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Noonie Bao - Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by analka, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I mean, she co-wrote Jeppo's PJ-legendary "Run Away With Me". The fact we're still only on page 3 saddens me a bit.

    Edit: And now we're on page 4. A bit of justice.
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  2. Pyramids alone deserved about 30 pages of discussion. What a belter.
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  3. I'm new to her stuff, but wow 'Criminal Love' just blew me away.
  4. Noonie is one of the most promising acts in pop right now. She's just effortlessly brilliant.
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  5. Really love the EP. Nothing really matches Pyramids but they sure try. ​
  6. Pyramids got me bopping since October. Noonie you better not let me down with your upcoming stuff.
  7. I'm In love came on shuffle and felt like the most magical song ever.
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    It is the most magical song ever. I know everyone here loves "Pyramids", but "I'm In Love" is the one for me.
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    She's releasing her next single "Sorry Not Sorry" this Friday.


    Can't wait.
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  10. I miss her. Reminds Me and the EP feel really old already.
  11. Sorry Not Sorry is incredible.
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  13. I love her art direction so much, and Sorry Not Sorry is a killer. That groove is insatiable.
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  14. Sorry Not Sorry is awesome, and I agree I love her artwork so much. The bright colours she uses are so striking.
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  15. She killed it. Anyone getting Electra Heart vibes from this one? It totally sounds like something Marina would've put out back in the day.
  16. Abe


    I was a little turned off by the title, but this song is fantastic! I am getting slight Electra Heart vibes, as well.
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  17. What a perfect pop track!!! Peeeeeeeeerfect just love this girl!
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    I love it, but it did not grab me as immediately as some of the earlier stuff. The 'Electra Heart vibes' description is spot-on though. I wonder if we'll be getting that second EP she's been teasing for a while now later this month (one year after the first EP)?
  19. it's not available in the US :(
  20. Actually it would fit better on FROOT imo. It's giving me a huge Gold teas.
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