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♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (#63 - Emo anthem) ♚

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Mar 14, 2021.


What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  1. No Doubt (1992)

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    12 vote(s)
  4. Return of Saturn (2000)

    13 vote(s)
  5. Rock Steady (2001)

    17 vote(s)
  6. Push and Shove (2012)

    4 vote(s)
  1. Love this!

    Obviously I was being a little extra there. Still, they're not too far away.

    You definitely gave it a 2, I just checked.

    It's my ideal bottom 3, too, but today we'll see whether it matches during the day.

    The next song to leave is the first proper album track. Any guesses?
  2. A Little Something Refreshing, hopefully!
  3. Sorry @Maki I wasn’t doubting you, I’ve just lost the plot apparently!! A 3 would have been generous now I think about it.
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  4. Facts.
    Fair ddd. We're all a little extra sometimes.
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  5. I didn't mind some of the demo-ish songs, actually some were better than the first two albums but this wasn't one of them (3.5).
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  6. Don't worry, I know you weren't doubting me, it was just my response after frantically opening the spreadsheet/PM to check scores that reads a bit mischievous (especially since I included the score in the commentary).
    I agree with this. But whether the general consensus is the same, that is yet to be revealed.

    The next elimination should be up in a few hours. Meanwhile, let's see how the No Doubt singles were ranked in combined Gwen/ND singles rate, which @Babylon hosted back in 2012:

    1. Don’t Speak
    2. Hella Good
    3. Just a Girl
    4. It’s My Life
    5. Push and Shove
    6. Underneath It All
    7. Hey Baby
    8. Bathwater
    9. Looking Hot
    10. Settle Down
    11. Spiderwebs
    12. Sunday Morning
    13. Ex-Girlfriend
    14. New
    15. Simple Kind of Life
    16. Running
    17. Excuse Me Mr.
    18. Trapped in a Box

    Note that "Squeal", "Doghouse", "Happy Now?", "Hey You!" and "Stand and Deliver' were not included, despite being released as singles.

    These are so messy... "Sunday Morning" not even in the top 10, the underperformance of "Return of Saturn" singles I-
    But has anything drastically changed this time? Feel free to rant/discuss.

  8. Well there's one single in that Top 10, I personally would've had at #18 but more on that later.
  9. The debut album is about to lose its first track.

    Also the first and only song to have received multiple 0's.

    I'm full at last...



    A Little Something Refreshing

    Average score: 4.348

    Highest scores:
    8 x 1 (@yeRleDanaL), 7 x 3 (@Sprockrooster, @Ana Raquel, @AshleyKerwin)
    Lowest scores: 0 x 2 (@Maria, @Babylon), 2 x 5 (@DJHazey, @No hay banda, @Angeleyes, @BEST FICTION, @SlowGinFizzzz)
    My score: 4.5

    High peak: N/A
    Low peak:
    #99 (5-27 voters)

    Another one I definitely saw as a contender for the last place. Initially, I thought it was going to pick up a fight with "My Room Is Still Clean", but as votes kept coming in, its #99 position was set in stone and the latter was doomed to take the last spot, as the big average score jump between them indicates. Score-wise, it's interesting that, while it's the only song with multiple zeroes, it hasn't received a single score of 1. Though it did get a bunch of scores below 5, sealing its fate.

    Originally titled "Pizza, Coke & Ice Cream" (evidently a much less misleading title), during early performances, as well as when it was recorded on one of their demo cassettes from 1991, "A Little Something Refreshing" was written by Eric Stefani *pretends to be shocked* way back in 1987, making it one of No Doubt's first songs, which in return makes it even more baffling they decided to record and release it five years later. It's also their shortest recorded song, with its running time only being 1 minute and 18 seconds. The band played the song live a ton of times during the early years (up until 1992/1993), often cleverly pairing it with "Ache". The early performances, such as the one from 1987 linked below, featured both an extended intro and breakdown. On later performances, it was closer to its final form, and the band does some hilarious little jumps which coincide with drums.
    And I'm sure that burp at the end is Adrian's doing.

    For a song with this title, this is anything but refreshing. I guess their intention was, as the song title suggests, to make something to break the monotony, as an attempt of being funny and ~quirky~ (hence the short song length), as well as to have something as a vent during their gigs, which explains the interlude-ish nature of the track see also the previous elimination. But it only remained an attempt at that. In the short period of time, Gwen manages to name 37 different types of food and drinks (yes, I was the fool who counted that), so it's impressive that she managed to recall all these when they performed it live. Speaking of lyrics, they are pure rubbish - literally on a level of a toddler. Perhaps the lyrics aren't entirely the problem, since I can already envision some of you stanning this song if Gwen recorded it with Pharrell around 2005 (with an entirely different production and only in its lyrical form, of course). But in this form, it doesn't really work at all. Majority of my score for this song went to the intro and that tiny part before the intro. At least it's mercifully short, sparing us a headache.

    The comments range from sympathetic to mercilessly brutal - and I get both sides. In a more constructive explanation, @Disco Tears (5) states his main issue with the song: "It's cute but it seriously could have done without the burp at the end though. There's quirky, and there's gross." Fair enough. But something is telling me that @AshleyKerwin (7) likes the burp: "I like it too much for kitsch. A lot of these early songs are hard to rate badly because I've seen so many pictures of them from this era where they literally were just kids playing gigs together and it's hard to hold it against them." This is a great point, though you may have slightly underestimated their age a bit - they weren't in kindergarten when this was recorded. Meanwhile, @Sprockrooster (7) states the facts: "It was the right call to make this an interlude instead of a full fledged track cause I am sure it would have been drag." I honestly can't imagined a full song based on this song track would work in any way possible. Maybe @berserkboi (6.5) can, because he says: "Actually a bit cute, can’t hate!", but @clowezra (3) isn't as optimistic: "Bit of a nightmare." On the low extremes, @Maria (0), one of the two lowest scorers, simply calls it "an abomination", though I'm sure @Angeleyes (2) had fun listening to it: "LMAO". Hope you didn't lose your appetite.
    And just as you thought the song had no possible impact on any of us that isn't entirely agonizing, @Remorque (5.5) mumbles: "Yeah... Now I'm hungry."

