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♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (#63 - Emo anthem) ♚

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Mar 14, 2021.


What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  1. No Doubt (1992)

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    12 vote(s)
  4. Return of Saturn (2000)

    13 vote(s)
  5. Rock Steady (2001)

    17 vote(s)
  6. Push and Shove (2012)

    4 vote(s)
  1. Hope it's something from Beacon Street - Squeal, Doghouse or Total Hate preferably. Would also take Stricken.
  2. If it's debut, Brand New Day.
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  3. Looks like some of you didn't pay enough attention to the last hint. We're about to lose a single.

    So, the first single to leave is...

    A kiss of death goes out to those who rat and fink...




    Average score: 5.937

    Highest scores:
    8 x 1 (@Sprockrooster), 7.5 x 2 (@Angeleyes, @Babylon)
    Lowest scores: 1 x 1 (@berserkboi), 3 x 1 (@GimmeWork)
    My score: 6.5

    High peak: #85 (6-8 voters)
    Low peak: #96 (12-17 voters)

    That was rather predictable, wasn't it? "Squeal" becomes the first elimination from "The Beacon Street Collection" and also the lowest ranked single. While there's one single I scored lower than this one, I can with certainty say it's deserving that this song took that spot. With no high scores and a bunch of scores between 5 and 6, it never was destined to go even remotely far and has been the lowest ranked single ever since the voting began.

    "Squeal" was written by Eric Stefani, most likely in 1990 or 1991, and was released as a 'lead' single from "The Beacon Street Collection" on May 12, 1994, nearly a whole year before actually appearing on the album as its penultimate (9th) track. It was recorded in their Beacon Street garage in early 1994, before it got a limited release of 1,000 copies in the form of 7" singles (which No Doubt created using the proceeds from their concerts), and these were distributed along with its amazing and beloved B-side "My Room Is Still Clean". That makes this vinyl extremely rare these days. The lyric used to confuse me a lot, but my friend Wikipedia is here to explain them: "The song's lyrics detail a criminal's reaction to her partner's betrayal to the police. The couple had agreed to be "in this together" but, after the man "squeals", the woman resolves to "kill the narc" who revealed that she was guilty of a crime. During the song's chorus, Stefani questions her accomplice to a crime: "Why can't you keep a secret? / Why'd you squeal? / I thought that I could trust you / Why'd you squeal?" Well, how very random. Though it can only take one look at the liners notes to understand why is that the case.
    The single cover has a relatively interesting story. The images featured on the front and back cover of the single are actually from the same photo from 1922 showing the arrest of women who committed crime by wearing one-piece bathing suits, exposing their legs. Oh, how shocking! You can read more about it here, as well as see the whole photo. Adds another layer of randomness to the song.
    The song was performed since 1991 (at least that's the oldest recording I could find), and later on some of their shows during early-to-mid 90s. It also got a surprise one-off outing during Return of Saturn Tour, as well as snippet performance at select dates on 2009 Summer Tour (I linked one below, where Gwen forgets the words). Looks like the key word here is: random.

    Obviously, "Squeal" is a cacophony, but not the terrible kind in my opinion. From grand drums leading into the track, it houses a whole range of instruments, from trumpets to guitars. And while I do like how they sound together at some parts, the absolute disarray the song eventually becomes is more than enough to cause criticism. That is enhanced by Gwen's nearly inarticulate delivery, especially during the chorus. And I get that genre bending is great, but here the sections sound like they belong to separate songs. It does seem like lyrics could have enhanced the intensity and threatening nature of the instrumental. Anyways, the verses are my favourite part, since they are ska-influenced and not as hysteric as the rest and, overall, this is my least favourite track from this album, too - glad we collectively agreed on that. But one question remains: How the heck did they think that this deserved to get a single release as a representative track from this album? But it seems the 1,000 copies they made sold out, so apparently they knew their fans very well.

    Again, the commentary lacking, but at least it's varied. @Remorque (5.5) complains about the right things: "The melody here is just a mess and it’s all over the place. The lyrics don’t even seem to fit the song..." Though I do think the chaotic instrumental fits the lyrics, which also quite jumbled. The sole high scorer @Sprockrooster (8) praises some elements of the song, saying: "Loving the horn instruments in this. It should have been included in the greatest hits quite frankly." Quality-wise, "Squeal" doesn't belong to the greatest hits, but considering the sales, it could pass, because it sold a thousand copies, which is more than "Trapped in the Box" (and that one officially sold zero copies). On the flip side, the lowest scorer @berserkboi (1) just shouts: "Hideous!" You should be glad that most of your sub-5 scores are out now.

    Next up: The first song to receive a 10 leaves. Again, it's from a different section.

