes - 7.49 (5)
    BEST FICTION - 9.025 (12)
    Babylon - 8.57 (18)
    clowezra - 7.97 (15)
    SlowGinFizzzz - 8.96 (23)
    AshleyKerwin - 8.62 (9)
    Remorque - 8.57 (16)
    Music Is Death - 9.462 (20)
    An Insider - 7.94 (5)

    Obviously, everyone's average scores for the lower half of the leaderboard are lower than these (otherwise, I would've thrown these ballots out).

    On another note, did anyone notice that the thread title is a line from "End It on This"? That isn't the next elimination, by the way - instead, it's a last song of its kind. It's on you to figure it out which one could it be.
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  13. Thank you! It looks like we are all soon due to get very hurt by the upcoming cuts dd

    If you have the ballot average for each participant for the total songlist, feel free to send to me and I can do these averages minus their total songlist average, and the increase should show who did best at eliminating what they disliked ddd
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  14. Our host was nice enough to share the averages with me so as Slayers, we rank:


    @GimmeWork is Buffy - taking their ballot average up 1.8 at the halfway mark! Well done!

    It looks like @BEST FICTION @Disco Tears and @Music Is Death are due to suffer the most #soon with their current average in the 9+ (though with the latter that average's pretty standard across every rate ddd)
  15. I promised an elimination last night, but my internet connection decided to put that on hold, so here it is now.

    As we reach the upper half of the leaderboard, will "Return of Saturn" cull really occur?

    You put me in such an awful spin...



    Love to Love You Baby

    Average score: 7.467

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@Ana Raquel), 9.5 x 1 (@Music Is Death)
    Lowest score: 5 x 1 (@Babylon)
    My score: 6.75

    High peak: #42 (20 voters)
    Low peak: #72 (5 voters)

    A sigh of relief. "Return of Saturn" cull is not happening (at least for now) and I get to lose my joint lowest remaining score. Leaving just after the halfway point, "Love to Love You Baby" holds the title as the last eliminated song that's not available on Spotify. Despite receiving only one perfect score, it did manage to get three 9's and barely any scores lower than a 6, which also meant a consistent leaderboard trajectory - despite a clumsy start, it was in the top 50 for most of the time. And @Ana Raquel should be glad she went for a different 11 choice, especially because it wouldn't go further than #49 even if it had gotten that score.

    Unless you're @Music Is Death, you should recognize that "Love to Love You Baby" is a cover of Donna Summer's classic, written by her, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. It was first released in June of 1975 in The Netherlands, then worldwide along the album as its title-track in August that same year. The song peaked at #2 in US and #4 in UK and Australia, and reached successful positions in other countries, too. No Doubt recorded their version on July 31, 2001 with producer Alain Johannes for the soundtrack for Zoolander, which was released on September 25, 2001. I haven't seen the movie, but reports say that a part from the song can be heard during some orgy scene. Gwen and Gavin also make a cameo appearance in the movie, but not in the aforementioned scene. No Doubt have never performed the song live, because why would they, really?

    "Love to Love You Baby" is among my least played No Doubt songs. Looking at the score, that might've contributed to it, because I think it's slightly lower than I would've scored it today. It's a tiny bit better than a few other songs that received a similar score, but not like that would make a difference. The randomness and rarity status definitely contributed to my ambivalence towards it. And while it doesn't really make sense for the band to cover Donna's disco tune, it works surprisingly well. Maintaining the groove yet adding electronic beats and effects (which goes hand in hand with the "Rock Steady" era), they manage to transform the song to some extent yet keep its essence, therefore proving once again to be cover veterans. And it's a pretty cool vibe, I really dig the trip hop-esque sounds that pop up every now and then and the switch-up in the final minute is well done. Also, I'm glad that Gwen doesn't replicate the moaning in the song, that throws me off a bit in the original version - I guess I'm just not a sensual person of any sort. When it comes to the song, there's not much substance to it, both sonically and lyrically, so most of the focus is on evoking the sensual mood, which Gwen definitely succeeds in. Still, the song on its own isn't really my thing and it feels very inessential in the grand scheme of things, despite being an interesting little addition to their discography. It's surely the right time for it to leave now, especially considering we lost some of their more integral songs (at least to me).

    I don't really have much to add, so let's see what the commentary has to say.
    Acknowledging the inessential aspect of the song, @Sprockrooster (9) is a true representative of a stan: "I scream at how this faceless this for No Doubt standards, yet they pull it off so damn well I can’t help but stan." And he's not the only one who screams, either - @Angeleyes (7.5) is here: "SCREAM. I never knew they did this, but it's great. Probably the best cover I've heard of this song, excluding samples." I don't think I've ever heard any other cover of this song, but it's nice to see the unexpected praise. And @berserkboi (8) doesn't waste an opportunity to promote his French faves in every rate/thread possible: "I really enjoy when this goes into dreamy 70s punctuations! Link Brigitte here ;) LOL" Okay, okay, here you go. It's a lovely song and doesn't contain an excessive amount of moaning.

    The original recording, first titled "Love to Love You":

    And the full 16+ minute version, which, according to the BBC, contains 23 "orgasms":

    Next up: A surprising elimination (at least to me) from an album we haven't touched since top 60.
  16. I had six Return of Saturn songs with lower scores (7) that could've gone first but this elimination will do.
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  17. And just like that all my dreams have come true!
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  18. Based on where I'm ranked on @berserkboi's chart (#16 out of 27) and I apply that percentile to the Buffy Rate I ran years ago, I'd be Amanda, so basically forgettable like all the potential slayers in Season 7.
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  19. Me pretending to get all the references on this page:


    But thank you @berserkboi for providing these stats! It's interesting to see how the averages change based on which songs are included. And some of the voters who greatly increased their average are not going to be happy with the upcoming cuts.
    I kind of expected my scores to be quite evenly distributed, but not that much. Still, I do love a lot of their deep cuts and unpopular songs.

    Something I didn't mention in the write-up is the original story behind "Love to Love You Baby", because it's quite fun:
    "She was still a complete unknown in her home country when she suggested the lyric "Love to Love You Baby" to Moroder in 1975. He turned the lyric into a full disco song and asked Summer to record it. The full lyrics were somewhat explicit, and at first, Summer said she would only record it as a demo to give to someone else. However, Summer's erotic moans and groans impressed Moroder so much that he persuaded her to release it as her own song, and "Love to Love You" became a moderate hit in the Netherlands.
    In an interview in 1976, Summer responded to a number of questions that she claimed she'd been asked about the process of recording the song: "Everyone's asking, 'Were you alone in the studio?' Yes, I was alone in the studio. 'Did you touch yourself?' Yes, well, actually I had my hand on my knee. 'Did you fantasize on anything?' Yes, on my handsome boyfriend Peter.""

    And this YouTube comment deserves a spotlight:
    Place your bets on the next elimination.
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