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Noonie Bao - Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by analka, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Amazing, I was just listening to Pyramids earlier this week and I was reminded we were getting an EP. Here I come, iTunes.
  2. Spotify has an exclusive acoustic version of Pyramids on 'Noonia'.
    Oceans Deep is my favourite of the new songs.

    EDIT: Could we change the title of the thread to Noonie Bao - Noonia?
  3. I love Julianne Moore.
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    So... the EP is incredible. She's going to deliver one hell of an album in 2016, isn't she? Just take look at some of her co-writing credits:
    I also love how her release trajectory so far has been identical to Tove Styrke's pre-album campaign in 2014: first single in April, second single in September, 5-track all killer-no filler EP in November.

    Looks-wise (hair, fashion, artwork, videos, etc.) she really is the Swedish, ginger equivalent of Allie X.
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  5. Don't forget about Die Tonight from Sucker! She co-wrote that as well!

    Criminal Love is definitely my favorite from the new bunch. The whole EP is amazing work, though. Stanning.
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  6. Her last album was incredible, so I have no reason to doubt whatever she releases next will be.
  7. The EP is incredible. All killer. I really enjoy the acoustic version of Pyramids too. So pretty.

    By the way, Noonie sounds a lot like Martina from Dragonette, doesn't she?
  8. What a great surprise this EP is. "Ninja" is lovely.
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  9. 'Ninja' is stunning. What a wonderful EP.
  10. Let's all just take a collective moment to admire how brilliant this video & tune works out:

    We need more wistful pop in our lives, don't we?

    EDIT: She looks a bit like someone cloned Allie X and Paloma Faith?
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    Great video. I love her minimalistic colourful aesthetic so much.

    The middle 8 of "Criminal Love" slays me. Her music is so wonderfully layered in places.

    What happened to the "Pyramids" video though? I remember watching a few previews, but I never got to see the full thing and can't seem to find it on YouTube. Was it ever released? Or was it taken down (Ryn Weaver all over again)?
  12. The Criminal Love music video is fantastic. And the song is even better! The entire EP is just extremely good.
  13. Every other video of hers is available in the US except this one which happens to be my favorite from the EP.

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  14. I didn't know there was a proper video for Pyramids, I've only seen one where it has a bright yellow background and she's staring straight ahead as those metal stress-balls go from side to side. I assumed it was just a teaser video.
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    Here they are. All filmed at different locations in Los Angeles. It looked really promising, and fun!

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  16. Wow, thank you! I had no idea!
  17. I'm really excited to hear "Reminds Me" on Friday. I wasn't big on the Noonia EP outside of "Pyramids" but I have a good feeling about this, for whatever reason.
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    + she teased #EP2 some time ago. I would love for her to release multiple EPs instead of one album. Albums are so 2007.
  19. adz


    Really been obsessed with Pyramids this past week. She's very good.
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