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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I mean, even outside of the Rihanna stuff, he’s still proven to be trash in many other situations, so that doesn’t really hold up as an argument anyway.
  2. I’m just not seeing the narrative of not having as much support from the label/industry as Tinashe in Normani’s case, really. Motivation had decent support behind it, she had a VMA performance, dozens of celebrities posting about it on social media, etc. And so did Wild Side, which even got a Cardi feature and expensive video. The closest Tinashe ever got to the VMA main stage was literally being a red carpet host despite at least having a hit with 2 On.
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  3. I think Normani had the advantage of being in a very successful girl group prior to going solo, so she already had the recognition that Tinashe didn’t. But I don’t think the way they’re treated by the label is any different once Normani didn’t blow up like they probably expected. The industry is even more numbers focused than ever, so if she’s not meeting whatever quota (which probably isn’t helped by the fact that her online presence is basically zero), then she’s not going to be able to release anything.
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  4. Perhaps she's just teaming up with Brown in hopes of snatching up a hit? Wishful thinking here.
  5. Is she even on the song? I assumed she was just a video girl. But I do think they (she, her team, RCA) believe it will give her more exposure.
  6. She had plenty of exposure a year ago after Wild Side but...
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  7. Yeah this is very a ??? moment but yeah, a lot of the industry seem to be fine with Chris Brown even to the point where majorly famous people are still active fans of him. Pretty disappointing still!
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  8. Again, completely different situations and even if it's the same label, the actual team of people is mostly different. I agree that Normani naturally has a bigger profile and connections but there's a lot more nuance and politics to it all than this.
  9. Gherls it's not that deep, Normani wanted to do it. Doubt she was forced to. Ella May featured him on a track on her debut, H.E.R. too. The girls are into him.
  10. The entire industry has turned a blind eye. His last few albums have features with Justin Bieber, H.E.R, Nicki, G-Eazy, Drake, Lil Wayne, Juicy J... the list goes on and on. That's in addition to recent singles with Latto, Future, Summer Walker, etc.

    That doesn't excuse Normani, it just means that there's a much larger conversation to be had.
  11. I just remember all of the interviews she did when Wild Side came out blaming her long hiatuses on herself and her fear of putting things out there because she's too much of a perfectionist. RCA is notoriously bad when it comes to handling talent, but she did sorta blame herself a bit during that promo cycle. My guess is neither she nor her label are helping her career out. Both are likely mishandling it.
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  12. I'm two and a half years younger than Normani, and I remember exactly what happened, so I damn sure know that she's gotta know. It's just willful ignorance and the horrible concept of separating an artist from their art (even when said artist is colorist towards the same women as her, violent towards the same women as her, etc.).
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  13. The art ain’t even good either
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  14. It's atrocious.
  15. Literally. The woman he dated after Rihanna took out a restraining order against him as far I remember.

    I can almost excuse young girls turning a blind eye/not truly understanding the impacts of DV but the vast majority of people supporting him should know better. It’s like everything with Rihanna and other women never happened.
  16. I think I have finally run out of good will and optimism about her career.
  17. Not Leigh-Anne from Little Mix listening to him on her Instagram. What on earth is going on? This is just not it ladies!!!!
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  18. I mean Leigh-Anne is engaged to someone who posted several tweets mocking black women and wanting gays to be dead so I wouldn't expect better. Some people find it easy to look past stuff if they like someone.
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  19. As expected, she’s on the Calvin Harris album that’s out August 5th:

  20. Happy (almost) 4th year anniversary to this gem

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