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♚ No Doubt Discography Rate (Top 40 recap) ♚

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What is your favourite studio album by No Doubt?

  1. No Doubt (1992)

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Beacon Street Collection (1995)

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  3. Tragic Kingdom (1995)

    15 vote(s)
  4. Return of Saturn (2000)

    17 vote(s)
  5. Rock Steady (2001)

    20 vote(s)
  6. Push and Shove (2012)

    4 vote(s)

  1. [​IMG]



    Finally, after months and months of delay, here it is: The No Doubt discography rate!

    For such a legendary band, it really took me by a surprise that it took so many years until No Doubt having its own rate. The closest we got to ever getting one is when @Babylon hosted combined singles rate with Gwen Stefani. So, a full discography rate for a band that pretty much ruled the world at one point and spawned one of the most monumental popstars of the 00’s is definitely overdue and it’s quite an honour for me to be the one hosting it.

    From the awkward octet trying to stand out in the crowd and properly get started in the music business, to the global superstars with further ventures, we’re going to discuss No Doubt’s history, music, reaching into every nook and cranny of the little known fun facts/trivia and, simultaneously, find out which are their least and most loved songs. This is a place to celebrate the music they created, make discoveries and have fun, of course.
    And since the general awesomeness of the band and their music will be mentioned numerous times throughout this thread, let’s get onto the rate-related stuff.


    There are 100 songs split into 7 sections: six of them are based on the album they were recorded/intended for, as well as extra section featuring the oddities (i.e. stand alone releases, compilation songs, demos and such).

    Listen and rate all songs from 1 to 10.

    Decimal scores are allowed, no matter how many decimal places (but don’t go too crazy with them). I like tiebreakers, though the conventional half and quarter points are also very welcome.

    You can award one 11 to a song you think deserves that score. On the other hand, you can give one 0. Neither are a necessity.

    Commentary isn’t obligatory, but is greatly encouraged, especially when it's meaningful. They are always a great read, so at least try to scribble something for your 11 (or 0). On the other hand, if you prefer commenting on most of the songs during the eliminations, you are free do it that way.

    In cases when there are multiple versions of the song that the band recorded, you are allowed to rate preferred version of the song, as long as it's officially released.

    PM me your scores. So-called ‘troll’ scores won’t be accepted.

    This is more of a note, but given that that I handpicked a few songs (marked as 'demos') that weren't officially released in a commercial way, I wouldn't necessarily call them obligatory. However, since you've managed to rate 97 songs, rating three more should be nothing.

    Voting deadline: May 11th at 23:59 GMT

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  2. [​IMG]

    No Doubt (1992)


    1. BND
    2. Let's Get Back
    3. Ache
    4. Get on the Ball
    5. Move On
    6. Sad for Me
    7. Doormat
    8. Big City Train
    9. Trapped in a Box
    10. Sometimes
    11. Sinking
    12. A Little Something Refreshing
    13. Paulina
    14. Brand New Day

    The Beacon Street Collection (1995)


    1. Open the Gate
    2. Blue in the Face
    3. Total Hate ’95 (feat. Bradley Nowell of Sublime)
    4. Stricken
    5. Greener Pastures
    6. By the Way
    7. Snakes
    8. That's Just Me
    9. Squeal
    10. Doghouse

    My Room Is Still Clean (live)
    You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks

    Tragic Kingdom (1995)


    1. Spiderwebs
    2. Excuse Me Mr.
    3. Just a Girl
    4. Happy Now?
    5. Different People
    6. Hey You!
    7. The Climb
    8. Sixteen
    9. Sunday Morning
    10. Don't Speak
    11. You Can Do It
    12. World Go 'Round
    13. End It on This
    14. Tragic Kingdom

    Return of Saturn (2000)