  4. ‘Squeal’ is great. There are no truly bad tracks on The Beacon Street Collection. The introduction alone is worth most of the marks I gave it.
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  5. I can't lie, it's been impossible for me to get worked up about any of these eliminations. I quite liked You Can't Teach An Ol' Dog New Tricks, but apart from that nothing was contentious so far. This will get much more nerve wracking once most of the first two albums has been eliminated.
    I wish I agreed.
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  6. I agree. "Squeal" is the weakest song, but it's still pretty good and the album is surprisingly consistent.

    Well, well... we'll see about that.
    Also I think your highest score so far is an 8 for "Monkey Man".
  7. Dddddd very true, it was a bit of a surprise that Monkey Man got such a low average, but given that it was a cover version for a compilation, and I hadn't even heard of it before this rate, I wasn't really invested in its performance.
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  8. We round up the bottom 10 with my biggest loss so far.

    Obviously, I'm rather sad about this leaving so early...

    Don't take him wrong, let him be...



    Sad for Me

    Average score: 5.941

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@soratami), 9.75 x 1 (@Maki)
    Lowest score: 2.5 x 1 (@Angeleyes)
    My score: 9.75

    High peak: #71 (8 voters)
    Low peak: #93 (20-23 voters)

    The mess begins... kinda. I lose my highest score so far, and the first 10 goes with that, too. As a result, my precious "Sad for Me" leaves the rate, nearly escaping the bottom 10. But, did it really deserve to be in the bottom 10 and not even get a 6+ average score? Absolutely not. How dare you mistreat this adorable little tune? To make it worse, it was actually in the top 5 songs from their debut album for a good portion of voting period, so imagine my disappointment when it suddenly started falling with each ballot. Though there's an evident reason for that: not enough high scores. To put it into perspective, apart from @soratami's 10 and my high score, the next highest score it got is an 8 - five of them, to be precise. Pair that with a bunch middling-to-low scores and you end up with this unfair result. Such a shame...

    "Sad for Me" was written by Eric and Gwen Stefani and was released as the 6th track on their self-titled album. If you find the lyrics mysterious and wondering who the hell is Ms. Fried. Well, it's about an old girlfriend of Eric’s named Jennifer Fried. She was even included in the album booklet and received a thank you! With that in mind, I presume Eric wrote the lyrics and Gwen was responsible for the melody. That also makes it one of the very few love songs during their early years (mainly since Eric didn't like writing these). The song was performed during the promo tour of "No Doubt" album throughout 1992, but also in the few subsequent years (most likely up until 1994). These performances were accompanied by fast clapping that the band guided the public to do along them. During a show played at Glam Slam in 1993 (linked below), the crowd of 13,000 people all sat down during the song - a very strange sighting at a rock concert. Also, it's the only moment the audience seemed sane during these early live shows.
    Random fun fact: During high school, I used to sing this song to myself while waiting for my friend to pick me up before going to school, since it took him exactly two minutes from his house to the corner where we usually met.

    Love it or hate it, you must agree that "Sad for Me" is a clear sonic standout not only on No Doubt's debut, but also their entire discography. Coming after the first four (or five, if you include the intro) jaunty and energetic tracks, this ditty offers an unexpected change of pace that's surprisingly good. The Medieval, [insert game here], fairytale-like vibes are excellent, which shouldn't be surprising as I have a thing for music from/inspired by Middle Ages, and go on to show that early No Doubt are definitely not a one-trick pony. In addition, this sound sort of reminds of music from a game I used to play as a kid, called Fresco Wizard. The composition itself is simple yet effective - enchanting instrumental, Gwen's clear as a bell vocals and the sadness in the melody are just perfect. Even the cheap piano/synthesizer and brass synths carry a massive charm. I love how it manages to sound melancholic, yet still doesn't lose its quirky edge. Really provides a dash of magic in those two minutes. I personally consider "Sad for Me" among No Doubt's career highlights (literally in my top 30 or even top 20 songs by them) and nearly gave it a 10, but decided not to simply because it doesn't really compare to their ultimate highs. Anyways, it's such an amazing little oddity that I hoped would find fans. Well, at least it got one. Still, it remains an overlooked gem from their early years, ending up criminally underrated here.

    At least you had something more to say about it, compared to the last few eliminations.
    Starting with @clowezra (6), who makes an interesting comparison: "There's almost a Madonna quality about this one? The instrumentation has aged like milk though, wow." That Madonna link actually makes sense - it does sound like her early demos combined with something from "I'm Breathless". Poor instrumental gets another critique from @bonnieetclyde (5): "The instrumental is questionable. It could have been a lovely little with an acoustic guitar." I would find both versions excellent, but the clumsy instrumental totally works for me. @berserkboi (7.5) keeps it simple: "Very cute song!", and @Sprockrooster (8) reminisces: "A song that clicked fast with me when I started listening to this album I think early 2000’s or perhaps even late 90’s. Because I listened to it that much then it feels like a single for me." Now that would've been an interesting single choice! Glad we agree that it's among the high points from this album. Meanwhile, @Remorque (5.5) questions: "What even is this medieval interlude-like thing?" I'll let @AshleyKerwin (8) explain it to you: "Echoing comments upthread about this sounding like video game music. Their first "not just a ska band" song. Although ska is the epitome of scrappy kids playing in garages, I like the little melancholic moments here and there on their first 2 albums." Nailed it with that comment - perhaps I should've just asked you to do this write-up instead.

