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♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (#60 - Bow Wow Wow out!) ♚

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Mar 14, 2021.


What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  1. No Doubt (1992)

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    13 vote(s)
  4. Return of Saturn (2000)

    13 vote(s)
  5. Rock Steady (2001)

    17 vote(s)
  6. Push and Shove (2012)

    4 vote(s)
  1. How are we only on the third Beacon song to leave? That album should pretty much be close to gone at this point ddd
  2. I imagine that now that most of the debut and extras have been taken care of, there'll probably be a bit of a Beacon Street cull in the next few eliminations.
  3. Well, I for one think that Gwen did a great vocal performance on that track, but can understand that the vocal quirks she does on it are not for everyone.
    The exact same thing can be said about the song that's getting eliminated next.

    Is this shade towards your host's inability to schedule eliminations, which are going at a snail's pace?
    Jokes aside, "The Beacon Street Collection" has 'only' seven songs left now, and the debut was always bound to do worse than it, so I wouldn't call it surprising at all.

    I'd go with @soratami's guess if I were in your place, but whether that's actually the case, you'll find out soon...

  4. So, which section is going to lose another song?

    Is the "The Beacon Street Collection" cull about to commence?

    Will the debut whittle down to only two songs?

    Or is "Tragic Kingdom" already on its second cut?

    I trust you, you use me, now my life's all torn apart...



    Sailin' On

    Average score: 6.609

    Highest scores: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster), 8.5 x 1 (@Music Is Death)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@GimmeWork)
    My score: 7.25

    High peak: #72 (11 voters)
    Low peak: #90 (5 voters)

    Turns out, it's time for the extras section to lose another song. After "I Throw My Toys Around", which left at #82, "Sailin' On" becomes the second track appearing on "Everything in Time" to get eliminated. With a lack of higher scores and a relatively polarizing set of scores, there wasn't any chance for this to go past top 70. Actually, it was about to dip into the bottom 10 at the beginning, but Sprocky and his high score ensured it would... sail on.

    "Sailin' On" is a cover of a song by hardcore punk band Bad Brains, which was written by bassist Darryl Jenifer and guitarist Gary ‘Dr. Know’ Miller, and first released on their self-titled debut album on February 5, 1982, as its opening track. Bad Brains were actually are widely regarded as pioneers of hardcore punk, despite their members not being satisfied with that term, since they incorporated different genres in their music. They were also a great influence on No Doubt and the punk facet to their sound (think "My Room Is Still Clean"). No Doubt's version was released on volume 1 of a series of three compilations "MOM: Music for Our Mother Ocean" on July 2, 1996. Benefiting the Surfrider Foundation, the album features original songs as well as covers, many sharing a surfing or summer theme, performed by a variety of artists. The band approached Surfrider and wanted to be included and took a day to record the song in 1996. It was later released on "Everything in Time" compilation. However, the recording represents the way the band had been performing the song live at the earlier Tragic Kingdom live shows (1995 onwards), when it used to segue out of "Total Hate", but the future live shows would show the band performing a frantic version much like the original that would calm down into the ska version halfway through, which is pretty cool. It continued to be incorporated into most of the Tragic Kingdom tour and eventually became a fan favorite on tour, often requested during the Return of Saturn US tour, too. Several acoustic versions from radio shows exist as well, one of them linked below. Also, this song is notable for containing Gwen's highest recorded note - B6. Squeal.mp3

    I'm quite undecided on this song, but that should be blamed on the fact that "Sailin' On" is one of my least played songs by the band, so it had no proper chance to grow on me. But one thing is for sure: the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Compared to the original, the band showcases that they are veterans in doing covers long before "It's My Life" was released. Completely flipping the mad crazy punk sound of the original, they offer a more chill, reggae-ska vibe and breathe a new life into the song. It's still quite bonkers, and they even manage to throw in a trumped solo in the mix, replacing the original guitar solo, while keeping the song structure intact (apart from repeating the outro). But I must say that the production and Gwen's vocal performance really do the heavy lifting here, since I'm not really sold on the song's melody. The production is oddly minimalistic yet full; the heavy bass in the guitars and reverb are an excellent addition. And when the production becomes a vacuum for a few seconds during the final chorus - a moment. I'd go on to say that this is better produced than majority of "Tragic Kingdom", actually (obviously that doesn't I mean I like songs on it any less). With the most prominent instruments being guitars and drums, it's quite obviously that the vocals layered on top will sound great. Gwen really shreds those vocals. And when I say shreds, I mean shreds them. I can't think of anyone else who could pull off this rendition. No wonder her ear-piercing, [insert animal of choice here] screeches proved to be quite divisive among the listeners here, as if the song is not already off-kilter enough.
    And there's no doubt about which version I prefer (hint: the one where you can actually understand some of the lyrics). All in all, "Sailin' On" finished about where I expected, so I can't be disappointed the slightest. Fair enough placement.

