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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. It's amazing how much love and good will she has in the industry. I hope things have been relatively quiet because the album is getting finished up for early next year.

    Nn sis it isn't out of the blue, Over It was massive too.
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  2. I'm a huge Summer fan babe, Over It and the EPs before and after it are some of my most played projects, I know her success - nobody expected Still Over It to be this big though? Most reports I've seen are saying she's exceeded expectations with Still Over It, after her past year shenanigans, Life On Earth not popping off and parting ways with London. Nobody expected her to occupy the Apple Music Top 12 and have all songs chart at Spotify 200 etc. It was always gonna do well but it's actually doing even better, pulling numbers make artists usually pull.

    I only mentioned Summer because I was agreeing with @Sanctuary that r&b and hip hop girls can also have huge eras.

  3. “I’m only 25 years old now, but Wildside fucked me up. Those knee pads didn’t do much”

  4. KAYTRANADA remix of Wild Side is out tonight at 12 AM. Already out in countries where it’s the 22nd.

  5. YouTube link:

  6. Gosh that smile, she's beaming!
  7. Megan be loving this song

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  8. She was asked on the red carpet at Soul Train Awards about the album and she replied "Summer's gonna be lit" nn.
  9. Hopefully she does at least let me keep it realistic one (1) additional single run in the meantime.
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  10. Nn "I miss performing" is making me yell. (I feel bad for her if she's stuck in limbo but also there is an amazing single right there like)
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  11. Ddd so they waited two years to drop a single only to wait another year to drop the album...

    I hope we get another single around January/February at least.
  12. To be honest that feels about right . I’m sure and hope we will get a few more singles out before the album drops summer time . I’m sure she said somewhere that single 2 is ready to go and a similar vibe to Wild Side .
  13. This speech warmed my heart . Loved hearing the crowd sing along to Wild Side also .

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  14. Summer 2028?
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  15. I love this speech.
  16. The interviewer asking her if she's already "gearing up" for a completely unconfirmed album release 7 months from now

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  17. Summer, Spring, Fall. Not her following the Shereé Whitfield playbook

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  18. Me when I finally listen to the album in 20J4:
  19. I absolutely love this.
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