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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    oh my
  3. Wait this is like really solo solo? Not a duet or a feature?
  4. RJF


    Fifth Harmony girls going solo, One Direction girls going solo...

    Is it 2017 yet?
  5. It's "with" The Invaders, but it's just a production team who she's friends with.
    They also produced her cover of Tory Lanez' Say It and produced this upcoming cover of Drake's Fake Love:
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  6. I can't even remember which one she is.
  7. She needs to be way more strategic than this. Anyway, I'm perched.
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  8. Is this the fierce member of 5th Harmony?
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  9. Normani is God, though.
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  10. She sounds amazing.
  11. What a time... be alive.
  12. Really looking forward to hearing this, Normani is my fave from Fifth Harmony.
  13. This all seems amateurish, releasing covers like if she was some unknown YouTuber.

    Here for her original solo stuff.
  14. She and Dinah are my least favorite members of the band so I doubt I'll be very interested in her music, but I would like to be surprised
  15. Dinah's solo music is gonna be so lit tho.
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  16. She'd be the main dancer in a kpop group.

    She sounds really good here, not sure her voice is distinctive enough for radio but we'll see....
  17. Yesssssss the best member, I'm ready
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  18. I think you meant to post this here.
  19. This is.... cute.
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