Normani - "1:59" (feat. Gunna) [Apr 26] + DOPAMINE (TBD)

Normani might only have a few crayons in her musical pencil case, but the thing is each and every one of them is better (and yes, this includes "Fair," argue with the wall!) than whatever dried-off tip ass brushes her former band mates have ever come up with, even if she goes on silent lustra and is admittedly very frustrating to stan, and that's why a lot of people can't stand my girl and are extremely weird about her, whereas she's also managed to harvest a cutely-sized yet loyal following that will always be here for her. That's the tea!

Then there's also the fact that she's a dark-skinned Black woman which gets under people's skin (subconsciously or otherwise), and they find themselves in this constant hamster wheel where they're either saying stuff like "give it up! her time has passed! we don't care!" or ironically coming back to wherever she's being discussed time and time again to throw stale shade like "how does she afford to eat every day??!?! does she even own a mattress at this point??!?!" and meanwhile what's really happening is they're still mad that her output has not been bettered.

Her quality control is so much better than the others. Not even debatable.
Cover is a gag and a half!

If the previous singles don't make it in the tracklist I won't be exactly heartbroken. She can start fresh with better songs.
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