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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Which songs would that be?
  2. Oh you’re the gatekeeper now for what’s good? Why exactly?
  3. This is perfect... both the song and the video.
    I just wish there was no Cardi.
    She kinda adds nothing tbh, her verse is jarring on the smooth beat and her scene in the video is just out of place in the gorgeous video.
    Maybe I just have Cardi fatigue?
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  4. pre-streaming-era platinum plaque? Yeah... yeah. I know what you mean nn
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  5. I really like the song. Video is perfect!
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  6. Obsessed with the eyebrows and expression she’s serving in the rooftop choreo scene.

    I do agree the song would be better without Cardi.
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  7. Are you OK? Whatever I said is my opinion. Since when can’t I even say how I find a song without being called a “gatekeeper for what’s good” and challenged on that? Do you react this way to those who say a song is good too?

    You like the song. Good for you. I find it passable. Sorry not sorry.
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  8. I’m really sorry, but I don’t like it.
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  9. What the fuck?
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  10. Music video is a 10/10 and is serving replayability in spades. I’m lukewarm on the song itself, it feels a little lacklustre and I personally don’t enjoy Cardi’s involvement here.

    Also why was this so hard for me to find? To find the video I had to search Normani on YouTube & then go to her profile, it didn’t even show up on the search page. I also can’t get the song to play on Spotify at all so haven’t managed to listen to the non-video version.
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  11. my brand.
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  12. I’ve played this about twenty times today… I’m really liking this and the video is insane! The Cardi feature is obviously needed for some exposure but I would have loved a solo version from her with a more exiting middle eight to switch it up.
  13. Now who keeps letting people wander out of the Kylie thread

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  14. Anyone who dislikes this is ugly and dehydrated!

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  15. The video is fantastic.
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  16. It already debuted higher than Motivation, it seems, really hoping this does some numbers for her.
  17. Yeah, I think R&B needs to be gatekept from certain people. In the words of Azealia: “I don’t wanna share this with y’all.”
  18. RMK


    Normani has so much going for her, but the songs have never really lived up to expectation. The Ciara comparison is apt. She's a really strong dancer and performer, but it makes me wish this was her Promise or Body Party.
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  19. The song hasn’t clicked with me but she’s an incredible dancer.
  20. I don’t like K
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