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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Glad to see this song has legs and is not only handing around, but is climbing the chart. Considering it’s not had much promo it’s been doing pretty well. Hopefully it does a ‘Love Lies’ and peaks months down the line.

    and sorry to do this …. But I’m so happy it’s doing so much better than Cabello
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  2. Whew I’m ready !

  3. I am manifesting a slow burn top 10 moment
  4. The Savage X Fenty show is out early this year!

  5. Something feels like it clicked behind the scenes? I wonder if that A&R leaving RCA lifted a roadblock or something. Very excited for what’s next.

    I feel like she’s giving a hint about a possible sample / interpolation.
  6. Top 10 for Wild Side on Urban Radio is looking likely. RCA seems to still be pushing this at that format.

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  7. The callout scores for Wild Side are amazing, she's #1 in the callouts for urban radio. I can see radio hanging onto the song for a while now.
  8. One thing about Ciara she always gonna to serve effortlessly .

  9. Muuuuuummmm.
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  10. wait

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  11. Repeating this experience right now, happy to report that this song hasn't aged a single day since July. What a fucking tune. It's clearing my skin and distracting me from the sunburn I don't have yet. I'm here for that second wind, even if it seems a bit late since it's kinda dead on Spotify now. R&B this good can't be allowed not to smash.

  12. The extended version climbed to another new peak of #178 after this tweet was posted so the song is really hanging in there.
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  13. All it took was some time for the song to build up momentum - I'm glad it's gaining traction again. Fuck Spotify for taking this off their main playlists while they kept Lele Pons flops on the last few spots of Today's Top Hits for months.
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  14. 2nd highest net positive score on Urban Radio’s callouts this week:

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  15. A steady hit in the US for a song that hasn’t had much promo. Hopefully it continues to rise and if not then I hope a second single is released quick
  16. Heard this out last night. Whew, what a song.
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