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No Rome - Crying in the Prettiest Places [EP]

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by slaybellz, Aug 14, 2018.

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    No Rome is a filipino artist who just signed to The 1975's label Dirty Hit. The band have also produced his latest single "Do It Again" (you can definitely hear it). He's also got a song with them on his upcoming EP full of bops coming August 30th.


    RIP Indo Hisashi - EP
    1. Do It Again​
    2. Seventeen​
    3. Narcissist ft. The 1975​
    4. Saint Laurent​
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  2. Thanks for recommending him in the 1975 thread! He really was worth checking out more and now I think I’m a little obsessed. The production on his material for this is just delicious!
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  3. I'm glad you're into it! I've also become a bit obsessed with just three songs. The production really is lush.
  4. Saint Laurent is so breezy. There are great melodies across all 3 songs he’s released so far. The 1975’s TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME reminds me of his stuff too so I guess it’s no coincidence they’re involved with this.
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  5. Music video for "Do It Again"
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  6. The aesthetics and Do It Again are so good, but the 1975 connection is so.. eh.

    Also, I wish someone was doing something like these aesthetics but like... making it queer.
  7. The last song from the EP is out:
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  8. Fantastic EP. Really hope he blows up!
    I'm enjoying the polish that he has now compared to his earlier works.
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  9. Is it just me or is Matty more obnoxious than usual in this?

  10. Matty is the king of bops. Never failing.
  11. New single:

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  12. "Cashmoney" is nice but not as good as the other songs. He also has another EP coming out May 3rd called Crying in the Prettiest Places.

    1. 5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair
    2. Stoned In The Valley
    3. Cashmoney
    4. Pink
    5. Rimbaud, Come and Sit For A While
    6. All Up In My Head
  13. Narcissist is a jam! I'm upset I was sleeping on it for so many months. I love the 90's boy band music video.
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  14. I really love the new EP. The production is brilliant! Stoned In The Valley and All Up In My Head are my favourites, I would’ve loved to hear a longer version of 5 Ways To Bleach Your Hair to see where it would’ve went as it sounded so interesting.
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  15. The new EP is fantastic! He definitely moved away from the The 1975 sound on this one. Loving the early 2000s pop punk sound on some of the songs. And I agree the intro track should have been longer.
  16. Music video for "Pink". Another great visual!
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  17. Indo Hisashi was better as a whole but the new songs worked well in the live setting. 5 Ways is also the best and needs an extended version :(
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