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No Rates for Miss Quinn // The ENYA Discography Rate #97

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  1. Drifting was my 4th highest Amarantine score fff
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  2. #106

    10th from AND WINTER CAME...


    Artwork by me!
    Picture from the And Winter Came... photoshoot.
    More stairs! More sitting on stairs!


    Highest - 9x2 @Eric Generic @simes19708x2 @pop3blow2 @Iggypig

    Lowest - 3x1 @Angeleyes4x2 @Verandi @ssa

    MY SCORE: 4

    Listen to the song while you read this elimination post!

    Enya: The other side of it is ‘Journey of the Angels’. It’s more the slow traditional carol. It was a piece that took a journey musically as a Christmas carol and that’s what I tried to capture.

    Roma Ryan: ‘Journey of the Angels’ is the piece I love. It’s done in a very traditional, religious way. It’s a story of the nativity as we would write in the 21st century.

    Enya: So, it’s two different ways to try to see what a 21st century carol should sound like [referring to ‘White is in the winter night’].

    - ENYA & Roma​

    And Winter Lost... another song. You love to see it! Journey Of The Angels is the first sung track of the album and as you see above is very christmassy yay! The song is dedicated to Tim Royes, the late director of the videos for Amarantine and It’s in the Rain music videos. Both stunning honestly.

    Putting an extremely slow ballad as track #2 on an album rarely works because it needs to be very very good not to kill the mood. Journey Of The Angels is not, sorry America. The music and production seem to come out of a random Enya '00 ballad generator, the lyrics are again extremely simple and the only borderline interesting part AKA the pre-chorus is nullified by the dead-eyed actual chorus. Easily her worst #2 in a discography full of perfect #2. No thanks. Anyway, I'd like to point out the background "BHAO B B BHAOs" which are probably used this way for the first time since To Go Beyond (1987). References!

    The song was actually doing very well at the beginning of the voting period but from the 8th voter it started to get a LOT of sub-6 scores and here we are. Let's have a look at the comments tho!

    @mrp2910 (6,5) Its enjoyable.
    @Ray (7,5) I don’t think xmas albums should be encouraged *and* I think that if an artist who is not Susan Boyle records an xmas album it means they fear their career is over, but this song is very acceptable. The only girls I trusted with Christmas albums were Annie Lennox and Tori Amos.
    @Sprockrooster (6) A bit bland. We need more joy! Well you're in luck cause track #3 is just there, ready to rot your teeth!
    @smalldivo (5) Hm never really a big fan of this. It's classic Enya but not very distinctive. Also her voice sounds kinda weak in parts. It's troubling if this dirge is classic Enya *sigh*
    @Cutlery (6) She's walked similar ground before, but now it's ~extra festive~
    @Iggypig (8) I really like this, I always include this on any folky Christmas playlists I do.


    Christmas is GONE girls so here are a few Tim Royes videos

    Sweet Dreams My LA EX is geoblocked :(
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  3. A beige song all around. Not mad at this result
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  4. No real love for And Winter Came. I can understand that as it is Enya's lazy album. No real thought put into it, but I do love it during winter. If this rate was during the summer would I rate it as highly, with this track a 9? I am not sure, but listening to it at this time of year brings a smile to the face and a warm heart.
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  5. Crikey I gave this 9 and have no memory of it at all. That's what happens when you listen to 120 Enya songs in a month.
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  6. Clearly I'd given up on decent commentary at this point. Fear not everyone I step my game up for other albums.
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  7. Only the third loss for And Winter Came so far. Well-hello-let's-celebrate-that.gif
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  8. Ray


    Isn't this something you added? I did NOT trust anybody with an xmas album, except Saint Etienne.
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  9. Nn yes I don't know if I forgot to change the formatting or if it's PJ for mobile. I'll fix it in the evening.
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  10. We've almost reached the top100 and Watermark still hasn't lost a single track! Which one do we reckon is leaving first, girls? Place your bets!
  11. According to my scores, River, The Longships or Storms in Africa (pt1) can go first.
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  12. The Longships will draw the Shortstraw.
  13. My bottom for watermark is nothing like yours.
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  14. You should use logic tho! Not your lack of taste!
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  15. Morning Bore-y
    Silent Night
    Miss Anthropocene Remembers

    are all correct picks
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  16. #105

    15th from A DAY WITHOUT RAIN
    B-side to ONLY TIME


    Artwork by me!
    Picture from the A Day without Rain photoshoot.
    Raindrops from the A Day without Rain booklet.
    Promise me you'll stand up for at least one picture gurl.


