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Noonie Bao - Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by analka, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. ...did it ever start?
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  2. Excusez moi, solo career!
  3. I feel like it's the other way about. Since she's becoming more and more prolific as a songwriter, perhaps she's hoping that'll help her launch her solo music in the same way it did for someone like Julia Michaels?

    Regardless of her intentions, the fact that Pyramids and Sorry Not Sorry aka her biggest songs do not have official music videos is such a popinjustice.
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  5. God, I hope you're right. It would be such a shame if we didn't get at least a second album from her.
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  6. That's a huge shame if true, but so thankful we have her debut album, EP and the random singles. They're really some of the best songs of recent years. Hopefully her songwriting will lead to something bigger in terms of her own singing career.
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    She's featured on BC Unidos' debut album (producer Patrik Berger's latest project):
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