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♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (#49 - It's all ending...) ♚

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What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  1. No Doubt (1992)

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    14 vote(s)
  4. Return of Saturn (2000)

    14 vote(s)
  5. Rock Steady (2001)

    18 vote(s)
  6. Push and Shove (2012)

    4 vote(s)
  1. Oh I did think it kinda seemed like a collection of b-sides, guess that explains it then.
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  2. Totally, you can just tell that there isn't really anything on it that sounds like a single. But even then, I think that at least Greener Pastures and By The Way are easily up there with the greatness of Tragic Kingdom.
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  3. Yeah, "The Beacon Street Collection" doesn't have as many career highlights as most of their albums do and pretty much all of the songs sound like they could've easily been "Tragic Kingdom" B-sides, but I actually find it surprisingly consistent and would never call it among my least favourites.

    The band recorded and released the album in attempt to reach out to wider public and potentially get signed again. It was an introduction to their change in style (for context, nearly all of the songs found on "Tragic Kingdom" were written at the same time as "The Beacon Street Collection" ones), though it seems as if they handpicked the songs that would feel a bit too jarring for an otherwise cohesive album.

    Such an interesting little record.

    Taste! These are my top 2 songs from the album. Them thinking "Squeal" was single-worthy is beyond me.
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  4. [​IMG]

    No Doubt (1992)

    Saturday, March 20th at 18:30 GMT

    I decided to split the Watch2Gether sessions based on albums and have one listening session per week, just not to overcomplicate things by having overly long listening sessions. Along with the songs that appear on the albums and their respective singles, songs from the extras section which belong to that album era will be played, too. First up is their self-titled debut, which I'm probably the most excited for (to see the reactions of those who are hearing it for the first time, given how unique it is).
    Hope to see you and that the date and time suits you! Please let me know if they don't and I'll try to rearrange it if possible.
  5. I already said some spotlights are underway, but before that we'll need to...



    Apart from being the only living specimen known to mankind that doesn’t show signs of aging, I don’t think Gwen needs a specific introduction. She’s an icon. But where was she before that status?

    Well, our girl was a Dairy Queen employee for some time before the formation of the band. But let's go a bit earlier than that. Gwen grew up in Orange County with her parents, older brother Eric, younger brother Todd, and younger sister Jill. As her childhood obsession was Annie musical, and her favourite movie The Sound of Music, it’s no wonder Gwen’s unique singing style reflects that theatrical approach.

    Early 1970s - she's so adorable!

    Even though her parents sued to listen a lot of Bob Dylan, she's always been seeking in mutiple directions. As Gwen herself says: "When I was growing up my parents were folk musicians and I would have never listened to Bob Dylan by choice". The first time she recalls having proper music influence was when her brother Eric would bring home two-tone ska records by artists such as Madness and The Selecter. Her brother also used to make her sing, which piqued her interest in being a part of music business. Though her daydreaming had to be balanced with life. Jobs, to be precise. And Dairy Queen wasn’t her first job. As she recently revealed, she used to be a lifeguard at a pool during her high school days. Humble beginnings, to say the least. One may ask what was her dream job at the time? We wouldn't have known that if Gwen hadn't shared this gem with us earlier this month:

    (Is this her way of manifesting being the third Oreo girl?)

    Okay, moving forward. Not many people know this, but Gwen’s been a part of No Doubt from the very start, which technically makes her the co-founder of the band. She wasn't even a lead vocalist at the beginning, but we're talk about that in due time. Her energetic performances and 'extroverted' voice certainly struck a chord with public and she has been (reasonably) seen as a shining star of the band. Speaking of her voice, what's interesting about Gwen is that she's never had any official singing lessons (even though Brad Nowell from Sublime did give her some help around 1994). That's astounding! It could explain the seemingly uncontrollable and uniquely fast vibrato she puts on during some high notes, especially in the earlier years. One of her biggest regrets is not learning to properly play an instrument. Tom did give her some guitar lessons during "Return of Saturn" era, but she's never been 100% comfortable in doing it completely on her own.

    Apart from singing and playing instruments, one thing she's always been passionate about is styling. Often cited as a fashion icon, Gwen actually never had a stylist until early 2000s. That's right, from the polka dot trousers and striped outfit that she hot glued on backstage before shows during No Doubt's early years, to the dip-die GRAMMYs dress in 1998, Gwen has been DIY-ing her clothing creations for a significant part of her career. Her passion finally made proper waves with L.A.M.B. fashion line founded in 2003 (which is around the time she just started having her own stylists). Coincidentally, the year 2003 also marked the agreement that the band will go on a hiatus, which in return marked Gwen going to her solo venture.

    You already know the deal about her solo career, which I won't be going into. Three solo albums, the same amount of kids, before her going into Christmas route and rarely looking back, except for her nearly three year long Las Vegas Residency. Recently, following several country collaborations with Blake Shelton and many, many cuddles and romantic photos with him you'd think he kept her captured in a nearby barn, she put out the 47th re-release of her Christmas album. But just as fans started to get worried about her career, Gwen released a reintroduction single aptly titled "Let Me Reintroduce Myself" last December (and a follow-up single this month). Furthermore, she plans on releasing a full album influenced by her ska roots.
    Dare I say, a full circle.mp3

    Random fun facts about Gwen:

    - Her favourite colours are yellow, sea foam green and pink.

    - She is slightly dyslexic.

    - When she was 5 years old, she peed on the floor in ballet class because she was too nervous to ask to be excused to the bathroom.

    - Her first kiss was in 8th grade with a guy named Bradley while on holiday, she said it was gross because she could feel his braces.

    - Gwen once went jogging in Paris and got lost while touring in 1997. She had to call her Father to call the hotel to get directions on how to get back.