    Highest - 10x1 @Petit nain des Îles9,4x1 @pop3blow29x1 @Sprockrooster

    Lowest - 3x1 @Angeleyes @Ray4x1 @VeryPSB

    MY SCORE: 4,5

    Listen to the song while you read this elimination post!

    The brighter days of my youth held promise.
    The way before me held sure destiny.

    - Roma Ryan​

    Girls, I've fucked up. I've just noticed that The Promise tied with Journey Of The Angels and made the two posts in random order. But you know what? The Promise deserves to be one spot higher in the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 because at least it managed to get one 10. Let's just pretend I thought about it beforehand.

    What to say about this piano piece? Not much actually as I cannot find any special info about it and honestly I never remember how it goes. But I'm sure it's lovely and very similar to From Where I Am. Released as a b-side to Only Time in 2000, The Promise was somewhat later picked for the Themes From Calmi Cuori Etc Etc compilation album. The Japanese, so random.

    Let's have a look at the commentary! @Cutlery (5,6) is unimpressed: Another instrumental with the uninspired variety of piano, huh. @Ray (3) remains his sassy self: “Ah, it’s one of those”. Some of you have an hard time picking the piano pieces apart: @Iggypig sais (5) Pleasant enough, but back to the normal piano instrumentals. and @mrp2910 (7) "Better than some of the other instrumentals but after the run of big songs it just fails to make me smile as much as the others.". @smalldivo (5) is having my same flashbacks of a certain song: "Dangerously close to others like "From where I am". I still kinda like it but it borders on self-plagiarism sometimes, haha." Finally, let's hear some positive opinions! @pop3blow2 (9,4) : Simple, but so pretty. @Sprockrooster (9) : One of her best piano ballads as there is a lovely goodfeel to it. @Petit nain des Îles (10) would have liked it to be in the main album: The fact that it sounds slightly off key makes it special for me. It definitely should have been on the main tracklist. But at this point one should ask: instead of which song mmht? I'll be honest here ladies, if I could I would have slapped Isobella in the place of Fallen Embers and called it a day without rain.

    This style of commentary was exhausting so maybe I will pick it up again for the top20 only, soz.


    I present to you... MORE BANGERS

    All 11s. Ok maybe not for the Alouds.
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  17. Ray


    I snørted in Latin.
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  18. I enjoy Journey of the Angels in all its blandness. I take it as a sort of extended introduction along with And Winter Came.
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  19. Now girls I need OPINIONS on the rate itself. Being my first and only rate, I'm testing a few formats and making a few changes here and there in my elimination posts but I need the opinions of the readers here. For example:

    - Is the format nice enough? Interesting enough? Artsy enough?

    - I'd like to always include the scores of the voters before the commentary but I need a lil time to make it come out automatically from Excel as right now I'm copying most stuff by hand. Unless y'all don't care about it.

    - The commentary section is still to be perfected. As a non-native English speaker, doing the format I used on The Promise is a bit... joyless as I need to check the grammar and shit. I think I'll reserve the more discursive format for the top20 when the songs deserve to be fleshed out more. For now the format:

    "@Name (score) Commentary. My cheeky commentary"​

    seems OK, but let me know how I can make it better pls.

    - I've thought about putting the list of rankings for each song during the voting period, like the rank of the song after 5-10-15-18 voters but I'm not sure it's interesting for such a "restricted" rate in terms of voters. But please do let me know.

    - Do the artworks look pixelated or something on your devices? I have them in HQ of course but I re-size them to 600x600 for PJ as it should make them fit perfectly... allegedly. They look a bit muddy to me.

    That's all, thanks for the input, hopefully you're enjoying the rate so far even if we're not in the heavy hitters section for now. <3

    Also yes I know my goal was to make 2 eliminations per day but mon-fri is a mess so uh soz.
  20. I think this rate is amazing. In every way.

    Except the occasional And Winter Came content!
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