    In the commentary section, the highest scorer @Sprockrooster (10) stans this song so much he even invents a word along the way: "The definition of a track where they snapped. I mean the eclecticness in instruments and the vocal squeals from Gwen are such a weird mix, but in all its quirkiness really elevates this track to a great high." Speaking of words, @berserkboi (4.5) incorporates his favourite one: "The pretty entrancing vibe prevents the score to be a lot lower for those affectations!" I should start counting the number of times you used 'affectations' in your comments. Finally, @Angeleyes (7) just tells it how it is: "Definitely an acquired taste, but I like it." Ditto.

    Acoustic performance + a mini interview:

    The original version:

    Next up: We'll find out what is the second single to leave the rate.

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  5. What the fuck. One of the clear highlights from Everything In Time.
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  6. A short clip from 1996 of Gwen commenting on "Sailin' On" and its inclusion on the compilation album:

    "I think sometimes when you’re just one lonely loser and you feel like you can’t do much, but I think No Doubt, as a group, can make music, and you can appreciate it, and then we can save the oceans."
    Don't know why, but I find that quote hilarious.

    And here's the only live performance audio available of the song performed exactly the way it appeared on its official release:

    The next elimination is coming tomorrow. It's surprisingly among the least divisive songs in the lower half of the leaderboard.
  7. "Sailin' On" deserved better, but I'm not surprised to see it go.
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  8. I just know one of you will be happy with this elimination...

    You're hiding behind the fence, you've been disobedient...




    Average score: 6.659

    Highest scores: 9 x 1 (@Ana Raquel), 8.5 x 1 (@Maki)
    Lowest score: 3.5 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    My score: 8.5

    High peak: #59 (6 voters)
    Low peak: #82 (12 voters)

    And the second single to leave the rate is "Doghouse", which also means that "The Beacon Street Collection" no longer has any of them, since both singles which left are from that album. I expected it would be quite divisive, but looks like the complete opposite is the case. To put it into perspective: besides the scores that are displayed in the highest/lowest section, this song only received scores between 5 and 8, which is extremely consistent. Unfortunately, getting such a small range of relatively middling scores didn't make it go that far.

    "Doghouse" was written by Eric Stefani and recorded in the band's Beacon Street garage sometime during 1994. It became the first garage-recorded song that had some hired help in the form of Gerard Boisse, who played saxophone on this track. The song was released as album's second and final single in late 1994 as a limited release of 1,000 copies in the form of 7" singles (the same as "Squeal"), and the B-side to it is the aptly titled "You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks", which got eliminated back at #94. "Doghouse" eventually became the closing track of "The Beacon Street Collection". It's worth to point out that this is No Doubt's first major release to include touring member Gabrial McNair, who plays trombone on it. Another reason this song is notable is because it contains Gwen's highest belted (well... kind of) note - D6. Funnily enough, we just talked about her highest ever note in the previous write-up for "Sailin' On". The coincidences just keep on coming. This song has been performed live since 1993, and due to the lack of audio/video evidence, I can assume they stopped playing it around 1995. However, the band dusted off this song 15 years later, teasing a snippet of it (and messing it up) during their 2009 tour, and making the audience go crazy. They sure know how to fire up their fans.

