Noonie Bao - Pyramids

How amazing is this on a scale from 0 to 100? I wasn't able to find it earlier but I'm dying to hear it.
This tune is really stupendous. I've seen some speculation of a new album this year. Yes please!
If anyone doesn't have Spotify or whatever, here:

I'm not a huge fan of music videos that rely heavily on digitally-generated visuals, but this one's lovely. It's got a little bit of Jean Paul Goude, which you can never go wrong with.


they // she's alright.

Pyramids is like a 9/10 pop song, Reminds Me is like a 7/7.5 at best.
9/10 = 90%
7/7.5 = 93.3%

Yes I know it's not what you meant but I just couldn't resist.