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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DevotionDesire, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. While we're at it, what are everyone's favourite songs off each album? Mine would be:
    Greener Pastures
    Don't Speak
    Making Out
    Dreaming The Same Dream

    I found it quite hard to pick a definitive favourite from Return Of Saturn and – perhaps surprisingly – Push And Shove. Especially the former, as Ex-Girlfriend, Simple Kind Of Life, Artificial Sweetener, and Comforting Lie are among my very favourite No Doubt tracks too, and overall it's easily their best work to me. And Push And Shove has Looking Hot, One More Summer, and Easy, all of which I also adore.
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  2. I had to pick two each because I'm weak:
    Don't Speak / The Climb
    New / Bathwater
    In My Head / Platinum Blonde Life
    Dreaming the Same Dream / Sparkle
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  3. I always forget how much I love New. I like that synth/electronic rock vibe it has. Esthero also has a great song on the soundtrack.
  4. Here for this "New" love. What a fantastic track.
  5. I forgot about The Climb. It’s a really bizarre track isn’t it - very musical theatre. Her vocals are superb on it.
  6. Sometimes
    Ex-Girlfriend (New is second these days)
    Making Out
    Push and Shove
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  7. Love Gwen, she's absolutely gorgeous, although I always had a thing for the guitarist Tom too

    My No Doubt faves are

    Hella Good
    Sunday Morning
    Excuse me Mr
    Just a Girl
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  8. Favorite songs per album:
    Let's Get Back (followed very closely by "Sometimes")
    By the Way
    Don't Speak
    Ex-Girlfriend/Marry Me/Home Now
    (literally can't pick one, what a masterpiece of an album)
    In My Head
    (not so sure about this one, "Push and Shove" needs a proper revisiting from me, can't remember the last time I played that album)
  9. I loved New when it came out. I somehow managed to get a promo of it from Vinyl Exchange in Manchester way before its release. It came out a year before Return of Saturn right? I remember being desperate for new stuff after Tragic Kingdom.

    Having gone back to Tragic Kingdom fairly recently I was blown away by how rich it is. There's just so much thrown into it, it's mindblowing to think that the same band did the debut three years before.
  10. Tragic Kingdom, Return Of Saturn and Rock Steady are all incredibly strong albums in different ways. Great songwriting. Push & Shove is also great but bits of it feel under-baked by comparison.

    I reckon they have another amazing album within them but they’re all more interested in family life nowadays and Gwen has been getting increasingly more cringe, what with her Christmas special and those Blake shoes.

    I’ve been having a binge today and her lyricism on Return Of Saturn was really quite something. I’ve always loved her tone, but her voice on Tragic Kingdom is just so powerful at times - she wouldn’t be able to pull off a lot of it nowadays.
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  11. The thing with Push and Shove was... Gwen now had massive solo success and the light was on her in a completely different way. Whereas, I suppose, for all the others in the band nothing much had changed. Sure, personally they were all in different places but professionally, it was like picking up where they left off. So I wonder if it was difficult for them to know how to work with each other again. Also, the sound was almost too polished, as if Gwen was not prepared to strip away her pop sensibilities and go a bit more rough around the edges. There are moments on that album that feel very No Doubt but too much of it felt like a Gwen solo record.
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  12. I don't know, I mean, at least Tony was involved in both of her solo albums as well, so I don't think working with each other was too much of an issue. I think it was more that they just didn't really know where to go with this album, plus Gwen was busy with her kids. And after such a long time the pressure to deliver something great must've been enormous as well.
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  13. Perfect from start to finish.
  14. Except for Start The Fire and Running.
  15. ?!
  16. Happy Birthday, "Rock Steady"! Great and very consistent album.

    Even though it's 'only' my third favorite album by No Doubt and I don't consider it perfect, this is such a gem:

    The singles are all awesome, of course.
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  17. Making Out is the one for me, but there's a lot of good stuff on that album.
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  18. Definitely not. If I had to pick a weak song I can only come up with “Don’t Let Me Down” but even that is a fine song.
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  19. "Don't Let Me Down" is my favourite, but "Running" sometimes edges it.
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