    "Doghouse" is another one of my faves from this album. The way you keep doing them wrong... Anyways, this track proves to be a fitting closer to the album, mainly because it's just another fun romp with an adventurous musical switches and unconventional structure. Greatly represents "The Beacon Street Collection" as a set of songs that take you on a journey, whether you like it or not. As much as "Squeal" was a wrong single choice, "Doghouse" was a great one (despite both of them technically having exactly 0% of chance to make any impact outside the Orange County). It really goes on to show how the band can be goofy, chaotic and fun yet still maintain composure... at least to a certain point. Yeah, it's not perfect and still sounds like it could appear on a children's cartoon soundtrack (especially with that outro), but it's surely a big improvement compared to majority of the debut, despite still being ska-pop for the most part. I find the melody great, especially in the first part of the song. The variety of instruments used, from synths, guitar and drums, to that 'broken' saxophone solo and Gwen's eclectic vocals also add to the experience. My personal favourite moment of the song is that fantastic guitar riff following the chorus(?), or whatever is that part that starts with "Well you're just a doggy...". Tom snapped right there. While I'm confused about the song's structure, let me just say that it's cool they uses the same segment twice in the song, but use a different melody for each time - as if the song is not already full of creative things. Also, I really like that Eric deviates from his usual direct approach in the lyrics and uses a nice metaphor of a dog and its master to illustrate the nature of the relationship where a man is bullied and dominated by his girlfriend and is unwilling to force the situation to change. I'm not trying to make it a masterpiece by any means, but at least it's better than writing about going to a dentist or jacking off to a model from a magazine. I wish this one did a bit better, though considering the song is a bumpy ride and the production contains everything and the kitchen sink, it was apparent that at least some of you won't be here for it.

    Let's start the commentary with @berserkboi (3.5), who will be happy to lose another song he despises: "Meh! They do better elsewhere!" and I'm sure he will agree with what @Remorque (6) has to say: "Just like the song that precedes it, the melody is lacking and the lyrics are clunky as fuck. I’m happy to be done with this album, because Tragic Kingdom’s such a huge fucking step up for me." I wouldn't call the lyrics clunky, though "Tragic Kingdom" was surely a great improvement. But let's take notes from @Sprockrooster (8), who carefully observes both musical and lyrical aspects of the song: "The blues and ska mix from this track works marvellously. I love the lyrics also. They should have used this in Fifty Shades of Grey ddd." An interesting suggestion, but I suppose everyone is here for a happy ending.

    "Out to the doghouse with you, that's what she said..."

    The description of the video says: 'No Doubt attempted to play "Doghouse". Scream.

    Next up: Time for another album to lose its first track.

  9. The Beacon Street Collection does not deserve the slaughter it's getting.
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  10. With the elimination of "Doghouse", the set of early (i.e. pre-Tragic Kingdom) No Doubt songs is down to its top 10. Here are the songs that made it to that stage:

    Let's Get Back
    Trapped in a Box

    Open the Gate
    Greener Pastures
    By the Way
    That's Just Me

    Everything's Wrong

    Which ones do you want to leave as soon as possible? Which ones are you rooting for? Any surprises? Predictions? Let me know.

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  11. I think I would be satisfied with Let’s Get Back in the actual Top 10! I can’t say I remember the rest of them by the title alone though!
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  12. Stricken and That's Just Me can leave and I kinda can't remember how Everything's Wrong goes ddd but aside from these, the remaining early songs are all pretty great. Sometimes, Greener Pastures and By The Way in particular are discography highlights to me, so I hope we're not losing them anytime soon.
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  13. I gave three 10's to the pre-Tragic Kingdom songs and am happy to see they are all still in, especially because they comfortably sit in my top 20 songs by No Doubt.
    We'll see if any of them even came close to those heights in the actual ranking.
    These are almost the exact same expectations/opinions as mine, so it's good to see some tasteful thoughts.
    But the next elimination surely won't be any of these songs, because, as I mentioned earlier, an album is going to lose its first track. Any predictions which album and song could it be?
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  14. I honestly wouldn't mind of one of the later tracks from Tragic Kingdom (the ones in between Don't Speak and the title track) went. I'd also be okay with Push & Shove losing a track or two.
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  15. I guess you'll be happy to hear that "World Go 'Round" already left at #79, in case you missed that elimination. Also, you lost a 9 with "Blue in the Face" right after that.

    And I must point out that all of the untouched albums ("Return of Saturn", "Rock Steady" and "Push and Shove") are the only ones that managed to receive at least one 10 or 11 for each of their tracks (excluding B-sides and outtakes for "Return of Saturn"), which is quite impressive.
  16. Hmm my guess for the next elimination would be one of the Return Of Saturn B-sides/outtakes, perhaps Everything In Time (whichever version of it)?
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  17. I totally missed “World Go Round,” which is probably my least favorite track on that album. In that case I really hope Push and Shove is the next album to lose a track then, unless b-sides are counted in that, in which I’d be okay with some of the Return of Saturn ones dropping. (There’s also one album track from that album I can’t stand) I did notice “Blue in the Face” sadly, which was my highest rated from Beacon Street.
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  18. Sometimes, Stricken and both versions of Everything In Time can go next (I gave all of them a 5).
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  19. [​IMG]
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