    - She is allergic to penicillin.

    - One of Gwen’s earliest childhood memories is of her and Eric taking the white filling out of Oreos and making balls with them.

    - Gwen has been dying her hair blonde since she was in the 9th grade.

    - When she was a teenager and in love with Sting, she finally met him and he was an asshole to her.

    - She had her nose pierced once (because she lost a bet), but took it out because everyone thought she was picking her nose when she played with it.


    Underneath it all, she's just a girl.

  6. 10x 2

    Also, I adore this meet the band-concept!!
  7. Great to learn so much about such an icon.
  8. Regarding this, I got new headphones and could continue rating.
    "Rock Steady" really is one of the most consistently good albums ever released, huh? None of songs deserve anything less than a 7. ​
  9. Hi yes I will be doing this! I know a couple songs, and have been interested in diving in their music, and just decided to wait until the rate happened haha.
    Love the Meet the Band thing, will be cool to learn more about them.
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  10. The watch2gether session will start in about 15 minutes, so feel free to join here!
    @Music Is Death
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  11. The watch2gether session will start in about 15 minutes, so feel free to join here!
    @Ana Raquel
    @Disco Tears
    @everyone else interested
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  13. The watch2gether session is about to start, so feel free to join here!
    @Verandi (just to see if you'll be able to survive their debut lol)
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  14. Oh no, I think I missed it?
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  15. You can still join!
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  16. I'll probably do these once every other day (meaning that this one should've been posted yesterday):



    As the heartbreaker of the band, Tony is not only brought a lot of killer basslines, but also was one of the biggest influences on the songwriting and evolution of No Doubt.

    Tony Kanal was born in London, making him the only band member not to have been born in USA. He is also the only person of colour out of the latest main line-up, since his parents are Indian. While some of his childhood years were spent UK, he and his family also briefly lived in Canada and Indiana, went back to London again, before finally settling in Anaheim, California, when Tony was 11.

    Yes, I'll keep posting these immensely cute childhood photos (if I find them)

    As you can predict, he showed interest in music since early age. Especially during teen years, his father would purchase and play various contemporary recordings for him. Eventually, Tony bought his first album (Men at Work's debut album) in 1982, which has mainly new wave and reggae-rock influences. In high school he really got into the Red Hot Chili Peppers and stated playing bass in the jazz band, after getting some electric bass guitar lessons. Kanal attended South Junior High School and Anaheim High School, and graduated in 1987 or 1988.

    Oh, and his prom date was *drum roll* - Gwen Stefani!

    1987 or 1988 - Gwen and Tony at prom

    The two started dating in June 1987 and even had hopes of marrying. They decided to keep it as a secret, given that Tony thought that no one from the band was supposed to date Gwen. Their turbulent and, according to Gwen, manipulative relationship ended in 1994. That relationship and breakup went on to influence a lot of songwriting on "Tragic Kingdom" (and some of the later albums, too). Though as much of a jerk Tony was during that period, without that traumatic romance, the band may have still continued to write songs about going to the dentist, masturbating and buying a dog (not at the same time, though). It was a turning point of band's maturity and Gwen's rise to creative power among the band. A nice case of a bad ending signifying the beginning of something good.
    As for the band, Tony was a fan of them since day one - literally. After seeing No Doubt playing their first official gig, he very quickly joined as a bass player, aged 16. we'll cover this more in detail in a separate spotlight.

    After Gwen (obviously), Tony is the second most successful solo career from the band's 'big four', since, after No Doubt's first hiatus, he went on to write and produce songs for Gwen (found on her first two solo albums), P!nk (the masterpiece "Sober" and the title-track from "Funhouse"), Shontelle, Weezer, as well as reggae singer Elan Atias (including his 2006 collaboration with Gwen). After No Doubt played some of its latest concerts, Tony went on to reunite with the boys of the band and create a new one called DREAMCAR, but that's also a story for another day.

    Random fun facts about Tony:

    - He worked in a department store with Gwen.

    - He wagged school once to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers live.

    - Tony managed the band in their early days - in the credits of "The Beacon Street Collection" it says: "business shit by Tony" (proof).

    - He is a psychology major.

    - Tony and Gwen used to work at the same department store back when they were signed to Interscope records

    - His first real girlfriend since Gwen is Erin (Lokitz), an actress/model who is currently a home designer and his wife.

    - He is a perfectionist - apparently he tried licking self-adhesive stamps once.

    - Tony played saxophone in high school and was in the jazz band.


    Don't speak, a comforting lie can't last.

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  17. [​IMG]
    The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    Sunday, March 28th at 17:45 GMT

    Thanks to all who joined (or at least attempted to join) the last session and I'm hoping to see more of you next time. Needless to day, this week it's time for No Doubt's second album. Apart from an obvious switch in sound, their sophomore also represents a great improvement when it comes to their songcraft skills, as well as lyricism. Also, this will be the shortest session, lasting exactly 45 minutes. Initially, I wanted to pair it with one of the neighboring albums. However, it would've been dangerously close to two hours, and I prefer having it shorter, especially since it prevents Watch2Gether from acting up, connection getting lost and whatnot. Therefore, the album gets its own session.
    I look forward to seeing you!
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  18. Loving these "Meet The Band" spotlights!
  19. I'm glad you'll be doing this and am sure you will be delighted, since I think their music will greatly appeal to you. Heaps of discoveries coming your way and you'll probably end up worshipping most of their albums.

    Happy to hear you're liking these 'meet the band' spotlights - the one for Tom is next in line and should be posted tomorrow.
  20. I am too! I've been interested for a few years, especially after seeing that Paramore had cited them as an influence, but never got around to it, so I'm really looking forward to this rate.
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