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No Doubt General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DevotionDesire, Sep 15, 2009.


  2. Perhaps it should have been the lead single, with Settle Down the follow up and then a ballad as the 3rd release?
  3. I’ve been on a No Doubt marathon the last few days, gosh they were great, They deserve more praise!

    Gwen is an underrated icon!
  4. I so want them to come back. I don't know if they will but... I don't see why they couldn't.
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  5. I haven't listened to anything from the debut besides Sometimes and Let's Get Back Together since the 90s.

    Of course it should have been lead single. I honestly don't know how they got that so wrong. Settle Down is shit. Meanwhile, Push and Shove is one of the best things they've ever done. Plus it has the Diplo connection. Imagine that as lead followed by Looking Hot. What a one-two punch.
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  6. I can get it, especially because "Let's Get Back" and "Sometimes" are brilliant standouts, along with this overlooked gem:

    Literally my top 3 from that album.

    Every time I re-listen to their debut, something surprises me and/or some moments get uncovered, which results in me loving it more each time.
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  7. OK, but "Settle Down" is nowhere near shit.
  8. I really don't like it.
  9. Looking Hot deserved better than a video that was out for 12 hours. Don't know why they didn't re-film something quickly, it could've been a quick video a la Push And Shove.
  10. The album version of Settle Down needs to lose that unnecessary ending.
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  11. Yeah Settle Down was great it just didn’t sound like a comeback song.
  12. That song would be on a lot more playlists if the radio edit was made available digitally.
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  13. Push & Shove is one of my favourites of the decade. When the chorus comes in and everything slows down... an eargasm, a whole mood. Yes ma'am, that was a classic.
  14. I love how... 90s the video for Trapped In A Box is. Back before Gwen discovered 40 volume bleach.

    Hope no one in the Britney thread is upset this thread is on the front page again xo
  15. I really like that video, too, in all of its 90's glory. It's great, considering that the band financed the video shooting.
    And can we appreciate how stunning Gwen looks here (I mean, she always does).
  16. Trapped In A Box is not very good, I'm afraid.
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  17. Aw, I love "Trapped in a Box."
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  18. I feel like you say this about most songs a lot of people like.
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  19. This is probably in my top three No Doubt songs. The rest of the album is mostly pants though.
  20. This would make sense if a lot of people liked Trapped In A Box.
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