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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Ok, that’s a good point. Ugh!!
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  2. "Earned"? The language y'all exclusively use in her thread is so fucking weird.
  3. I don't think she's any happier than we are that the music is taking so long to come out. This is a consistent issue with how labels treat R&B girls. I imagine her frustration is 100x whatever ours as fans is.
  4. The word “earned” is all over the forum, just stop!
  5. You first.
  6. Pretty sure she's enjoying all this even less than we are.
  7. Can’t say I’m surprised that her label are so comprehensively incompetent with how they handle every single aspect of her career, nor their continued failure to support her in becoming the superstar she deserves, having witnessed the manner in which they neglected and mismanaged Tinashe year upon year.
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  8. It's about time us girlies got together and started our own label to take care of the forgotten popstars
  9. Being an artist under a shitty, greedy label must be so frustrating and exhausting. The way these labels delay their music and withhold their releases makes no sense whatsoever, it’s got to be down to greed.
  10. It must be horrible to endure all this and be restricted in what she can publicly discuss without getting into trouble with her team/management/label.
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  11. The day her album comes out I know I will be buying it with violence.
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  12. There's an EP coming, although I don't know when
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  13. How do you know this?
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  14. Apparently the beat in this is a teaser from new music.

  15. This has the same beat as the track she previewed in the car (two months ago now ddd), so I'm guessing this is definitely the next single.
  16. I didn’t realize it was the same beat without her vocals! Ddd
  17. And it’s apparently titled “Fair”
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  18. Her The Distance/safety net is coming.

  19. This too henny:

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  20. Why not her Work From Home.
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