    1. Ex-Girlfriend
    2. Simple Kind of Life
    3. Bathwater
    4. Six Feet Under
    5. Magic's in the Makeup
    6. Artificial Sweetener
    7. Marry Me
    8. New
    9. Too Late
    10. Comforting Lie
    11. Suspension Without Suspense
    12. Staring Problem
    13. Home Now
    14. Dark Blue

    Big Distraction
    Under Construction
    Beauty Contest
    Full Circle
    Cellophane Boy
    Everything in Time (Los Angeles)
    You're So Foxy
    Everything in Time (London)

    Rock Steady (2001)


    1. Intro
    2. Hella Good
    3. Hey Baby (feat. Bounty Killer)
    4. Making Out
    5. Underneath It All (feat. Lady Saw)
    6. Detective
    7. Don't Let Me Down
    8. Start the Fire
    9. Running
    10. In My Head
    11. Platinum Blonde Life
    12. Waiting Room
    13. Rock Steady

    New Friend (feat. Buccaneer)

    Push and Shove (2012)


    1. Settle Down
    2. Looking Hot
    3. One More Summer
    4. Push and Shove (feat. Busy Signal and Major Lazer)
    5. Easy
    6. Gravity
    7. Undercover
    8. Undone
    9. Sparkle
    10. Heaven
    11. Dreaming the Same Dream

    Stand and Deliver

    Extras (stand-alone releases, compilation songs, demos etc.)


    Showin Off (demo)
    Everything’s Wrong
    Dear John (demo)
    Where’s Your Lovin’? (demo)
    Up Yours
    Sailin' On
    Oi to the World
    I Throw My Toys Around (feat. Elvis Costello)
    Love to Love You Baby
    It’s My Life
    Monkey Man (with Toots and the Maytals)

    No Doubt
    Let's Get Back
    Get on the Ball
    Move On
    Sad for Me
    Big City Train
    Trapped in a Box
    A Little Something Refreshing
    Brand New Day

    The Beacon Street Collection
    Open the Gate
    Blue in the Face
    Total Hate '95
    Greener Pastures
    By the Way
    That's Just Me

    My Room Is Still Clean
    You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks

    Tragic Kingdom
    Excuse Me Mr.
    Just a Girl
    Happy Now?
    Different People
    Hey You!
    The Climb
    Sunday Morning
    Don't Speak
    You Can Do It
    World Go 'Round
    End It on This
    Tragic Kingdom

    Return of Saturn
    Simple Kind of Life
    Six Feet Under
    Magic's in the Makeup
    Artificial Sweetener
    Marry Me
    Too Late
    Comforting Lie
    Suspension Without Suspense
    Staring Problem
    Home Now
    Dark Blue

    Big Distraction
    Under Construction
    Beauty Contest
    Full Circle
    Cellophane Boy
    Everything in Time (Los Angeles)
    You're So Foxy
    Everything in Time (London)

    Rock Steady
    Hella Good
    Hey Baby
    Making Out
    Underneath It All
    Don't Let Me Down
    Start the Fire
    In My Head
    Platinum Blonde Life
    Waiting Room
    Rock Steady

    New Friend

    Push and Shove
    Settle Down
    Looking Hot
    One More Summer
    Push and Shove
    Dreaming the Same Dream

    Stand and Deliver

    Showin Off (demo)
    Everything’s Wrong
    Dear John (demo)
    Where’s Your Lovin’? (demo)
    Up Yours
    Sailin' On
    Oi to the World
    I Throw My Toys Around
    Love to Love You Baby
    It's My Life
    Monkey Man
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  3. [​IMG]

