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Noonie Bao - Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by analka, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. It sounds like State Of Dreaming to me, without the chorus.
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  2. Yeah, that one and Starring Role are what I had in mind when it compared Noonie's song to Electra Heart.
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  3. Damn, why is she so underrated?! Pyramids changed my life.
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  4. New tune with PC Music's EASYFUN.
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  5. I'm obsessed with Sorry Not Sorry at the moment. I liked it instantly, but I love it so much now. It's amazing. The hooks are incredibly strong, but kind of only revealed themselves to me after a few plays. The entire song is quite restrained, but hypnotic. It's got so much replay value. I hope Noonie makes it a proper single with a video and stuff.
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  6. This is some real bop city.
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  7. Poor Terror Jr.
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  8. Monopoly is great!
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    I think "Monopoly" is better than any of Charli's PC Music output so far. Her soft and fragile vocals in contrast with the aggressive blips and beeps works surprisingly well.
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  10. It's one of the best PC Music releases period so far. Up there with Hannah Diamond's best.
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  11. Oh wow, the difference when PC Music uses someone who can actually sing! Love it.
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  12. HOLY SHIT, Monopoly just turned my world upside down. I'M IN LOVE (available on iTunes).
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  13. I can't actually stop playing this.
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  14. She's featured on a new Alan Walker song out today:

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  15. Why was Sorry Not Sorry such a low key release? It sounded like a niché hit to me.
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    What happened to that second EP? I mean, if Warner's Dua Lipa, MØ and Charli XCX are struggling... What are even the chances we're getting a new EP or album from her?

    It's so unfortunate she's not credited as a featured artist on Avicii's "I Could Be The One" and Alan Walker's "Alone", the 2 biggest hits to her name. She wrote and did the lead vocals on both EDM songs... A wasted opportunity, if you ask me.

    In other news, this collaboration was silently released at the end of January:

    I love it. I think I prefer it over the last 2 singles. It's a bit Robyn-esque.
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  17. Did anyone know that she's a co-writer on that Zedd and Alessia Cara song?

    Hopefully having a proper WW-hit under her belt will get her into even more sessions now. She deserves to be a huge writer.
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  18. I only listened to it when I found out Noonie was involved. It's quite good, if a bit too The Chainsmokeresque.
  19. What's going on in Noonie Bao land? I haven't heard a peep in nearly a full year! "Sorry Not Sorry" isn't available anywhere of note, unless you search out blogs. No lyrics video, even the SoundCloud is just a clip unless you're a premium user. Where'd she go?
  20. As far as I know, she's done with the whole 'popstar' thing and is focusing on songwriting for other artists.
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