    Rehearsal from late 80's/early 90's

    Saying: "The public went wild." is an understatement here

    Next up: Another song from the self-titled is leaving.

  10. Easily the worst song from their earliest era.
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  11. I alluded to giving a different song my zero in a couple of other posts (and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hate the song in question). But in the end I opted for this one because it can barely even be considered a song. Trash.
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  12. I wasn't aware we could give 0 as a score ha!
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  13. Would you be surprised to hear that I included it on my Halloween and Thanksgiving playlists?
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  14. Ffff can't say I'm surprised so far

    Poor chaotic punk attempts but yeah they were dead
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  15. I know which is the song you're referring to, and you should've went with that one because it would actually change its position, whereas you could've given "A Little Something Refreshing" a score of negative 10, and it would've still remained at #99.

    Also, the results, along with links to elimination posts, can be found on the first page (I'll put them under a spoiler):
  16. The next song from the self-titled to leave is...

    She's on the cover of a magazine...




    Average score: 5.283

    Highest scores:
    9 x 1 (@berserkboi), 8 x 4 (@Disco Tears, @Sprockrooster, @yeRleDanaL, @Ana Raquel)
    Lowest score: 1 x 2 (@Maria, @Babylon)
    My score: 5

    High peak: #87 (7 voters, 8 voters)
    Low peak: #98 (9-10 voters, 21-27 voters)

    Yet another pretty obvious elimination for me. But I must note that it didn't seem that way during the voting period, where it was above bottom 10 for some time, before steadily decreasing and falling into its low peak placement. Interesting that the song reached its peak with 8 voters, but then plopped to its low peak with 9 voters. Also, whoosh at the average score jump.

    "Paulina" was written by Eric Stefani, then-trumpet player Gabriel Gonzales and former bass player Chris Leal in 1987. Along with "A Little Something Refreshing", it's one of the first songs No Doubt created before later being re-recorded. Though that's not the only thing these two songs have in common - Eric also provides vocals on this track, but this time they are one-off lead vocals. "But who's Paulina?", you may ask. The song is most likely about model and actress Paulina Porizkova (who was a judge on ANTM for some time - a show I followed regularly during my oddly queer 'phase'). Furthermore, Eric shared his own drawing of Paulina on his blog:

    The subject matter of the song is pretty obvious once you get to this part: (Paulina) my father says to act my age / (Paulina) as I single handedly turn the page. Well, thanks Eric for letting us know that Miss Porizkova does some things to your love muscle.
    To add to the embarrassment, there's an early version of the song with slightly different lyrics (recorded as a demo), but the original, unpublished lyrics are:
    I... I'm just glad they eventually changed them, despite still being clunky and the message remaining the same. And a fun fact regarding this: The lyrics are not printed inside the album’s cover sleeve due to its risky lyrical subject matter. Scream.
    The song was performed live ever since 1987 and up until 1992/93, when they were promoting the debut album (two live performances from these years are linked below).

    If anything, "Paulina" is a good example of No Doubt taking a shitty song and turning it into something completely listenable. It definitely has a 'retro radio ad' feel to it (a comparison I never thought I would be making in this rate, but think of "Nude Beach a-Go-Go" by Azealia Banks), and instrumental surely adds to that. That's its charm. But the issue is that this song should've remained an advertisement or something, and not re-recorded and tacked onto their debut after five damn years (also, those circus sound effects are just not it). The repetitiveness doesn't help either, but the little instrumental breakdown prevents it from being completely monotonous. And it's a pity Gwen isn't featured more, since the little Paulina's she sings are quite adorable. The song works to a certain level, but on grand scale, it's nothing but an unnecessary infomercial in a musical form. I guess the bottom line is that we just don't need a song about Eric's sexual fantasies.

    Compared to the previous two eliminations, the commentary section is surprisingly positive. Well, except from @Maria (1), who just calls it "shit". Seems like @Remorque (5.75) isn't fully convinced, either: "This is... kinda boring? Lovely to hear Eric though." I'm not sure about the latter part. @Disco Tears (8) is picking up the vibes I mentioned: "Reminds me of something, an advert... I want to say it was for a furniture store. Eh. I like it though!" Giving this song the same score, @Sprockrooster (8) certainly likes it, too: "Such a quirky song. Especially the instrumentation creates that goofy sound that works here well." and the high scorer @berserkboi (9) will surely agree with Sprocky: "I love the Paulina hook - it makes the whole experience fun and unique! Might keep this one!" Though this being your second highest score from this album is a choice.

    Next up: That song in the bottom 5 which I consider extremely random.

  17. I don’t get the Paulina hate at all! At least we are on an over 5 average - meaning it was a positive result for the song. I’ll take it!
  18. Paulina was my 3rd highest score for the debut album, with a 7.1 dddd. That says a lot!
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  19. Yeah I don't really get the hate either, I thought it was nice enough, there are plenty worse songs left. That said, those original lyrics... no comment.
  20. Not surprised, but I'm sure there's one much more fitting choice for Halloween playlist in this rate.


    (gif inspired by the previous elimination)

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