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Noah Cyrus - NC-17

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Noah worked with Max Martin????!?!??!?!?!??! I'm in.
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  2. Here for ha Chillin' with You (feat. Miley).
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  4. There was a piece on Billboard and maybe HDD a few months ago, it's all go.
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  5. She can't be more insufferable than her sister, so why not?
  6. She gonna start off with a '7 Things', 'Can't Be Tamed', 'We Can't Stop', or a '1 Sun'?

    Perched fa ha 'Liberty Walk' teebs.
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  7. Noah gives me Dannii vibes. Seems like she'll be the one delivering the bops while her sister dives deep into the pseudo-experimental.
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  8. I peed just a little when I read this.
  9. Do we know who she signed with?
  10. My thoughts exactly.
  11. Seems like the single is out at least in some places. It's called Make Me (Cry) and it features Labrinth.

  12. Nooooooooo @ that title
  13. I'm ready for her to release "Two More Lonely Sisters" and "Take Me With You, Miley."
  14. Can't find it on Apple Music, does she have a good voice?
  15. K94


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  16. I've already added it to my Spotify playlists even though it's not availble yet.
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  17. Is this....real?
  18. The video has been shot already, by the way. Sophie Muller directed it.
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