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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

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  2. 3Xs


    I mean... great, but also sad that means we won't get Candy Paint this summer.
  3. or any
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  4. Putting Tinashe and Normani on one release? Well, guess there’s a reason they didn’t specify which August.
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  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's been an entire year since Wild Side was released.


    I cannot believe the state of her career. In an alternate timeline, she'd be readying her third album at this point. Just mind-blowing sometimes when I really think about it.
  6. I thought about this when I saw the thread got bumped. We thought we'd have the album by now.
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  7. I finally came around to Fair. So smooth and luxurious, I really love it now. Wrong single choice but I'm glad we have it. I've also been hammering Waves lately, which still sounds super fresh. Album needed.

    Scared about how overstuffed the track with Tinashe and Offset is gonna be.
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  8. Or it's going to be one of those songs where they both have one repeating line and that's it.
  9. Rob


    Her and Cardi having the same one-single per year release schedule is exhausting.
  10. She's been in her debut album era for 4 years now. It makes me think about how much interest has been lost over time. I wonder how successful her debut album could have been had it come out right after Fifth Harmony broke up. I recall everyone being super excited for her to go solo at that time. Now everyone feels burned out and exhausted waiting around.
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  11. There’s just so much potential but they’ve completely squandered it. I’d really rather they just chuck an album out at this point. It’s beyond ridiculous.
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  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Normani was being presented as the heir to so many thrones by her team but the way it's panned out she's starting to look like the spiritual successor to Cassie...

    She's had her fair share of moments as a solo artist despite the lack of album, I couldn't tell you how Diamonds goes but all her other singles have been really good to fantastic. I hope something arrives soon and they get an album out there at last, perhaps there's an anxiety that once something has been released she can be measured up against other people and then the hype truly is gone.
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  13. Not gonna lie: the Chr*s Br*wn thing really pissed me off, so I've become very indifferent towards her whole situation. I'm just so weary when people willingly and eagerly work with a known industry villain. That being said, so many lightskin and non-Black individuals receive more grace when they work with people like him, so I'm trying to extend more grace for her. After all, she really doesn't do anything in the way of problematic shenanigans. I just want so much better for her.
  14. It's super annoying because she's so much better than being a video vixen for Chris Brown. It's sad that it's been 4 years and all we talk about are a bunch of 'what if' scenarios. Hopefully things are moving behind scenes because the raw talent is there.
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  15. Cassie had a Top5 hit and an album tho, she's more of a Livvi Franc nn

    2 bops!

  16. Two classics. Automatik is a grade A bop.
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  17. Labels thinking Rihanna lookalike + Gaga sound = $$ was so iconic.
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  19. The gag is going to be when she's moved to the Comeback Corner before she drops an album.
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