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No Doubt General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DevotionDesire, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I really want to buy some No Doubt music because despite loving most of the singles I don't actually own an album of theirs.

    So, the question is:

    Do I go for the Greatest Hits? Or are there some hidden gems on one of the albums that I must listen to? If so, which albums should I get?
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Tough one..
    Out of the songs you know by them, which do you like the best?

    I'd say Tragic Kingdom is their most brilliant album, great rockmaterial.
    Rock Steady is very good as well, but a lot more pop/ska (you probably know the sound of Hey Baby and Underneath It All). There's some amazing albumtracks as well though, like Don't Let Me Down.

    The album between those two, Return Of Saturn didn't do much for me at the time (it felt a bit dissapointing after the brilliance of Tragic Kingdom), but nowadays I consider it pretty good as well.. plus it has New.

    The two albums before Tragic Kingdom aren't worth getting unless you're really into them.

    The Greatest Hits is a very nice collection, but I suspect it might make you want to get all the other albums as well.. If you get the Greatest Hits: try to get the Boombox, which is the Greatest Hits-cd, plus a cd with their b-sides/rarities (some are really strong!) + a dvd with all their video's and one with their Tragic Kingdom-concert.
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  3. I'd recommend The Singles album and if that floats your boat then Tragic Kingdom and Rock Steady. Everything else I found pretty disposable.
  4. My favourite song of theirs is Don't Speak - does that change anything?
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Not really. That one made me buy Tragic Kingdom, but the rest of that album is a lot rockier, so don't expect an album full of Don't Speak's!

    What did you think of other singles (like Just A Girl, Hella Good, Underneath It All, Ex-Girlfriend, Spiderwebs.. or whichever you know..)

    If you don't really know that much songs of them their Singles Collection is a good start, definitely. Plus it has It's My Life, which wasn't on one of their previous albums.

    I probably shouldn't say this, but you could just 'listen to' their Singles Collection online, and find out how much you like it. If you like all songs you might as well just buy their 3 main albums (they're all quite old so not that expensive anyway). If you just like some singles, but don't really get into No Doubt, just go for the collection.
  6. The singles collection is quite good; I recommend you go with that. Rock Steady and Tragic Kingdom had pretty representative singles. Return of Saturn focused a lot more on rock ballads than the singles let on. If you like Tragic Kingdom, you'll probably like the Beacon Street Collection, and I'll put it lightly by saying you should only get their self-titled first album if you really want some deep cuts.
  7. I think I am probably going to start with The Singles Collection and then if I really love it, go into some of their proper albums.

    Cheers guys.
  8. Awww, I love No Doubt. New album next year, hurrah!

    It's a good plan to get the singles collection. Although it doesn't cover all their work extensively (one song from the first album, none from the Beacon Street Collection) it will definitely give you an idea of what era you like most, plus it has It's My Life on it which I really like.

    Album-wise it sounds like you'll be a Tragic Kingdom kinda man. Oh, and I echo what Mvnl says, their B-sides are great and although the B-sides disc on Boombox covers mostly Return of Saturn stuff it's still really great ('Full Circle' a fave).
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Agreed on Full Circle! + You're So Foxy <3
  10. Yes! Although I do like Return of Saturn I always felt that it was missing a few more upbeat tracks which Full Circle remedies. I haven't actually listened the B-sides CD that much since I got it. Might dig it out when I get home.
  11. I will never understand why they went back into the studio to write a single but didn't put either of these on Return of Saturn.
  12. Get Rock Steady and make Making Out your favourite No Doubt song.
  13. Oooh, I thought I was the only one! On my copy of Rock Steady the sticker says Including Hey Baby, Making Out and Hella Good. As such I assumed Making Out was to be a single, possibly single number 2. I still think it was a total waste left as an album track. The middle 8 is one of the best middle 8s ever! Could have been HUGE!!!

    Anyway, I'd get the albums in this order:

    Tragic Kingdom (all the singles are great, especially Spiderwebs. Some great album tracks too, though there are a few stinkers).

    Rock Steady (other than the singles and aforementioned Making Out, Don't Let Me Down, In My Head and Platinum Blond Life are brilliant. Good consistent album).

    Return Of Saturn (much maligned, but really rather good; Ex-Girlfriend and New are amazing, and there are some other great tracks too. Much of the album's a grower though).

    The Beacon Street Collection (still very ska rock, but Open The Gate, That's Just Me, Doghouse and Squeal signposted the way to the greatness of later albums).

    No Doubt (not really very good. Let's Get Back and Sometimes are the only two tracks I listen to now. The latter is like a prelude to Don't Speak).
  14. UPDATE:

    Singles Collection and Tragic Kingdom arrived this morning.
    Am listening to them now - so good!
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  15. Yay! You have a whole world of fun ahead of you. I'm so excited about the comeback, it's been sooo long. Actually, they finsihsed their tour over the summer. Anybody know if they did any new stuff?
  16. I'm a little late here, but it sounds like you made a good choice with Tragic Kingdom.

    I would have said Tragic Kingdom or Greatest Hits if you just can't decide.

    No Doubt ROCKS!
    :D ( cool trade show displays )
  17. Rock Steady is the album I listen to most, as it's the most fun, and probably my favorite. Return of Saturn is a VERY close second though. I love 'New'.
  18. I love No doubt. Rock Steady is their best and most consistent album, but if you're worried that it may not float your boat then get the Greatest Hits instead and then you can see which songs from which albums do it for you.
  19. Tragic Kingdom is such a glorious album.

    It feels so much bigger than "just an album" to me, and I didn't even get into it until years after it was released. Everything is on such a huge scale. The hooks, the riffs, the orchestration, the vocals, the lyrics. It feels like a world-changing, life-altering, raw, passionate, genre-bending epic. Gwen's vocals are amongst the most enthralling and show-stopping I've ever heard someone put down on record.

    As much as I adore their other albums, nothing transports me to another place as much as Tragic Kingdom. It creates such an atmosphere and such a vivid picture in your mind.

    Spiderwebs, Excuse Me Mr, Just A Girl, Happy Now, Different People, The Climb, Sunday Morning, Don't Speak, End It On a This and the title track are all 11/10 works of genius. I can forgive the other few duds when the rest of the material is so strong.

    On a different note, the b-sides of Return Of Saturn make a phenomenal EP. Big Distraction is amongst their best work.
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  20. I can appreciate that Tragic Kingdom is definitely the most 'No Doubt' of all their albums. It says everything about what the band is. But I've never been huge on 'Hey You!', 'You Can Do It' and 'End It On This'. There's a couple more which I'd say are decent, but don't blow me away. Return of Saturn might be lacking some sweet ska moments, but I can look past that. My favourites have always been 'New' and 'Dark Blue', but every track does something for me.

    You have Everything In Time, right? 'You're So Foxy' is incredible. I can't believe it didn't make it to a studio album!
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