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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. To be fair, RCA did the same thing to Tinashe.
  2. If she was the first R&B girl to have a mishandled/derailed career, maybe. But this is clearly a pattern, particularly with her label. Do you really think she's the one calling the shots behind the scenes?
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  3. I’m pretty sure Tinashe and Normani have/had different attitudes about working with Chris Brown.
  4. And then he called her a hobbit face. Why RCA continues to force talented women to prop him up is insane to me; he's not even racking up hits anymore.
  5. She/her management does get a lot of say, actually..........

    And I don't think Tinashe is a fair comparison - it was a different situation and the label relationship was also very different - the people involved from the label end was almost a completely different set.

    Also Chris Brown is still very successful commercially, unfortunately.
  6. Also Normani is genuinely a fan of his and has said she wanted to collab with him in the past. Her team obviously had a say in this but I don’t think it’s only their fault this time round. A lot of the R&B girls actually really like him still for whatever reason.

    Granted I know she was young here but still.
  7. How could she do this to me. Question mark.
  8. Yeah as much as I would like to blame it all on RCA, she's clearly always been a fan of his.

    It's especially weird given that whole fiasco where he lashed out at her and other R&B girls for unfollowing him when he made fun of Kehlani's suicide attempt. You'd think she would have been done with him after that but I guess not.
  9. I was reading the thread way too quickly and thought @Beginner was referring to the stop/start handling of her career, not specifically the Chris Brown thing... I'm a bit all over the place today ddd. The praise/continued acceptance of Chris is an industry-wide problem, but it's certainly a glaring issue that she'd be speaking highly of him + wanting to work with him after everything. My bad on that.
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  10. Don't They might be the best thing she's done yet.

    And working with Chris the worse.
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  11. I'm usually the first person to defend her, but I'mma have to let her get chewed up for this...
  12. Yeah she's lost me with this.
  13. I find it weird that people in the public eye today STILL support him. Is it an age thing? I don’t know? Ive seen Billie Eilish play his songs and Doja - are they and Normani too young to know what happened?

    I know often people in the states don’t read too much into history of things, this is me trying to find reason. But tbh, I can’t really.
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  14. Tatianna CHOICES.gif
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  15. The don’t care. Or they think “bad boy woof” which is even worse. Jest Nelsonitis.
  16. Norntmarnti....
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  17. sigh, it is sad that she's still a fan of his after everything. But I get the real impression that most of the industry has welcomed him back with open arms and this has been the case for years now. I remember when Rihanna dropped the remix of birthday cake, so many people exclaimed 'WELL! IF RIHANNA IS OKAY WITH HIM WHY CAN'T I BE?!?!'.

    I'm not all that suprised, it's a real shame.
  18. “If Rihanna is okay with him” honestly makes me so angry. People don’t understand DV victims with such trauma, they often forgive and still love that person. Plus, just because she is “ok with it” doesn’t give the whole world a pass to allow this dangerous person to have such privilege, platform and backing from a major label. It’s not deserved at all. Ugh, makes me so incredible frustrated!

    Anyways, rant over.
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