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Normal People (BBC/Hulu)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. I’m on ep4 and I’m Obsessed
  2. Finished it off last night and whew, i was not ready for the second half. The therapist scene broke me.
  3. I am Irish (and went to that College also) and this is show is so accurate.

    I was surprised by this being a hit outside of Ireland because I was thinking that Americans and English would be missing the nuances of Ireland but I guess the jock/nerd thing is universal. Its just hard to explain to an outsider how it works in Ireland. The Marianne's are outcasts here and insecure teenage boys would get it in their heads not to be seen with her. Then in Trinity there's a role reversal with Marianne fitting in with the rich, (faux) intellectual types who grow up in the wealthy south of Dublin with a different culture to the rest of Ireland (the culture that Marianne didn't fit).

    Its hard to explain but in typical Irish teenage culture (i.e not in South Dublin), Connell is very accurately the jock (with a secret intelligence) and Marianne is very typically an outcast. Doesn't matter that she's pretty and gets in trouble with teachers and that she's rich.

    Think of it like the OC where Luke is popular (but add an intelligence) and Taylor is an outcast (but make her not care about pleasing teachers).
  4. Yeah, sorry I deleted my post before you replied because I just didn't think I was making sense and wanted to try and understand the nuances of the show more before commenting.

    I think you explained it pretty well, thank you. I went to an all boys school so I have literally no experience of how mixed gender high schools work apart from what I see on TV dd.
  5. You nailed it sis.

    This show is fucking phenomenal. The years during the funeral scene were REAL. It really accurately portrays so many elements of Irish life.
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  6. I’m watching it BBC pace so taking my time with it. I’m quite taken aback by how much it has hooked me. A rare case of adaptation > source material. The whole thing feels like a labour of love for all involved and the main actors have really brought Marianne & Connell to life beautifully.
  7. [, post: 7473956, member: 2412"]Yeah, sorry I deleted my post before you replied because I just didn't think I was making sense and wanted to try and understand the nuances of the show more before commenting.

    I think you explained it pretty well, thank you. I went to an all boys school so I have literally no experience of how mixed gender high schools work apart from what I see on TV dd.[/QUOTE]

    You're not wrong though, the writer actually addresses your point in episode 5
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  8. Actually funny you should mention all boys schools. 90% of irish people go to all boys or all girls schools so the show is actually not typical in that way. Irish towns usually have one big boys school and one big girls school. The mixed schools are always private or technical with a few exceptions around Dublin suburbs.

    I think that the writer wanted to simplify things so put them in the same school. Usually what happens is that the boys and girls are in different schools but the circles are so small they'd know each other.
  9. omg he’s just threatened to kill her scumbag brother!!!
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  10. ADM


    I haven't watched this, it's kind of giving me funny feels tbh.

    My friends are all like "OMG it's so amazing and so real like we all had that". I said I didn't, to which they disagreed, and I said that I experienced all of the things they did kind of parallel to them, more as a witness, and then they understood.

    If this considers Normal People to be "Teens fall in love and have sex while still in school", where do I sit when I didn't have a romantic experience until l was nearly 24.

    Anyway, that's just me.
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  11. I’m reading the book at the moment before watching the show and it is screamingly heterosexual.
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  12. I dont think it ever projects that they are normal for doing that? Not to me anyway. The title to me refers to what they both desperately want to be, normal.

    Also the fact a full frontal nude scene is causing uproar is both hilarious and sad
  13. Yeah this is a very heterosexual show which has the potential to alienate a gay audience mainly due to the title “Normal People”, whilst portraying a heterosexual couple getting together and breaking up primarily because they have zero emotional intelligence at a time when many gay people are struggling with their identity and not having a relationship for fear of being abused. Except that it’s done so masterfully that I was completely entranced by all the straight bullshit for all ten episodes.
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  14. I kind of see what you mean as I am a Gay man and my life experiences havnt happened the same way as all my friends etc.

    However I portrayed it more as “Normal people” in the sense that both these people and all the people in it actually have all got issues and are messed up over things. It’s not glossy (like a lot of teen things such as 90210 and all that kind of thing) it’s very much normal life and these things such as School/Uni/Adult life all present us with challenges especially when it comes to Romance.
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  15. I'm Irish and living in the UK at the moment, and missing home and my jaysis this show has tipped me over the edge. It has hit the nail on the head on every level. I can relate to so many moments, from both Marieanne and Connell's perspectives as we move through the years. From going on cleaning jobs with my Ma, being a total school geek and outcast, the Debs!, finding my feet in college but not before a long period of feeling like a fish out of water who spoke the wrong way and wore the wrong clothes and knew less that others about culture and food etc. Lenny has done a masterful job and the acting and casting is just top notch.
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  16. So many (straight) people I work with loved this show and talked about how it brought them back to their youth etc. and I really think that seems to be the charm for the majority of people. And it is a charming show. I liked the characters. I really wanted to like it more but I just felt very "...okay?" about it all. Like... I hate to be all "nothing happens" because it's a subtle show but really, nothing happens. Between 14-17 I was trying not to get killed in school while also basically being groomed/raped by 25+ year old gay men. Maybe I'll write a book.
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  17. Also help me out a bit.
    I found all the Sweden part abit odd. Was the point that Jamie had got her into the Dom/Sub thing and she found that she felt she belonged to someone even if she wasn’t happy doing it?? So carried it on in her subsequent relationships for a while until she realised enough was enough and then she tried it with Connel out of habit much to his horror because he would never harm her in any way ?

    edit I feel like I’ve just explained it perfectly to myself
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  18. It's funny how some of you are talking about how heterosexual it is... I agree, but as I was watching it, the thought that Connell acts like a closet case coming to terms with his sexuality for most of the show crossed my mind more than a few times.
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  19. This has fucked me up, I've sobbed almost every episode bar the first I think, Absolutely outstanding and beautifully made, I relate so much to both characters in different times of my life, Especially the hidden romance and sneaking around only for them to pretty much ignore you in public, It's heartbreaking. It's not healthy how much I have been lusting over Paul Mescal recently I really need to get a grip on that but yes I loved this show.
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  20. The "f*ck off Peggy" scene needs to become a meme. Its delivered so well.
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