    100. My Room Is Still Clean (3.596)
    99. A Little Something Refreshing (4.348)
    98. Paulina (5.283)
    97. Move On (5.648)
    96. Showin Off (5.670)
    95. Doormat (5.783)
    94. You Can't Teach an Ol' Dog New Tricks (5.822)
    93. Monkey Man (5.902)
    92. Squeal (5.937)
    91. Sad for Me (5.941)
    90. Up Yours (5.972)
    89. Get on the Ball (6.098)
    88. Dear John (6.174)
    87. Total Hate '95 (6.219)
    86. Where's Your Lovin'? (6.278)
    85. Brand New Day (6.331)
    84. Hateful (6.348)
    83. Sinking (6.359)
    82. I Throw My Toys Around (6.419)
    81. Big City Train (6.467)
    80. Ache (6.483)
    79. World Go 'Round (6.572)
    78. Blue in the Face (6.596)
    77. Sailin' On (6.609)
    76. Doghouse (6.659)
    75. Staring Problem (6.743)
    74. That's Just Me (6.774)
    73. Everything's Wrong (6.861)
    72. Stricken (6.891)
    71. Snakes (6.978)
    70. Start the Fire (6.996)
    69. Sometimes (7.024)
    68. Undone (7.083)
    67. Under Construction (7.102)
    66. Sixteen (7.193)
    65. Everything in Time (Los Angeles) (7.194)
    64. By the Way (7.215)
    63. Greener Pastures (7.228)
    62. Waiting Room (7.230)
    61. Hey You! (7.235)
    60. Stand and Deliver (7.261)
    59. Beauty Contest (7.289)
    58. Trapped in a Box (7.331)
    57. Everything in Time (London) (7.381)
    56. Cellophane Boy (7.406)
    55. Open the Gate (7.415)
    54. Sparkle (7.417)
    53. Let's Get Back (7.428)
    52. Suspension Without Suspense (7.456)
    51. Leftovers (7.465)
    50. Love to Love You Baby (7.467)
    49. End It on This (7.496)
    48. Oi to the World (7.511)
    47. Panic (7.517)
    46. Different People (7.569)
    45. The Climb (7.581)
    44. New Friend (7.613)
    43. Six Feet Under (7.637)
    42. You Can Do It (7.700)
    41. Home Now (7.704)

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  4. Reserved just in case


    You can post now!​
  5. Ooooh does every era have a symbol?
  6. Excited! I'll be starting this soon! Thanks for hosting @Maki
  7. Very ready for this! I love nearly all of their singles but haven't actually listened to a few of the albums, so looking forward to finally doing that.
  8. I'm looking forward to this!
  9. Voting is now officially open!

    The Spotify playlist, created by my dear back-up host @Sprockrooster, and the YouTube playlist are now linked in the second post.
    Also, the Spotify playlist is missing about 10 songs, but Sprocky made sure to point them out.
  10. 100 videos in the YouTube playlist?? I had no idea their career was that extensive - my first discovery about them I guess ddd
  11. Well, they did release six albums and have been around for over 30 years now, it's not exactly surprising dd
  12. I love how balanced the picks are in the poll for the albums that did get a vote. To me there is no clear standout also. I do hope the debut albums d get a vote too though it is unlikely. They are hardly faves of mine either.
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  13. Yeah, that's pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how the eventual ranking by album averages is going to compare to the poll results.

    The first tagging spree should occur in a few hours.
  14. I don't know even know half the material and I thought I knew more of their music and that I do know I haven't revisited in quite some time, in most cases. I'll definitely be voting though because I need to say I've listened to their full discography if I'm ever going to call myself a pop-rock stan.
  15. I don't know a lot of their material but I'm looking forward to listening to them more over the next month. I've always meant to get into them more and this is the kick up the backside I needed. I listened to some of Rock Steady in preparation a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I own Push & Shove.
  16. I’ll finally give the first two albums a listen. I’ve never felt like going back to them even over the last few months when I’ve been in a big Gwen + No Doubt phase, so this should be interesting.
  17. Glad to hear some of you are willing to check out all of their music! There are definitely great discoveries awaiting to happen, so I guarantee it will worth it.

    Yes, that was kind of the idea to be this rate's "trademark". Hopefully the symbol choices somewhat make sense.
  18. Tagging spree is coming!

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