    Next up: A pattern is forming. Another pre-"Tragic Kingdom" track that's from a different section will get eliminated.

  9. [​IMG]

    Sad For Me sounds like something straight out of a Final Fantasy soundtrack, and that is a huge compliment. It being eliminated this early is tragic.
  10. Here are some of the songs featured in that Fresco Wizard game I mentioned - they are absolutely gorgeous and have that similar melancholic Medieval/fairytale vibe:

    Such a throwback and no wonder I loved this music as a child.
    I'm sure that @soratami and anyone who even remotely liked "Sad for Me" would love these, too.

    Can you please link some song(s) it reminded you of?
    And I was gutted to see that "Sad for Me" not only ended up in the bottom 10, but also that it's the first song which received a perfect score to leave.
  11. It's not so much that it reminds me of any song in specific, but it just feels like it'd fit perfectly on something like the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack along with the likes of these:

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  12. Wait, what??? One of the few songs from the self-titled with a discernable melody and catchy hooks, and were voting that out already?
    Okay girls, if you think so...
  13. These are great and definitely reminiscent of that sound - thanks for sharing!

    Up until around 15 voters, "Sad for Me" was ranked in the upper half of the debut *sigh*
    From the debut, "Brand New Day" and "Get on the Ball" should've vacated before it for sure.
  14. For comparison purposes, here's what my ideal bottom 10 looks like:

    91. Squeal
    92. ???
    93. ???
    94. ???
    95. ???
    96. You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks
    97. Paulina
    98. A Little Something Refreshing
    99. Monkey Man
    100. My Room Is Still Clean

    (I will reveal the remaining four songs during the eliminations - one of them nearly made it to the top 50)

    Not too shabby, but losing "Showin Off" and especially "Sad for Me" was rather painful. Also, there are two songs that I scored the same as "Squeal", but I prefer them just a tiny bit more.
  15. The song melody is giving me a slowed down version of this

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  16. It may be too early, but I don't care, let's do a recap:

    TOP 90

    No Doubt

    Let's Get Back
    Get on the Ball

    Move On
    Sad for Me

    Big City Train
    Trapped in a Box

    A Little Something Refreshing

    Brand New Day


    The Beacon Street Collection

    [9/10], [9/12]

    Open the Gate
    Blue in the Face
    Total Hate 95
    Greener Pastures
    By the Way
    That's Just Me


    My Room Is Still Clean
    You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks


    Tragic Kingdom

    Excuse Me Mr.
    Just a Girl
    Happy Now?
    Different People
    Hey You
    The Climb
    Sunday Morning
    Don't Speak
    You Can Do It
    World Go 'Round
    End It on This
    Tragic Kingdom


    Return of Saturn
    [14/14], [24/24]

    Simple Kind of Life
    Six Feet Under
    Magic's in the Makeup
    Artificial Sweetener
    Marry Me
    Too Late
    Comforting Lie
    Suspension Without Suspense
    Staring Problem
    Home Now
    Dark Blue

    Big Distraction
    Under Construction
    Beauty Contest
    Full Circle
    Cellophane Boy
    Everything in Time (Los Angeles)
    You're So Foxy
    Everything in Time (London)


    Rock Steady
    [12/12], [13/13]

    Hella Good
    Hey Baby
    Making Out
    Underneath It All
    Don't Let Me Down
    Start the Fire
    In My Head
    Platinum Blonde Life
    Waiting Room
    Rock Steady

    New Friend


    Push and Shove
    [11/11], [12/12]

    Settle Down
    Looking Hot
    One More Summer
    Push and Shove
    Dreaming the Same Dream

    Stand and Deliver



    Showin Off (demo)
    Everything’s Wrong
    Dear John (demo)
    Where’s Your Lovin’? (demo)
    Up Yours
    Sailin' On
    Oi to the World
    I Throw My Toys Around (feat. Elvis Costello)
    Love to Love You Baby
    It’s My Life

    Monkey Man (with Toots and the Maytals)

    Note that there are two brackets for sections that include bonus tracks/B-sides/outtakes.
    What do you think will leave next? What do you want to leave next? Will one of the untouched sections finally lose a song before top 80?

  17. Tracks 11 and 12 from Tragic Kingdom could go and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

    Also why the fuck is ‘Stand and Deliver’ still here???
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  18. Because it’s great.
  19. Well I've never played a Final Fantasy game so that explains my disdain.
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  20. Sorry, there won't be an elimination tonight, but I should be able to post at least two of them tomorrow.
    Any predictions as to which songs will be leaving next?
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