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Noonie Bao - Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by analka, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. her first single was so amazing

  3. That video for I'm In Love is all sorts of cold Scandinavian hipster weirdness. I quite like it.
  4. The video is password-protected?
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  5. Edu


    I love Noonie and I'm glad she's coming more poppy this time.

    Pyramids is good but not amazing as Bodywork Lover (what a song!) but I'll take it. The chorus reminds me of Foxes's Body Talk.
  6. Love the song. The chorus is magnificent. The video is, unfortunatly, a disappointment.
  7. Loving 'Pyramids'. Huge chorus.
  8. This played on one of the independent pop radio stations I listen to. I LOVE it.
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  9. Pyramids is fantastic. It's quite similar to Tove Styrke's last album, perhaps a bit less unique-sounding in terms of production, but still killer. That chorus!
  10. She's releasing her new EP Noonia on the 13th of November.

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  11. Her covers are AMAZING. I am so ready for more tracks.
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  12. Pyramids sounds quite good, let me go stream this girl!
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    Funnily enough, 2 tracks on Styrke's debut album were (co-)written by Noonie Bao.

    Considering she also co-wrote Charli XCX's "Doing It", she is bound to become a PJ favourite in no time.

    "Pyramids" is huge.
  14. Yeah, Noonie is entering PJ fave territory or at least she should be. I can't wait to hear the EP. The cover is great!
  15. Never heard of her before today, but "Pyramids" is the best song I've listened to in ages.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ooh an EP sounds promising!
  18. I'll gladly take three new songs and have a nice little collection. Any release dates, platform releases? I'd like a sunburst vinyl to go along with it.
  19. It's out on the 13th of November, unfortunately only digitally. But she said something about an album next year!
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    The 'Noonia' EP is out today.
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