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Normani - Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Sweetner aside Pharrell makes bops so I’m here for it tbh .
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  2. I hope she smashes (doubting it now) like it’s obviously not her fault, there’s something behind the scenes stopping the rollout, but 6 month waits are unacceptable in today’s music climate. We’ve seen it ruin multiple artists careers before they’ve even begun. It’s so frustrating because she literally is bars ahead of every other fifth harmony member in terms of pop star potential. Anyways I’ll be waiting for her - just worried about her being a complete flop now. Oh and Camila remains racist trash to which Normani responded beautifully - I’m still baffled at how much support she gets whilst she parades this inclusive quirky gal persona, and the fact that she is allowed to perform at award shows etc is well, vile. Racists supporting racists I guess.
  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It's because she's white LOL

    And her peddling this "misunderstood~" vibe from the beginning... it's one thing to be Taylor Swift...Kelly Clarkson...whomever. But she was a white Cuban/Mexican (probably one of the worst Latinx mixes for sheer hubris and hegemonic influence) from one of the most racially distraught/segregated places - Miami - playing the victim... with really boring, derivative bathroom demos with no identity or draw (which show that her albums really are indicative of her artistry). The group was steady doing their job - and being relatively decent ethnic women - they decided to make the group work for what it was, before realizing that they had a shitty little racist on their hands that simultaneously did this "I'm so quirky and different and unique" vibe. It's no wonder they all stopped going out of their way to mess with her. Her act was tired.


    have a great day
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  4. This is starting to circulate on social media.

    Can’t see the video in question but it’s picking up traction.
  5. Is this team Camila's attempt at damage control? Not justifying what Normani (supposedly) did but the scale of Camila's, which also included Asian slurs, is far greater. This video has been around for a while too.
  6. God knows. Just seen it on Twitter.

    I can see her fans using it as an attempt to attack her though.

    If it’s something that needs to be addressed, I’m sure she will.
  7. It's not a competition...
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  8. LMX


    Has she apologised yet?
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    These girls..

  10. Dinah being a Trumpster...
  11. Does Normani know what's going on with her career?
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  12. I saw her post another image of her in the studio again on her Instagram story some days ago.
    Is she going to become one of those girls?
  13. And Lauren an anti-vaxxer.
  14. Leaving the sweetheart of Fifth Harmony: Ally Brooke, who is unproblematic and the bringer of bops.
  15. I've lost all hope for this unfortunately, but if she comes out with another visual as good as Motivation – or at least another single that feels like a huge statement – I feel like they could probably make up for lost time.
  16. The fact that Ally, Dinah, and Lauren have been able to put out music more consistently than Normani and each develop their own sounds before her (not that it’s saying much) what is going ON???
  17. I guess they're trying to push Normani as someone really big, so the label is waiting (and waiting. and waiting) for the perfect opportunity to strike. Labels lately have this weird strategy of waiting for a supposed perfect timing that might never arrive while instead losing all of her buzz. Lauren, Dinah and Ally are much smaller artists and have less expectations around them, so they can keep releasing music and actually hustling.
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  18. 2014

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    Still great and deserved more than just being thrown out randomly.
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  19. This and Waves really made it feel like she was finding her own sound and then after Dancing With a Stranger took off it's like they switched course and decided to go with Ariana rejects and I don't understand why.
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  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    She was on Instagram live last night, connecting with a few randoms. I watched it for 15 seconds and had to turn it off after two girls talked to her about how amazing her "artistry" was and that she was "going to be the next Beyoncé - actually, [she] already is the next Beyoncé". The bamboozlement of it all, I tell you! And not that she could say anything other than "thank you", but it just felt so awkward to watch her get the Beyoncé comparison to her face like that, with a grand total of like... 5 songs to her name.

    I know people have already alluded to there being management issues behind-the-scenes, but I still maintain the fact that everything about her has become so PR-focused because of the Beyoncé comparisons that it's become more of a hindrance than a compliment. The complete waste of momentum she built for a solid debut era with Love Lies/Dancing With a Stranger/Motivation is utterly shocking to me.
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