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No Doubt General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DevotionDesire, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Has Gwen said anything about making another album with No Doubt ever again? Seems like she is more focused on her solo career these days.
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  2. She said that her Christmas album "sounds like a No Doubt record in a way", I'm pretty sure that's the only time she mentioned them in the recent past and that was last year ddd.

    I'm not going to lie, I don't expect another No Doubt album to happen, especially considering how difficult writing and recording Push And Shove was for her. Then again, I haven't heard anything from the No Doubt/Dreamcar guys in a while, so who knows what they are up to? But yeah, at this point I'd be happy with anything, regardless whether it says No Doubt or Gwen Stefani on the cover.
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  3. It seems so, but I think it would've been better if it happened naturally, unlike "Push & Shove".
    The group technically still exists; they aren't on hiatus yet are releasing nothing for 5 years. However, possibility of them recording together in the future certainly exists.
  4. Id rather a new No Doubt album that a Gwen Stefani one
  5. Didn’t they say they started working on new material pretty much straight after releasing Push And Shove?
    Obviously that came to nothing but am sure they tried.
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  6. I think the band felt like they were just backing to Gwen's songs in the end. Some say Push and Shove felt less No Doubt than any other of their albums. I can hear that. If they did ever reform I would want them to get a little more dark and gritty and less shiny pop.
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  7. I’m with @spillett on this one. I’d rather a new No Doubt record than a Gwen solo.

    I loved Dreamcar’s album too! I wish they’d follow it up with another album next year.. That New Wave sound was perfect and Davey did a great job.
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  8. Me too.
    And, oddly enough, I've never listened to Dreamcar's album. I must do that as soon as possible.

    I agree with those who say that "Push & Shove" is the least No Doubt sounding album, but there are multiple reasons and explanations for that.
    Even "Rock Steady" sounded much different than their previous albums.

    Also, since Gwen is going to promote the Christmas album re-release until the New Year and perform the remaining residency dates in March and Dreamcar hasn't done anything for a year, 2019 seems like a great opportunity for them to unite and potentially make another No Doubt album.
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  9. Push And Shove the song is amazing. The album however is dreadful.
  10. It is probably early to say this, but for those who are waiting for new No Doubt/Gwen music in 2019, I hope it would be nice for you to pass some time by joining No Doubt discography rate I'll be hosting next summer, which is now queued. They totally deserve it!
    You can express your interest in this post.

    I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully some people will decide to dive into their amazing discography.
  11. I am ready to defend Dreaming The Same Dream with my life.
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  12. I have a different opinion on that one, but let's save that for later...(don't kill me).

    But, yeah, the amount of potential 10's is significant.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. No chance of a new album. They are done.
    They went into the studio after Push and Shove but clashed creatively and that’s where it sensed.
    They don’t even hang out (Gwen doesn’t invite Tony to her kids birthdays etc)

    Anyways 16 years ago this hit number one on the pop charts

  16. I like Dreaming the Same Dream a lot, but the album could have easily ended with Heaven, the last minute of that song really does add another layer, it could easily make we want to hit play and listen to the whole album all over again.
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  17. They were playing shows together in 2015. That was at least 2 years after going back to record after Push and Shove. Gwen got pregnant with Apollo so they abandoned those sessions, and then she joined The Voice and it made sense to push a solo record. I don't think its that dramatic.

    Push and Shove is also basically a continuation of Rock Steady, with some more adult contemporary vibes. Fitting for a group now in their 40's with children. Songs like Spiderwebs didn't really have a spot in 2012. Something like Looking Hot stood a much better chance. They were a once popular group trying to find an audience after a decade break. I don't know why anyone would be expecting Tragic Kingdom from them in 2012, but Gwen threads have taught me that people don't understand the passage of time.
  18. The mess of Looking Hot and the video though...

    I'd love for them to do a world tour and then release a new album.
  19. This is so true.

    They can come back together whenever they want it and to be successful, connect artistically, not just do it because they 'have to'.
    I'm more than here for another timeless record like "Return of Saturn".
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  20. No Doubt's situation has always struck me as far more open-ended than most bands' "breakups"; if they want to do another album, they will. Honestly though, if they never do another record after Push & Shove, I'm fine with that too - it felt like a strong note to end things on.
    OOP there it is
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