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No Doubt General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DevotionDesire, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I love how Return of Saturn has become more and more their signature album as time has gone on.
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  2. Yeah, I think it's one of those albums which wasn't crtically acclaimed that much when it was released (it has 'only' 68 at Metacritic, while "Rock Steady" has 69), but nowadays would be praised and acclaimed so much more.

    However, I think "Tragic Kingdom" is their most recognizable and had the most essence of No Doubt style.
    "Return of Saturn" is even more mature and unique and therefore my favorite album.
  3. I'm going to listen to Dreamcar's album tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect, but that makes it more exciting.
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  4. It's nice! Feels a little 80's post punk revival/synth to a T but it's more rewarding to me than Push and Shove was.
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  5. Objectively it's a pretty good album, but personally I just don't like that guy's voice. Kill For Candy is quite a bop nevertheless.
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  6. I guess there's no attraction to them reforming? Gwen is most likely very happy with her solo projects and, as mentioned, Push and Shove seemed to be hard work for all involved with little pay off in the end.

    If they ever did try again I'd like them to explore more of the Return of Saturn dark/rock than the pop/reggae ska of the other albums.
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  7. I've been jamming to Hellla Good a lot lately and I was trying for the longest time to realize what other track it reminded me of and I finally got it!

    The instrumental progression is really similar. Both bops obviously.
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  8. Funny thing is that I decided to listen to a Britney Spears album for the first time recently, and it was "In The Zone". Like always, I had to hear all the bonus/unreleased tracks and this song was one of them. The instrumental and structure really does resemble "Hella Good" (although it isn't as good as it).

    And speaking of No Doubt sounding songs, I accidentally stumbled upon this one (it probably played after "Goodnight Moon") and, with a bit different production, it wouldn't sound out of place on "Rock Steady":

    Loving the song!
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  9. Listened to "Dreamcar" today and it is pretty much a great album. Many catchy melodies, lots of great guitar riffs/solos and I love the production. However, there aren't any songs that wowed me. And as @SlowGinFizzzz said, the singer's voice isn't for everyone. I personally find his voice really good and diverse, but it is too theatrical for me.

    Musically, it is different than No Doubt, although I can't help myself but make some comparisons to the band:
    - The production sounds like something the boys wanted to go for on "Push & Shove" (more new-wave elements), but incorporated dancehall, ska and other genres. That's why Gwen said that the production for the album sounded 'devided'.
    - I can easily picture Gwen singing "All of the Dead Girls".
    - The bass lines in some of the songs, most notably "On the Charts" and "The Preferred", are so similar to the classic 1992 debut album No Doubt ones.

    Like I've said, there are no definite stand outs, but the album is really consistent.
    I would mention "After I Confessed', "Ever Lonely", "Do Nothing" and "Show Me Mercy" as my favorites.
    Still, it's only my first listen, so there's a lot of room for it to grow on me and I'll love it even more after a few listens.
  10. No Doubt doesn't really have a bad album. I mean, I don't really listen to pre-Tragic Kingdom stuff, but that run through Push and Shove is stellar.
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  11. All Of The Dead Girls was my favorite song on that album. I'm such a fan of Davey Havok's work in all of his projects and he can get it, so I hope he finds the time to make another album with the boys in a few years. It's not like No Doubt are going to reunite anytime soon right?
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  12. I love Davey, a truly beautiful down to earth man. I’ve loved both the latest AFI and Blaqk Audio albums, I’m surprised he found time to do the No Doubt collaboration with how busy he’s been.
  13. I always find myself going back to Return of Saturn. As much as I love Tragic Kingdom I do think Return of Saturn and Rock Steady are peak No Doubt.
  14. Return Of Saturn is my favourite too. Probably Gwen's best songwriting ever.
  15. LP


    Why isn't Push & Shove on streaming?
  16. It's on Spotify
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  17. Yes! I absolutely adore "Return of Saturn" and consider it their best album, too, both lyrically and sonically.
    "Tragic Kingdom" is a very close second favorite.
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  18. Return Of Saturn soundtracked my early teens (yes I’m old) so I’m very attached to it. So many amazing b-sides as well.
  19. Same here.
    Old fogies together.
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  20. I love Looking Hot. Why must I be garbage?
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