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Noonie Bao - Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by analka, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Oh Noonie the things you do to me.
  2. This is finally a song that makes me believe her hype.
  3. What is with people releasing tunes to Spotify or other random places and us not being able to buy it?
  4. I don't know. There's nothing to lose.
  5. How amazing is this on a scale from 0 to 100? I wasn't able to find it earlier but I'm dying to hear it.
  6. It's on US Spotify now. There are shades of Enya in this and it's kind of awesome.
  7. She's on Charli's Apple Music radio show later - 8pm UK time.
  8. This tune is really stupendous. I've seen some speculation of a new album this year. Yes please!
    If anyone doesn't have Spotify or whatever, here:

  9. Seriously good. I'm vainly hoping she might take off in the UK but I doubt it.
  10. I don't love it yet, but it's great. I guess I was hoping for another big-sounding track in the vein of Pyramid.
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    Video is here:

    Fantastic aesthetic once again, but a bit of a shame the incredible outro has been cut out.
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    It's lovely but I think I preferred it when it was called Boom Boom.

  13. I'm not a huge fan of music videos that rely heavily on digitally-generated visuals, but this one's lovely. It's got a little bit of Jean Paul Goude, which you can never go wrong with.
  14.'s alright.

    Pyramids is like a 9/10 pop song, Reminds Me is like a 7/7.5 at best.
  15. A&E


    9/10 = 90%
    7/7.5 = 93.3%
    Yes I know it's not what you meant but I just couldn't resist.
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  16. Perfect gif.
  17. I love this song. The video is so out of this world. I hope this increases her profile; she's so talented.
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  18. I love her 2015 EP!
  19. Touché.
  20. The verse melody in Reminds Me is giving me major

    vibes. It's amazing.
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